Big 12 Media Days: Brett Yormark Unconcerned By Others, Focused on Conference Being Best Version of Itself

    In his opening remarks at Big 12 Media Days, conference commissioner Brett Yormark made it clear that the Big 12 isn't worried about outside noise.

    As Big 12 Media Days get ramped up, conference commissioner Brett Yormark has already made it clear about his focus amidst a highly volatile time in college football. No matter what the noise is on the outside, Yormark is keeping his focus in-house as he navigates this time as a league of 16.

    Brett Yormark’s One Focus: The Big 12

    As Yormark kicked off Media Days at the podium, he quickly made it apparent that despite any outside noise about other conferences, his sole focus is on the Big 12.

    “I wake up every morning, and I think about one thing: the Big 12 being the best version of itself,” Yormark said. “If we take care of business, we’re going to be fine.”

    That “we’re going to be fine” is probably a veiled shot at those detractors who say that the Big 12 is going to eventually be carved up like the Pac-12 was by the so-called “Power 2” of the Big Ten and SEC.

    Yormark doesn’t seem to be too concerned, at least outwardly, wanting instead to focus on handling business within the Big 12.

    In recent months, Yormark has been at the forefront of creativity within the NCAA’s major conferences, doing anything from expanding branding opportunities (including a potential corporate renaming of the conference itself) to exploring new TV windows.

    Yormark has made it clear through both his words and actions that he has no intentions of letting the presumed powers of college football run over the Big 12 like they have a couple of the other conferences. He’s been proactive in pursuing new opportunities designed to expand the power of his own conference, for better or worse.

    Tuesday at Big 12 Media Days, he made it clear that he’s focused on making the conference the best version of itself. If he continues to do that, the conference will be just fine.

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