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2024 Big 12 Power Rankings: Utah, Arizona Are More Than the New Kids on the Block

Change is coming to the Allstate 12 -- I mean, the Big 12. With teams coming and going, how do the 2024 Big 12 Power Rankings shape up?

Houston Cougars Mascot History

Houston's use of the Cougars as its mascot has been going on unofficially for nearly 100 years, after taking the name from another school.

Big 12 Season Predictions: Who Will Earn Texas’ Vacated Throne?

The departed Texas and Oklahoma are no longer the favorites to make the title game in the Big 12 season predictions, but where do the conference newcomers land?

Houston 2024 Football Schedule: Full List of Cougars’ Opponents This Fall

Find every opponent and location for the official Houston 2024 football schedule as the Cougars aim to rebound under new head coach Willie Fritz.

Top 10 Hardest College Football Schedules in 2024

The 2024 college football season is on the horizon, so there is no better time to look at strength of schedules. Which teams have the hardest schedules?

2024 Big 12 K/P Rankings: Tyler Loop, Mason Fletcher Out-Kick the Rest

Four Pac-12 schools joined the Big 12 after Texas and Oklahoma left for the SEC, leaving the 2024 Big 12 K/P Rankings with new leaders.

2024 Big 12 CB Rankings: Travis Hunter, Ra’Mello Dotson Take the Lead

Some of the Big 12's best corners are leaving the conference, making room for some underclassmen to tak over the 2024 Big 12 CB Rankings.

College Football Uniforms: Houston Cougars Defy NFL, Add Blue Uniform Anyway

The Houston Cougars have decided to push back on a cease and desist letter sent by the NFL by announcing throwback college football uniforms.

2024 Big 12 SAF Rankings: Jeremiah Cooper, Beau Freyler Above the Rest

The backend of the conference's defenses will be protected well as the 2024 Big 12 SAF Rankings are riddled with highly decorated returners.

2024 Big 12 DT Rankings: Lee Hunter, Dontay Corleone Top the Conference

Some of the Big 12's most fearsome defensive tackles have left the conference, but plenty of returners remain in the 2024 Big 12 DT Rankings.

2024 Big 12 LB Rankings: Nick Martin, Collin Oliver Command the Position

The conference is rife with returning talent as the 2024 Big 12 LB Rankings is dominated by dynamic duos from multiple teams.

Houston Cougars’ Top 10 Returning Players in 2024 Include Donovan Smith, A.J. Haulcy

The Houston Cougars enter the Willie Fritz era in 2024, and the top 10 returning players will help him begin the rebuilding process.

March Madness College Football Edition: Favorites, Underdogs, and Cinderella Stories

March Madness is here, but what if the 2024 NCAA Tournament was for college football? Who would win the 68-team bracket?

2024 Big 12 Weekly Football Schedule

A new era of Big 12 football is upon us, and the 2024 Big 12 weekly football schedule is rammed with must-watch matchups for the coming season.

2024 Big 12 WR Rankings: Tetairoa McMillan, Brennan Presley Out in Front

Texas and Oklahoma are leaving for the SEC, taking some of the best WRs with them, but the 2024 Big 12 WR Rankings are still full of talent.