EA Sports College Football 25 Athletes: Over 10,000 Athletes Are In the Game

    EA Sports has announced over 10,000 athletes to opt-in to College Football 25. That figure now gives EA the most robust game roster, likely in history.

    The release of EA Sports College Football 25 can’t come soon enough for fans nationwide. With the recent news that EA Sports was sending NIL contracts for student-athletes to officially join the game, it should come as no surprise that the players themselves are eagerly awaiting the release as well.

    However, the number of athletes officially in the game is staggering.

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    EA Announces 10,000+ Athletes In EA Sports College Football 25

    Just over a week after EA Sports announced they would include player likeness in the game for those who opted in via an NIL contract, the storm of athletes who have done just that is staggering. EA Sports announced on Monday that over 10,000 athletes have opted into the game.

    Quoting the great Larry David is applicable as EA Sports did, stating 10,000 student-athletes in the game is pretty, pretty good indeed.

    With 134 programs in the game and a scholarship limit of 85, the math on this means the vast majority of athletes are set to be in the game.

    The latest announcement from EA Sports all but pushes the excitement level for fans at a fever pitch. It also comes with a bit of relief after a recent report.

    It was reported that if a user were to use the create-a-player feature, those players who opted out of the game or didn’t opt-in to the game would be blocked upon creation. Fans feared that they’d be missing integral players on their favorite team’s roster and subsequently be blocked from editing those players.

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    However, with over 10,000 athletes to have opted in, those concerns seem to be easing. The game should now possess over 90% of the current scholarship athletes, all 134 teams, a ridiculous set of notable voices, and a plethora of standard companies affiliated with the sport itself.

    In addition to players opting in, Reese’s Senior Bowl teased their inclusion as did helmet companies VICIS and Schutt. The month of March is set to also include the next ‘big update’ from EA Sports around the game.

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