EA Sports College Football Wishlist: All the Features We Want to See in This Year’s Game

    Which items do you want to see in this year's version of EA Sports College Football 25? The top wishlist items from us at CFN include some realistic new offerings.

    EA Sports College Football 25 is set to release this summer and after a decade-long hiatus, fans are clamoring for some much-needed improvement from the last iteration. As much of a following as NCAA 14 has built, the last version of the college football video game series left fans wanting more.

    With the team at EA Sports building this version from the ground up, college football video game lifers have a few ideas in store for what they want to see in EA Sports College Football 25.

    PC Mode Tops EA Sports College Football 25 Wishlist

    The wishlist starts and begins with one thing, though, for serious college football gamers: A college football game to play. Now that we’ve got that out of the way and that’s coming this summer, fans have gotten into the nitty gritty about what they want in this year’s game.

    Putting the game on a PC certainly topped that list early on and was answered as part of the offerings from EA Sports.

    With PC as an option to play, in addition to PlayStation and Xbox, the remaining wishlist items started to fill themselves out. In no particular order, here is the official wishlist from us at College Football Network.

    Everything We Want in EA Sports College Football 25

    • Expanded records and realistic leaderboards
      • Create more realistic leaderboards and school records in Dynasty Mode
      • Archive system to look back at your previous seasons in Dynasty Mode
      • More complex customizable options throughout all modes
    • A vote in the Coaches Poll
      • When controlling a coach in Dynasty Mode, allow for a vote
    • General Dynasty Mode Upgrades
      • Hire your own staffers
      • More robust staffing options
        • Coordinators, Position Coaches, Strength & Conditioning
      • Crowd improvements based on win-loss records/seasonal success
        • 0-11 team won’t have a sold-out stadium
        • Home crowd would leave in fourth quarter, down 30+ points
      • Upgrade or invest in stadiums throughout the years
      • Transfer Portal additions
        • Bring transfers with you if you move on as a head coach
      • Recruiting upgrades
        • Allow for de-commits
        • Allow for flips during Signing Day and throughout the process
        • Less predictable metrics to recruit
        • Unofficial visits
        • Official visits mean more
        • Signing one position player brings more value to other recruits
      • Real-life scenarios
        • Potential practice injuries
        • Suspensions and off-field troubles
      • NIL and sponsorships
        • Interact with sponsors and sign athletes based on this
        • Not just a ‘total sum of money’ means you recruit better
          • Invest in proper sponsors/NIL collectives to increase everything about the program
    • Road to Glory upgrades
      • More emphasis on getting recruited
      • Choose classes/change majors, etc.
      • Sign NIL deals
      • Take part in training camp drills
    • Gameplay upgrades
      • Impact Player means more
      • Broadcast improvements
        • Feature a player having a career day with in-game broadcast snapshots
      • Improve game sliders
        • More realistic offerings
          • Preset for a more realistic gameplay option
      • Accelerated game clocks
        • Allows for a game to be played on longer quarter settings
      • Simulation options
        • Simulate a game on ’15-minute quarters’ to generate more realistic stats
    • Upgraded roster limits
      • Up to 85 scholarship players
      • Room for potential walk-ons after that (100 total players?)
    • Possible other game modes
      • Athletic Director Mode
      • Team Builder
      • Head Coach Mode
    • Possible other game features
      • Create-a-play
      • Create-a-playbook
      • Create-a-uniform
      • Update playoff formats
      • Custom conferences

    Now, obviously, we know this is the first iteration of the game since 2013, but you’d be remiss to believe that the team at EA hadn’t been thinking about all the things they’d want to add to this game series in that 11-year span.

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    NIL, the transfer portal, and other new-age features in college football make it difficult enough to account for all that has changed and all that we’d want to see in this year’s version. Still, most of these wishlist items are at the top of the table for fans nationwide.

    It’s only a matter of time before we see which items we’ll get in this year’s game.

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