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College Football Network exists to honor the student-athletes, the coaches, the fans, and anyone who has touched, tasted, been traumatized and tantalized by what we consider to be the greatest sport on earth. Launched in Dec. 2022 as a subsidiary of Pro Football Network, our aim is simple -- to be the primary voice for college football.

There is no greater pride, passion, and pageantry than you find in and around college football. This sport isn't simply an avenue to the NFL, it is its own living, breathing, entertaining, life-defining entity, and at College Football Network we believe that the sport deserves the greatest of respect and the greatest of attention.

To us, that doesn't mean focusing on a small handful of teams that may play for a College Football National Championship. To us, it doesn't mean focusing on a relatively small number of student-athletes that will go on to be NFL Draft picks or UDFAs.

To us, that means giving equal attention to all 133 FBS teams. To us, that means highlighting HBCU programs, FCS teams, and everything in between. To us, that means understanding the importance of every single person that steps foot on a football field every fall, from quarterbacks to long snappers, and groundskeepers to fellow media members.

We understand their sacrifice, and we understand their stories. That's why, at College Football Network, we exist to bring you not just in-depth reporting on what you see on the field on a Saturday (or midweek for you MACtion and CUSA aficionados) but also the incredible work beyond the field that often goes unnoticed when you fixate on skill sets and next-level potential.

While College Football Network exists to honor every single person involved in college football and to bring you, our friends, along for the ride, it exists because of people who have the sport, the traditions, the passion, the pageantry coursing through their veins. Their love for college football is only rivaled by their knowledge and expertise that offers insight into every nook and cranny of the sport.

Executive Editor, Cam Mellor, and Lead College Football Analyst, Oliver Hodgkinson, splintered from their home at Pro Football Network to make College Football Network their own and create a space where avid and casual fans come to have an engaging conversation about the sport and traditions that we all love.

Come in, kick off your shoes, and put up your feet, and together, let's honor the great sport that is college football.

Ethics and Standards

It’s no secret that trust is paramount – but it’s something earned not given. As such, the editorial arm of CFN takes a rigorous stance toward our journalistic principles: ensuring factual accuracy, disclosing corrections in the event an error is made, and multi-sourcing stories.

Our audience deserves transparent attributions/sourcing and content free from explicit/implicit bias – we understand the responsibility that authority on a subject bestows and strive to catalyze a culture that bolsters respect and professionalism in everything we do.

Job Postings

At this time, we are not currently hiring. Please keep an eye out on our Indeed page for future openings.

CFN Staff

Matthew Cannata

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Infante

Chief Operating Officer

Cam Mellor

Executive Editor

Oliver Hodgkinson

Lead CFB Analyst