EA Sports College Football 25 “Likely To Release in July” Says Kirk Herbstreit

    In an interview on Monday's Pat McAfee Show, announcer Kirk Herbstreit gave an expected July release date for EA Sports College Football 25.

    One of the most anticipated sports video games of all time may have a release date, at least according to one of the personalities involved in its production.

    ESPN announcer and personality Kirk Herbstreit joined the “Pat McAfee Show” Monday afternoon to EA Sports College Football 25, sharing a potential July release in the process.

    Kirk Herbstreit Reveals Likely Release Date for EA Sports College Football 25

    Herbstreit has been heavily involved in the promotion and discourse around the first college football video game since 2013 and joined the “Pat McAfee Show” on Monday to discuss all things EA Sports College Football 25.

    During that interview, he dropped two very interesting pieces of information.

    “There are a variety of voices,” Herbstreit said regarding the announcers in the game. “In the past it was the same two people calling every game. Now, I think there will be different broadcast booths for different types of games that you play. I think it comes out in July.”

    First, Herbstreit’s information about the different announcers makes sense, given the different personalities already announced to be a part of the game, but it’s something that has never been done in the college football series.

    EA has used this method of announcing in several other games, namely the recently renamed EA Sports FC series. In that game, players hear alternative commentators for games in different leagues. One would assume that if that model is followed, EA College Football 25 players will hear conference-specific commentators.

    Second and perhaps more importantly, Herbstreit casually announced that the game is expected to be released in July. This further narrows the stated “summer” release that has been speculated on for months.

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    Some players might be disappointed as one theory read into three numbers in the initial trailer, thinking they suggested a June 7 release date.

    We still don’t have an exact release date for EA Sports College Football 25, but we’re getting closer to knowing when players can finally play as their favorite college football teams.

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