Predicting the College Football Playoff Based on EA Sports College Football 25 Team Power Rankings

    How would the College Football Playoff shake out using EA Sports College Football 25 team power rankings to fill out the bracket?

    Due to the expansion of the College Football Playoff and the impending release of EA Sports College Football 25, the 2024 season is one of the most anticipated in recent memory. But what if we combine the two? Let’s fill out the 2024-25 CFP bracket using the 25 highest-rated teams in College Football 25.

    College Football Playoff Bracket Using EA Sports College Football 25 Team Power Rankings

    Here are the top 25 teams entering the season, according to EA:

    1) Georgia – 95

    2) Ohio State – 93

    3) Oregon – 93

    4) Alabama – 92

    5) Texas – 92

    6) Clemson – 90

    7) Notre Dame – 90

    8) LSU – 90

    9) Penn State – 88

    10) Utah – 88

    11) Michigan – 88

    12) Florida State – 88

    13) Miami (FL) – 88

    14) Texas A&M – 88

    15) Ole Miss – 88

    16) Colorado – 87

    17) Oklahoma – 87

    18) Wisconsin – 87

    19) USC – 87

    20) Virginia Tech – 87

    21) NC State – 87

    22) Kansas – 87

    23) Arizona – 87

    24) Oklahoma State – 87

    25) Iowa – 87

    The SEC and Big Ten fill most of the spots at seven teams apiece, and the Group of Five notably has zero teams on the list. But how does that translate to the new 12-team playoff?

    The bracket includes the five highest-ranked conference champions and the next seven highest-ranked programs. There is no limit on the number of participants from a single conference, and the top four teams will receive a first-round bye to the quarterfinals.

    So, here’s what the CFP would look like based solely on EA’s rankings. Note: Since the developers left the Group of Five out, we’ll include Boise State as the fifth-highest-ranked conference champion, as they’re the top Go5 team on our ranking of all 134 FBS teams.

    • No. 12 Boise State at No. 5 Notre Dame
    • No. 11 Michigan at No. 6 Oregon
    • No. 10 Penn State at No. 7 Alabama
    • No. 9 LSU at No. 8 Texas
    • Boise State-Notre Dame winner at No. 4 Utah
    • Michigan-Oregon winner at No. 3 Clemson
    • Penn State-Alabama winner at No. 2 Ohio State
    • LSU-Texas winner at No. 1 Georgia

    While Notre Dame would likely dispatch Boise State with relative ease, the other three Round 1 matchups are intriguing.

    If Michigan has stability under center, they’ll give Oregon a run for its money, but Dillon Gabriel, Tez Johnson, and Evan Stewart are too much to handle. I believe Kalen DeBoer hits the ground running with Jalen Milroe under center, allowing the Crimson Tide to edge out James Franklin’s Nittany Lions.

    Meanwhile, Texas has the star power to hold off a talented LSU team going through major changes this offseason. That leaves us with a strong Elite Eight after all the favorites won their first-round matchups. Will the favorites go undefeated again?

    • No. 5 Notre Dame at No. 4 Utah
    • No. 6 Oregon at No. 3 Clemson
    • No. 7 Alabama at No. 2 Ohio State
    • No. 8 Texas at No. 1 Georgia

    While Utah is the favored team here, Notre Dame would likely be in the top four if they were part of a conference. With Riley Leonard under center, former LSU offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock calling the plays, and an elite defense in tow, the Fighting Irish take home the win.

    Clemson might be the most overrated team on College Football 25, outside of Colorado, of course. As such, Oregon and its high-octane offense throttles them in the quarterfinals.

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    Alabama-Ohio State would be fun to watch — same goes for Texas-Georgia. Yet, there’s a reason the home squads are the top two programs in the nation.

    • No. 5 Notre Dame at No. 1 Georgia
    • No. 6 Oregon at No. 2 Ohio State

    Unfortunately, Notre Dame’s luck runs out as they face the vaunted Bulldogs, who are out for blood after losing their 2023-24 CFP spot to Alabama. The Ducks will get a taste of the Buckeyes in October, but this game won’t be in Autzen Stadium, swinging the advantage back to Ohio State.

    • No. 2 Ohio State at No. 1 Georgia

    Despite conference realignment, NIL, the transfer portal, and the CFP expansion, the 2024-25 National Championship comes down to the two heavyweight favorites. We haven’t had a nail-biting title match since No. 4 Alabama outlasted No. 3 Georgia 26-23 in overtime in 2018, but this contest would have the potential to be even better.

    Ohio State and Georgia have only played twice, but the last time they did, we were treated to an electric Peach Bowl that culminated in a 42-41 Bulldogs victory — and a similar outcome occurs here.

    After watching rival Michigan take home the trophy last season, it’s natty or bust for Ryan Day. However, Will Howard isn’t Carson Beck, and despite arguably having more big names on the roster, Georgia has the depth.

    Is this exactly how the playoff will play out? Of course not, but if there’s one thing to take away, it’s this: 12 teams are better than four, and unlike on paper, the more teams you have, the more unpredictable the results.

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