CFN’s Top HBCU Players of Week 11: Quinton Williams & Terron Mallory Impress

    The top HBCU players from Week 11 include Norfolk State's Terron Mallory and Howard QB Quinton Williams, each who impressed last weekend.

    As the 2023 college football season entered its 11th week, the top HBCU players again demonstrated their exceptional skill and determination. From breathtaking runs to impenetrable defensive plays, these athletes captivated fans and scouts alike, highlighting the rich talent pool of the HBCU leagues.

    Their performances, marked by individual brilliance and team leadership, not only fueled pivotal wins but also cemented their reputations as some of the most formidable players in collegiate football.

    Top HBCU Players For Week 11

    With every snap, the top HBCU players of Week 11 solidified their reputations, proving yet again that they are not just competitors but true craftsmen of the sport.

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    Offense: Quinton Williams, Quarterback, Howard

    Quinton Williams delivered an outstanding performance against the 2022 Celebration Bowl Champions, North Carolina Central, playing a pivotal role in securing a huge win.

    Demonstrating remarkable accuracy and poise in the pocket, he completed 23 of his 33 attempts, achieving an impressive 69.7% completion rate. Williams’s arm strength and precision were on full display as he amassed 277 yards through the air, complemented by three passing touchdowns, showcasing his ability to find the end zone with efficiency and style.

    Not just a threat in the passing game, Williams also contributed on the ground, adding versatility to his play with four rushes for 15 yards, culminating in a rushing touchdown. His combined aerial and ground performance underscored his status as a dynamic and formidable quarterback, instrumental in clinching a significant victory against a formidable opponent.

    Defense: Terron Mallory, Cornerback, Norfolk State

    Terron Mallory’s performance against Delaware State University was historic for the Norfolk State Spartans.

    While he recorded a modest two tackles, both of them solo, his extraordinary knack for interceptions stole the show. Mallory astoundingly picked off three passes in the game, a feat of defensive prowess that etched his name in the annals of Norfolk State’s Division I history as the first player to accomplish such a milestone.

    His keen anticipation and ability to read the game played a crucial role in disrupting Delaware State’s offensive rhythm, making his contribution pivotal in the game’s outcome and marking a significant moment in the program’s legacy.

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