College Football’s Fastest Players of Week 13: Barion Brown Flashes Elite Speed

    College football's fastest players of Week 13 include the second-fastest mark we've seen all season long, this time by Kentucky WR Barion Brown.

    College Football’s fastest players dominate the coverage as much as they speed by the rest of the players on the field. These 10 fastest players from the week are highlighted among their peers as putting up some of the most athletic displays from an athlete we’ve seen all year long.

    College Football’s Fastest Players: Week 13

    Take a look at the fastest players from each week during the 2023 season: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | Week 8 | Week 9 | Week 10 | Week 11 | Week 12 | Fastest Players Overall

    Courtesy of our friends at Reel Analytics, the fastest ball carriers are tracked from every game across the country. To find out more about RA and how they track their data, find them here: RAnalytics on Twitter | Reel Analytics via NetCapital

    Honorable Mention

    • Lee Beebe, RB, UAB: 20.6 mph
    • Devin Smith, WR, NC Central: 20.6 mph
    • Keilan Robinson, WR, Texas: 20.5 mph
    • Emani Bailey, RB, TCU: 20.3 mph
    • Blake Corum, RB, Michigan: 20.3 mph
    • Quinton Cooley, RB, Liberty: 20.2 mph
    • Ro Elliott, RB, Southern Illinois: 20.1 mph
    • Rahjai Harris, RB, ECU: 20.1 mph
    • Jaylen Lloyd, WR, Nebraska: 19.9 mph
    • Jairus Mack, WR, Charlotte: 19.8 mph
    • Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky: 19.7 mph
    • Billy Bowman, DB, Oklahoma: 19.6 mph
    • Lorenzo Lingard, RB, Akron: 19.6 mph
    • Edward Robinson, RB, Duquesne: 19.3 mph
    • Darvon Hubbard, RB, Temple: 19.2 mph
    • Isaiah Nwokobia, DB, SMU: 18.9 mph
    • Rocko Griffin, RB, UTSA: 18.2 mph

    T9) Richard Reese, RB, Baylor: 20.8 mph

    One of the lone sparks from the Baylor Week 13 performance was absolutely RB Richard Reese. Making two appearances in the fastest players list for this week, Reese was able to sprint past the WVU kick coverage so fast — reaching 20.8 mph — that he had time to high-five a teammate on his way to the end zone.

    T9) Trey Benson, RB, Florida State: 20.8 mph

    No stranger to the fastest players list, FSU RB Trey Benson returns to the top 10 with his play against Florida. Benson put the Seminoles up for the first time in the game with his 36-yard touchdown run that saw him reach 20.8 mph down the sidelines.

    T7) Tejhaun Palmer, WR, UAB: 21.0 mph

    Another repeat performer, Tejhaun Palmer has game-breaking speed. He showcased that in UAB’s shootout with North Texas by reaching 21.0 mph as he sprinted past the defense.

    T7) Jaylin Lucas, WR, Indiana: 21.0 mph

    The season didn’t end the way they expected it to in Indiana but Jaylin Lucas surely had his moments. On this kickoff return against Purdue, Lucas sped past the Boilermakers coverage unit and hit 21.0 mph in the process.

    T5) Kaiden Bennett, QB, Sacramento State: 21.3 mph

    You didn’t want to miss Kaiden Bennett when he was on the field for Sacramento State this season. In the FCS Championship first round, Bennett ran past the North Dakota defense by reaching 21.3 mph on a big-time first down carry.

    T5) Jalen Mayden, QB, San Diego State: 21.3 mph

    Absolutely not the way the San Diego State Aztecs thought their season was going to go is how it went in 2023. However, Jalen Mayden still had his moments, like this touchdown run that saw him reach a whopping 21.3 mph for such a big man.

    4) Richard Reese, RB, Baylor: 21.4 mph

    Reese’s second appearance on the fastest list for Week 13, he continued to be Baylor’s lone spark. No, this is not the same clip, it’s his second kickoff return for a touchdown that saw him hit 21.4 mph in the process.

    3) Ashton Jeanty, RB, Boise State: 21.5 mph

    One of the toughest backs to take down in the open field, Ashton Jeanty deserves more national praise. He’ll get that if he keeps running for touchdowns like this one that saw him hit 21.5 mph.

    2) Jaydon Blue, RB, Texas: 22.3 mph

    Blink and you’d miss Jaydon Blue against Texas Tech in Week 13. Blue torched the Texas Tech defense on a long touchdown run from the very first play of the second quarter, hitting 22.3 mph.

    1) Barion Brown, WR, Kentucky: 22.6 mph

    Narrowly missing out on the fastest speed we’ve seen this season, Barion Brown sparked the Kentucky offense, literally. His kick return saw him reach 22.6 mph and brought life back into the Wildcats. Life they would use to come back against Louisville for a much-needed victory.

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