2023 All-Sun Belt College Football Team and Individual Honors

    The best of what we saw in the Sun Belt are highlighted in the 2023 All-Sun Belt team following a terrific season in the conference.

    The 2023 Sun Belt season was one to remember. JMU became a household name and America’s team while the Troy Trojans and App State Mountaineers squared off for the title.

    While the nation watched if JMU would be eligible for the postseason, some impressive performances happened and the Dukes dominate the 2023 All-Sun Belt honors.

    Sun Belt Football Team Honors for 2023

    Follow along with all of the CFN All-Conference teams all the same for individual honors from each conference: All-Americans | ACC | B1G | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC | FBS Ind. | AAC | CUSA | MAC | Mountain West 

    • Player of the Year
      Jordan McCloud, QB, JMU
    • Offensive Player of the Year
      Jordan McCloud, QB, JMU
    • Defensive Player of the Year
      Jalen Green, EDGE, JMU
    • Specialist of the Year
      Michael Hughes, K, App State
    • Newcomer of the Year
      D’Angelo Ponds, CB, JMU
    • Coach of the Year
      Curt Cignetti, JMU

    All-Sun Belt Offense

    • Quarterback of the Year
      Jordan McCloud, JMU
    • Running Back of the Year
      Kimani Vidal, Troy
    • Wide Receiver of the Year
      Elijah Sarratt, JMU
    • Tight End of the Year
      Neal Johnson, Louisiana
    • Offensive Tackle of the Year
      Ethan Driskell, Marshall
    • Offensive Guard of the Year
      Cole Potts, JMU
    • Offensive Center of the Year
      Zac Elam, Coastal Carolina
    • Offensive Lineman of the Year
      Cole Potts, G, JMU
    • Offensive Line of the Year
      UL-Monroe Warhawks
    • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
      Elijah Sarratt, WR, JMU

    2023 First-Team All-Sun Belt Offense

    QB: Jordan McCloud, JMU
    RB: Kimani Vidal, Troy
    RB: Marcus Carroll, Georgia State
    WR: Reggie Brown, JMU
    WR: Elijah Sarratt, JMU
    WR: Caullin Lacy, South Alabama
    TE: Neal Johnson, Louisiana
    FLEX: Ismail Mahdi, Texas State
    OT: Ethan Driskell, Marshall
    OG: AJ Gillie, Louisiana
    OC: Zac Elam, Coastal Carolina
    OG: Cole Potts, JMU
    OT: Travis Glover, Georgia State

    2023 Second-Team All-Sun Belt Offense

    QB: Joey Aguilar, App State
    RB: Frank Gore Jr., Southern Miss
    RB: La’Damian Webb, South Alabama
    WR: Joey Hobert, Texas State
    WR: Khaleb Hood, Georgia Southern
    WR: Kaedin Robinson, App State
    TE: Zach Horton, JMU
    FLEX: Rasheen Ali, Marshall
    OT: Tyler Stephens, JMU
    OG: Carter Miller, JMU
    OC: Zarian McGill, UL-Monroe
    OG: Tellek Lockett, UL-Monroe
    OT: Keydrell Lewis, UL-Monroe

    2023 Third-Team All-Sun Belt Offense

    QB: Gunnar Watson, Troy
    RB: Jalen White, Georgia Southern
    RB: Nate Noel, App State
    WR: Sam Pinckney, Coastal Carolina
    WR: Robert Lewis, Georgia State
    WR: Chris Lewis, Troy
    TE: Terrance Carter, Louisiana
    FLEX: Jared Brown, Coastal Carolina
    OT: Rasheed Miller, Georgia Southern
    OG: Bucky Williams, App State
    OC: Landon Burton, Louisiana
    OG: Khalil Crowder, Georgia Southern
    OT: Jack Murphy, App State

    2023 Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt Offense

    QB: T.J. Finley, Texas State
    RB: Jacob Kibodi, Louisiana
    RB: Ja’Quez Cross, Arkansas State
    WR: Jamaal Pritchett, South Alabama
    WR: Ashtyn Hawkins, Texas State
    WR: Kole Wilson, Texas State
    TE: Jjay Mcafee, Georgia Southern
    FLEX: Jabre Barber, Troy
    OT: Montavious Cunningham, Georgia State
    OG: Dalton Tucker, Marshall
    OC: Jacob Bayer, Arkansas State
    OG: Dontae Lucas, South Alabama
    OT: Nathan Thomas, Louisiana

    All-Sun Belt Defense

    • Defensive Lineman of the Year
      Jalen Green, EDGE, JMU
    • EDGE Defender of the Year
      Jalen Green, JMU
    • Defensive Interior of the Year
      James Carpenter, JMU
    • Linebacker of the Year
      Jason Henderson, ODU
    • Cornerback of the Year
      D’Angelo Ponds, JMU
    • Safety of the Year
      Jaden Voisin, South Alabama
    • Defensive Line of the Year
      JMU Dukes
    • Secondary of the Year
      JMU Dukes
    • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
      D’Angelo Ponds, CB, JMU

    2023 First-Team All-Sun Belt Defense

    EDGE: Jalen Green, JMU
    DT: Adin Huntington, UL-Monroe
    DT: James Carpenter, JMU
    EDGE: Javon Solomon, Troy
    LB: Jason Henderson, ODU
    LB: Eli Neal, Marshall
    LB: Brian Holloway, Texas State
    CB: D’Angelo Ponds, JMU
    CB: Reddy Steward, Troy
    CB: Tyrek Funderburk, App State
    S: Jaden Voisin, South Alabama
    S: Jacob Thomas, JMU
    FLEX: LaMareon James, ODU

    2023 Second-Team All-Sun Belt Defense

    EDGE: Jamree Kromah, JMU
    DT: TyQuaze Leggs, Marshall
    DT: Michael Mason, Coastal Carolina
    EDGE: Mikail Kamara, JMU
    LB: Andrew Parker, App State
    LB: Marques Watson-Trent, Georgia Southern
    LB: Aiden Fisher, JMU
    CB: Gavin Pringle, Georgia State
    CB: Chauncey Logan, JMU
    CB: Micah Abraham, Marshall
    S: Jay Stanley, Southern Miss
    S: Francis Meehan, JMU
    FLEX: Caleb Ransaw, Troy

    2023 Third-Team All-Sun Belt Defense

    EDGE: Ben Bell, Texas State
    DT: Santana Hopper, App State
    DT: Charles Coleman III, South Alabama
    EDGE: Jamie Sheriff, South Alabama
    LB: Melique Straker, Arkansas State
    LB: JT Killen, Coastal Carolina
    LB: Jontrey Hunter, Georgia State
    CB: Samy Johnson, Arkansas State
    CB: Ricky Fletcher, South Alabama
    CB: Keonte Lusk, Coastal Carolina
    S: Irshaad Davis, Troy
    S: Clayton Isbell, Coastal Carolina
    FLEX: Elijah Alston, Marshall

    2023 Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt Defense

    EDGE: Thurman Geathers, Arkansas State
    EDGE: Javon Dennis, Georgia State
    DT: T.J. Jackson, Troy
    DT: Justin Rhodes, Georgia Southern
    DT: Henry Bryant III, Georgia State
    DT: Wy’Kevious Thomas, South Alabama
    EDGE: Richard Jibunor, Troy
    EDGE: Owen Porter, Marshall
    LB: Stephen Dix Jr., Marshall
    LB: Swayze Bozeman, Southern Miss
    LB: K.C. Ossai, Louisiana
    LB: Jailin Walker, JMU
    LB: Taurus Jones, JMU
    LB: Trey Kiser, South Alabama
    CB: O’shai Fletcher, Troy
    CB: Kaleb Ford-Dement, Texas State
    CB: Matthew McDoom, Coastal Carolina
    CB: Chris Mills, Texas State
    CB: Tahj Ra-El, ODU
    CB: David Godsey Jr., UL-Monroe
    S: Justin Parks, Arkansas State
    S: Jordan Favors, App State
    S: TyGee Leach, Georgia State
    S: Yam Banks, South Alabama
    FLEX: Chris Chukwuneke, JMU
    FLEX: Jarius Reimonenq, JMU

    All-Sun Belt Special Teams

    • Kicker of the Year
      Michael Hughes, App State
    • Punter of the Year
      Ryan Hanson, JMU
    • Kick Returner of the Year
      Jayden Harrison, Marshall
    • Punt Returner of the Year
      Tiaquelin Mims, Southern Miss
    • Special Teamer of the Year
      Jackson Greene, App State
    • Kickoff Specialist of the Year
      Michael Hughes, App State
    • Special Teams Newcomer of the Year
      Zylan Perry, Louisiana

    2023 First-Team All-Sun Belt Specialists

    PK: Michael Hughes, App State
    KOS: Michael Hughes, App State
    P: Ryan Hanson, JMU
    KR: Jayden Harrison, Marshall
    PR: Tiaquelin Mims, Southern Miss
    ST: Jackson Greene, App State

    2023 Second-Team All-Sun Belt Specialists

    PK: Michael Lantz, Georgia Southern
    KOS: Michael Lantz, Georgia Southern
    P: William Przystup, Arkansas State
    KR: Zylan Perry, Louisiana
    PR: Caullin Lacy, South Alabama
    ST: Devyn Coles, JMU

    2023 Third-Team All-Sun Belt Specialists

    PK: Derek McCormick, UL-Monroe
    KOS: Connor Madden, JMU
    P: Thomas Leo, Louisiana
    KR: Ja’Quez Cross, Arkansas State
    PR: Josh Sarratt, JMU
    ST: Julian Ortega-Jones, Texas State

    2023 Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt Specialists

    PK: Mason Shipley, Texas State
    KOS: Liam Gray, Coastal Carolina
    PK: Kenneth Almendares, Louisiana
    KOS: Rece Verhoff, Marshall
    P: Robert Cole, Troy
    P: Braxton Guilbeau, UL-Monroe
    KR: Ismail Mahdi, Texas State
    KR: DeAndre Buchannon, Georgia Southern
    PR: Khaleb Hood, Georgia Southern
    PR: Courtney Jackson, Arkansas State
    ST: Michael Batton, UL-Monroe
    ST: Devin Martinez, Texas State

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