CFN’s Top HBCU Players of Week 8: Jawarn Howell & Kenny Gallop Jr. Sensational

    In Week 8 of the college football season, the gridiron stars of top HBCU players shone brighter than ever, delivering performances that left fans in awe.

    Week 8 of the 2023 college football season unveiled a constellation of emerging HBCU talents, setting the stage ablaze with their extraordinary flair and skill. From game-changing plays to awe-inspiring moments, these HBCU superstars have staked their claim as some of the season’s most electrifying athletes. 

    Top HBCU Players For Week 8

    These exceptional athletes did not doubt their commitment to excellence, and their prowess not only electrified their campuses but also sent ripples across the entire collegiate football landscape, signifying that HBCU stars are in a league of their own. 

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    Offense: Jawarn Howell, RB, South Carolina State

    Jawarn Howell’s standout performance against Delaware State University was spectacular, serving as the driving force behind South Carolina State University’s pivotal win in MEAC play.

    With a mere 13 carries, Howell made every touch count, amassing an impressive 119 yards, translating to a jaw-dropping average of 9.2 yards per carry. His explosive runs, punctuated by the longest dash of 34 yards, were capped with three touchdowns, underscoring his dominant presence on the field.

    Howell’s remarkable showcase highlighted his individual brilliance and was instrumental in cementing a key victory for SC State.

    Defense: Kenny Gallop Jr., S, Howard

    Kenny Gallop Jr.’s exceptional performance against Norfolk State University proved a linchpin in Howard University’s triumph in the MEAC conference play.

    Gallop Jr. consistently disrupted Norfolk State’s offensive plans by totaling 11 tackles, comprising six solo efforts and five assists. Beyond the formidable tackles, he made his presence felt with half a sack and a notable tackle for loss.

    However, the crowning moment of his game came with a crucial interception, showcasing his instinctive play and clinching the win for Howard University, reinforcing his reputation as one of the best defensive players in HBCU football.

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