EA Sports College Football 25: How Much Will College Football Players Get To Appear in the Game?

    College football players can start opting into the EA Sports College Football 25 game on Thursday, but how much will they paid to appear in it?

    The growing buzz about EA Sports College Football 25 has been palpable since the trailer’s release confirmed that the game will be released this year. Information on the game has been coming out, giving fans a glimpse into what it could look like, which teams could be featured, and what players we can look forward to playing with in the first edition of the game for over a decade.

    One lingering question that has been asked is how much the players will be paid to have their likeness in the game. That question has finally been answered.

    How Much Are Players Being Paid for EA Sports College Football 25?

    ESPN has reported that players will get $600 plus a free copy of EA Sports College Football 25.

    It’s expected that over 11,000 players will opt-in for the game, and EA plans to have 85 players per team. All players who opt in will be able to stay in the game for their whole careers unless they choose to opt out.

    EA Sports has been working with OneTeam Partners since last summer to work on how to facilitate the NIL rights for players. This brought OneTeam and CLC to partner on licensing for college athletes’ participation in the game. College football players can opt-in to the game to have their likeness used starting Thursday, February 22.

    “We feel very proud that we’ll be the largest program, likely the highest-spending program,” Sean O’Brien, EA Sports vice president of business development, told ESPN Thursday. “And really an inclusive opportunity with an equitable distribution of funds across the board.”

    This is the first time in the history of college sports games that will include players’ names and likenesses in the games.

    It all stemmed from lawsuits involving former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon and 19 other players petitioning against the NCAA not allowing them to profit from their names and likenesses.

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    EA Sports released the teaser trailer for the game last week, with more information coming in May, including the as-of-yet unknown release date. That date has been the subject of intense speculation. The last college football game to be released by EA Sports was NCAA Football 14 back in 2013.

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