College Football’s Fastest Players of Week 7 Include Jordan Waters, Elic Ayomanor, and Donavyn Lester

    College Football's fastest players for Week 7 include a 97-yard touchdown from Elic Ayomanor and a house call from Jordan Waters.

    It’s no question college football is home to some of the fastest football players in the world. You have to know where to find them, but thanks to new player-tracking capabilities, we know just how fast these players are.

    College football’s fastest players in Week 7 include a bevy of known commodities with an appearance from some lesser-known players to keep your eyes on going forward.

    College Football’s Fastest Players: Week 7

    Take a look at the fastest players from each week during the 2023 season: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6

    Courtesy of our friends at Reel Analytics, the fastest ball carriers are tracked from every game across the country. To find out more about RA and how they track their data, find them below:

    RAnalytics on Twitter | Reel Analytics via NetCapital

    Honorable Mention

    • Avery Johnson, QB, Kansas State: 20.3 mph
    • Quentin Skinner, WR, Kansas: 20.3 mph
    • Kobe Prentice, WR, Alabama: 20.2 mph
    • Leshon Williams, RB, Iowa: 20.1 mph
    • Hykeem Williams, WR, Florida State: 20.0 mph
    • Oscar Adaway, RB, North Texas: 19.9 mph
    • Rasheen Ali, RB, Marshall: 19.7 mph
    • Ollie Gordon, RB, Oklahoma State: 19.3 mph
    • Jaydn Ott, RB, Cal: 19.2 mph
    • Daequan Hardy, CB, Penn State: 19.1 mph
    • LaJohntay Wester, WR, FAU: 19.1 mph

    10) Lawrance Toafili, RB, Florida State: 20.5 mph

    For the second time in as many weeks, the Florida State Seminoles are well represented on the fastest players list. This time, RB Lawrance Toafaili cracks the top 10 while true freshman WR Hykeem Williams just missed out on his 20-mph screen pass house call.

    Toafili bounced an inside handoff outside, spotted sound blocking by his wide receivers on the outside, and reached a maximum speed of 20.5 on a 50-yard touchdown run against Syracuse in the fourth quarter.

    T6) Kairee Robinson, RB, San Jose State: 20.9 mph

    Kairee Robinson took a screen pass up the middle of the New Mexico defense for a house call, giving the Spartans a first lead they wouldn’t let go of. Robinson hauled in the reception, spotting his blocking, and pushed his way through each level of the defense before topping out at 20.9 mph.

    T6) Luke Skokna, RB, North Dakota: 20.9 mph

    Setting the stage for North Dakota’s victory over rival North Dakota State, Luke Skokna was terrific from the start. Skokna took the opening kickoff back 100 yards for a touchdown, weaving his way through defenders, hitting 20.8 mph on the way before finishing in true track star fashion at the goal line.

    T6) Jaylin Lane, WR, Virginia Tech: 20.9 mph

    Virginia Tech wide receiver Jaylin Lane took a simple slant route the distance because of one reason: speed. Lane blitzed by defenders who were left grasping for air when he turned on the jets and hit 20.9 mph against Wake Forest in Week 7.

    T6) Nick Nash, WR, San Jose State: 20.9 mph

    Though it’s still remarkable that Nick Nash is relatively new to the wide receiver position, it’s always been known the amount of athleticism he possesses. Against New Mexico in Week 7, Nash hit 20.9 mph on a touchdown reception that saw him flash some potential dangers for defenses with his route-running ability.

    Lining up as an inline tight end, Nash patiently bounced a straight go route past unsuspecting cornerbacks in coverage for an easy touchdown.

    5) Ryan Cooper, CB, Oregon State: 21.0 mph

    We’re still not sure what was more impressive, Ryan Cooper’s instincts or his speed on his interception returned for a touchdown against UCLA. In the closing moments of the first half, Cooper broke on a late throw outside, nabbing a pick and speeding past the Bruins offensive players to the tune of 21.0 mph.

    T3) Demond Claiborne, RB, Wake Forest: 21.4 mph

    In what was one of Wake Forest’s lone highlights from a Week 7 loss, Demond Claiborne flashed his high-end speed on a 95-yard kick return for a touchdown. Claiborne weaved through traffic in the middle before hitting the sidelines and reaching 21.4 mph to outrace every Virginia Tech defender.

    T3) Donavyn Lester, RB, UNLV: 21.4 mph

    There’s speed and then there’s speed. Donavyn Lester turned on the afterburners on a carry to the outside for UNLV, utilizing his vision and patience well, before sprinting past Nevada defenders. Lester reached 21.4 mph, seemingly easy along the sidelines.

    2) Elic Ayomanor, WR, Stanford: 21.5 mph

    You don’t beat an entire defense for 97 yards from scrimmage without real speed and that’s just what Elic Ayomanor did. Ayomanor burned his defensive back off the line, nabbed a slant pattern that was intended just to get some breathing room for his offense, and ran past the entire Colorado defense for 97 yards, hitting 21.5 mph as his max speed along the way.

    1) Jordan Waters, RB, Duke: 21.6 mph

    On a carry that he almost didn’t need to, Jordan Waters put forth a truly special moment when he reached 21.6 mph for Duke. Riding their defense against NC State, Waters finally broke the Wolfpack defense with a carry up the middle that saw him bounce slightly outside and completely torch the NC State defense with his blazing speed.

    Find where these speeds rank among the fastest players of the 2023 season here.

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