CFN’s HBCU Players of the Week: Week 0’s Top HBCU Players Include Irv Mulligan, Jeremiah Williams

The Week 0 action showcased the undeniable prowess of top HBCU players as they electrified the field with their exceptional talent, setting the stage for 2023.

Emerging from the thrilling kickoff of the college football season, the Week 0 action showcased the undeniable prowess of some top HBCU players as they electrified the field with their exceptional talent, setting the stage for the season. The following players were at the top of their game as the season kicked off.

Top HBCU Players For Week 0

In a dynamic start to the 2023 college football season, Week 0 proved to be a captivating display of skill and determination for HBCU players. These exceptional athletes took center stage, leaving an indelible mark with their standout performances on the field.

From game-changing plays to awe-inspiring feats, the top HBCU players of Week 0 heralded a season brimming with promise and excitement.

Defense: Jeremiah Williams, Interior Defensive Line, Jackson State

Jeremiah Williams proved to be an undeniable force during the MEAC/SWAC Challenge, showcasing his dominance at the point of attack with strength and controlled aggression.

His ability to reset the line of scrimmage repeatedly underscored his impact on the game. Williams excelled in one-on-one matchups against interior offensive linemen, consistently coming out on top.

As a testament to his prowess, he continued his reputation as a top-tier interior run defender from the previous season, effectively stifling opposition attempts.

Beyond his run-stopping abilities, Williams also displayed finesse in creating pressure and collapsing pockets, further elevating his contribution. Concluding the game with two tackles and a crucial pressure, his performance left an unmistakable imprint on the field, contributing to his team’s overall success.

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Offense: Irv Mulligan, Running Back, Jackson State

Irv Mulligan’s MEAC/SWAC Challenge performance left an indelible mark, setting the tone early in the game and captivating audiences with his exceptional skills.

Mulligan was a tough and tenacious runner with remarkable balance, impressive lower body strength, and leg drive.

Throughout the game, he showcased his ability to punish tacklers, consistently gaining crucial yardage. By the final whistle, Mulligan had notched 11 carries, amassing an impressive 90 yards and securing a pivotal touchdown.

His commanding presence in the backfield proved instrumental in opening up opportunities for Jackson State University’s entire offensive unit, leaving no doubt about his impact on the team’s success.