EA Sports College Football Rumors: What Is Newly Released Countdown Timer Ticking Down To?

    More EA Sports College Football 25 news is coming, and soon. But what exactly will the game company reveal?

    After artwork for the Deluxe Edition of EA Sports College Football 25 was posted, the video game company revealed a new countdown timer promising more news when the clock hits zero. College football fans are above their necks in the hype, but what can they expect on Thursday, May 16, at 11 a.m. ET?

    EA Sports College Football Rumors: Countdown Timer News

    When EA Sports debuted their teaser trailer in February, they stated the game’s full reveal would come in May — is this it? Hopefully, but plans change rapidly in the gaming industry, and the company knows they have fans thirsty for every little breadcrumb they drop, and they’ll likely want to milk that.

    We know the game will be released in summer 2024, and Kirk Herbstreit expects that date to come in July. Is the timer ticking down to an official release date? That certainly would take the hype train off the rails, but there are other possibilities.

    EA Sports could unveil the cover for the standard edition, which reportedly will have current players front and center, similar to the Deluxe Edition, something that the video game series has never had.

    Previously, each game featured an athlete who had just run out of eligibility or had entered the NFL Draft, team mascots, or generic football players.

    Over 10,000 current players have opted-in for the game, with each one receiving $600 in NIL money for their likeness. Additionally, higher-profile athletes received more lucrative deals for branding and trailer appearances leading up to the official release.

    However, the likeliest option is EA Sports puts out information surrounding gameplay and features, which they’ve been quiet about thus far.

    Is the game going to be a Madden reskin? Will Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory return? These are the questions that will impact players the most, and fans certainly have a long wishlist since a college football video game hasn’t been released since 2013.

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