College Football’s Fastest Players of Week 3 Include Shilo Sanders and Isaiah Sategna

    Shilo Sanders makes the list of college football's fastest players in Week3, but two Arkansas Razorbacks take headlines.

    College Football’s fastest players dominate the coverage as much as they speed by the rest of the players on the field. These 10 fastest players from the week are highlighted among their peers as putting up some of the most athletic displays from an athlete we’ve seen all year long.

    College Football’s Fastest Players: Week 3

    Take a look at the fastest players from each week during the 2023 season: Week 1 | Week 2

    Courtesy of our friends at Reel Analytics, the fastest ball carriers are tracked from every game across the country. To find out more about RA and how they track their data, find them below:

    RAnalytics on Twitter | Reel Analytics via NetCapital

    Honorable Mention

    • LaMareon James, CB, Old Dominion: 20.6 mph
    • Lewis Bond, WR, Boston College: 20.4 mph
    • Joshua Cephus, WR, UTSA: 20.3 mph
    • Caullin Lacy, Wr, South Alabama: 20.1 mph
    • La’Damian Webb, RB, South Alabama: 20.0 mph
    • LaMareon James, CB, Old Dominion: 19.8 mph
    • LJ Martin, RB, BYU: 19.7 mph
    • Parker Kingston, WR, BYU: 19.6 mph

    T10) Alex Tecza, RB, Navy: 20.8 mph

    Needing little room to create, Alex Tecza squirted through a hole on the outside between closing defenders against Memphis and was off to the races. Tecza hit 20.8 mph as he outraced every Tiger defender.

    T10) Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas: 20.8 mph

    The Texas Longhorns needed a spark and they found it in Xavier Worthy. He took a simple screen play the distance as Worthy topped out at 20.8 mph on the touchdown.

    T8) Braeden Wisloski, WR, Maryland: 21.0 mph

    Down 14 points, it was Braeden Wisloski’s kickoff return touchdown that was the difference against Virginia. Wisloski hit the corner and topped out at 21.0 mph en route to six points.

    T8) Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville: 21.0 mph

    Jamari Thrash took it the distance by simply outrunning the entire Indiana defense, hitting 21.0 mph and beating defenders who even had angles on him.

    T6) AJ Green, RB, Arkansas: 21.1 mph

    Bouncing an outside zone run out to the corner, AJ Green outran the entire BYU defense for Arkansas. The opening score of the game came only after Green hit 21.1 mph.

    T6) Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State: 21.1 mph

    For the second week in a row, Marvin Harrison Jr. finds himself on the list of fastest players in college football. Harrison Jr. hit 21.1 mph while making it seem like the defense was standing still.

    5) Tobias Merriweather, WR, Notre Dame: 21.4 mph

    You can’t guard a receiver with the size/speed combination that Tobias Merriweather has for long and Central Michigan found that out the hard way. Merriweather hit 21.4 mph on this touchdown reception at 6’4″, 204 pounds, mind you.

    T3) Robert Lewis, WR, Georgia State: 21.5 mph

    Going 98 yards is not easy, but when you possess the speed that Robert Lewis has, it sure looks like it. Lewis topped the charts at 21.5 mph on this near-record touchdown.

    T3) Shilo Sanders, S, Colorado: 21.5 mph

    That’s one way to put your name on the map as Shilo Sanders took a pick-six the distance in the dramatic victory against Colorado State. Sanders hit 21.5 mph on the touchdown.

    2) Anthony Gould, WR, Oregon State: 21.6 mph

    We all knew Anthony Gould was fast, but after this screen pass turned touchdown, he’s even faster than we anticipated. Gould hit 21.6 mph on the radar with his touchdown.

    1) Isaiah Sategna, WR, Arkansas: 21.9 mph

    Both of Arkansas’ first two touchdowns against BYU came with impressive displays of athleticism and speed. Isaiah Sategna topped out at 21.9 mph on his punt return for a touchdown early against the Cougars.

    Find where these speeds rank among the fastest players of the 2023 season here.

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