EA Sports College Football 25: Chris Fowler Reveals Arch Manning Could Still Appear in the Game

    Chris Fowler explains that Arch Manning has another chance to be included in EA Sports College Football 25, along with other unique details.

    Arch Manning has opted out of being involved with EA Sports College Football 25, meaning fans hoping to play as the Texas Longhorns backup QB will be disappointed.

    However, football commentator Chris Fowler has given hope that Manning still could be included in the game and has given an inside look into the intricacies of the game’s play-by-play commentary.

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    Could Arch Manning Still Be in EA Sports College Football 25?

    A legendary broadcaster, Fowler is a part of one of the most famous commentary duos in the country alongside Kirk Herbstreit, and you will hear his play-by-play commentary on the new EA Sports College Football 25 game.

    However, one name you won’t hear in the game is Texas QB Manning. But in a video shared on Front Office Sports, Fowler explained there is still hope for the Texas QB’s inclusion.

    ESPN had reported on March 5 that Manning had opted out of EA Sports College Football 25 as he wanted to “wait until ‘he was the guy’ at Texas.” However, the door isn’t completely closed for his inclusion.

    “I’m told that more than 10,000 players are in the game at 600 bucks a pop. That’s more than six million in NIL Commitments. More can opt in during a second window in the spring. So Arch Manning and others who aren’t in the game right now could reconsider and opt in.”

    Manning would be one of the most popular quarterbacks to use in the game, but with Quinn Ewers slated to be the starter in Austin again in 2024, the Longhorns backup has opted not to participate in EA Sports College Football 25.

    As one of the highest NIL earners and bearing the biggest family name in the sport, Manning doesn’t need to $600 and a free copy of the game to participate. It has led analyst Ryan Clark to say, “Him [Manning] being in that game is more important to EA than EA being important to Manning.”

    Clark also believes Manning should be included in the game so “everybody knows that you don’t believe you’re bigger than the other 11,000 or however many players are in the NCAA, especially the ones in your locker room.“

    We will have to wait for the second window of opt-ins to open, but expect EA to go all in to get Manning included in the game.

    Chris Fowler Provides Exclusive Voiceover Snippet

    In addition to providing information on opt-ins, Fowler gave exclusive behind-the-scenes information on his voiceover role.

    Fowler — who will feature in the game alongside Herbstreit — has been completing voiceover work. In the video shot in his studio, the play-by-play broadcaster told us what to expect.

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    “I have recorded the pregame setups for the new 12-team playoff bracket games, the on-campus settings, the four quarterfinals, and two semifinals, and it was really fun to sit in this little room in March and do a National Championship Game setup,” Fowler said.

    “Of course, gamers are going to get to experience the new, bigger bracket in the summer, way before it plays out on the field. And whoever you selected Dynasty mode and take to a national championship — Kennesaw State, Troy State, anybody — yes, to answer your questions, you will get a customized national championship shout-out.”

    However, if you win a national championship with Colorado, there will be an extra treat in store. “If you pick Coach Prime and The Buffs and you win, you might get an extra special shoutout,” Fowler shared. It’s worth pointing out that Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders won’t be in the game, with no coaches expected in the first college football video game since NCAA 14.

    EA Sports College Football 25 is going into incredible detail to make the video game the one the sport — and fans — deserve. Each team has a unique national championship shout-out, one way to create a remarkable user experience.

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    Fowler also gave more information on the incredible detail EA is going into to make the game as immersive as possible.

    “Speaking of long shots, I recorded today this — your defense forces and recovers the fumble in the end zone to win the game on the final play. It was a crazy high-energy call, but, yes, that is in the game.”

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