2023 All-MAC College Football Team and Individual Honors

    The All-MAC team and individual honors highlight the best we saw from the 2023 season in the Mid-American Conference.

    The 2023 MAC season saw two teams reach double-digit wins and ultimately square off in the title game. Toledo and Miami dominated the regular season, taking home most of our awards here, but the rest of the MAC is well represented on our 2023 All-MAC team and individual honors.

    MAC Football Team Honors for 2023

    Follow along with all of the CFN All-Conference teams all the same for individual honors from each conference: All-Americans | ACC | B1G | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC | FBS Ind. | AAC | CUSA | Mountain West | Sun Belt

    • Player of the Year
      Dequan Finn, QB, Toledo
    • Offensive Player of the Year
      Dequan Finn, QB, Toledo
    • Defensive Player of the Year
      Judge Culpepper, DT, Toledo
    • Specialist of the Year
      Graham Nicholson, K, Miami (OH)
    • Newcomer of the Year
      Gage Larvadain, WR, Miami (OH)
    • Coach of the Year
      Chuck Martin, Miami (OH)

    All-MAC Offense

    • Quarterback of the Year
      Dequan Finn, Toledo
    • Running Back of the Year
      Peny Boone, Toledo
    • Wide Receiver of the Year
      Gage Larvadain, Miami (OH)
    • Tight End of the Year
      Harold Fannin Jr., Bowling Green
    • Offensive Tackle of the Year
      Nick Rosi, Toledo
    • Offensive Guard of the Year
      John Champe, Northern Illinois
    • Offensive Center of the Year
      Pete Nygra, Northern Illinois
    • Offensive Lineman of the Year
      John Champe, G, Northern Illinois
    • Offensive Line of the Year
      Northern Illinois Huskies
    • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
      Gage Larvadain, WR, Miami (OH)

    2023 First-Team All-MAC Offense

    QB: Dequan Finn, Toledo
    RB: Peny Boone, Toledo
    RB: Antario Brown, Northern Illinois
    WR: Gage Larvadain, Miami (OH)
    WR: Miles Cross, Ohio
    WR: Chrishon McCray, Kent State
    TE: Harold Fannin Jr., Bowling Green
    FLEX: Marquez Cooper, Ball State
    OT: Nick Rosi, Toledo
    OG: John Champe, Northern Illinois
    OC: Pete Nygra, Northern Illinois
    OG: Vinny Sciury, Toledo
    OT: Nolan Potter, Northern Illinois

    2023 Second-Team All-MAC Offense

    QB: Kurtis Rourke, Ohio
    RB: Jalen Buckley, Western Michigan
    RB: Rashad Amos, Miami (OH)
    WR: Kenneth Womack, Western Michigan
    WR: Sam Wiglusz, Ohio
    WR: Jerjuan Newton, Toledo
    TE: Anthony Torres, Toledo
    FLEX: Ta’ron Keith, Bowling Green
    OT: Jack Sherwin, Western Michigan
    OG: Kurt Danneker, Ohio
    OC: Jacob Gideon, Western Michigan
    OG: Addison West, Western Michigan
    OT: Brian Dooley, Eastern Michigan

    2023 Third-Team All-MAC Offense

    QB: Brett Gabbert, Miami (OH)
    RB: Terion Stewart, Bowling Green
    RB: Lorenzo Lingard, Akron
    WR: Junior Vandeross III, Toledo
    WR: Trayvon Rudolph, Northern Illinois
    WR: Marlyn Johnson, Buffalo
    TE: Grayson Barnes, Northern Illinois
    FLEX: Tanner Koziol, Ball State
    OT: Jay Amburgey, Ohio
    OG: J.J. Lippe, Northern Illinois
    OC: Devan Rogers, Toledo
    OG: Trevor Campbell, Western Michigan
    OT: Reid Holskey, Miami (OH)

    2023 Honorable Mention All-MAC Offense

    QB: Rocky Lombardi, Northern Illinois
    QB: Jase Bauer, Central Michigan
    RB: Ron Cook Jr., Buffalo
    RB: Samson Evans, Eastern Michigan
    RB: Sieh Banguar, Ohio
    RB: Marion Lukes, Central Michigan
    WR: Jasaiah Gathings, Akron
    WR: Daniel George, Akron
    WR: Tanner Knue, Eastern Michigan
    WR: Tyson Davis, Central Michigan
    WR: Jesse Prewitt III, Central Michigan
    WR: Odieu Hiliare, Bowling Green
    TE: Will Kacmarek, Ohio
    TE: Blake Bosma, Western Michigan
    FLEX: Luke Floriea, Kent State
    FLEX: Hamze El-Zayat, Eastern Michigan
    OT: Nate Williams, Akron
    OT: Corey Stewart, Ball State
    OG: John Hofer, Western Michigan
    OG: Taran Tyo, Ball State
    OC: Parker Titsworth, Ohio
    OC: Dominic Serapiglia III, Central Michigan
    OG: Alex Howie, Eastern Michigan
    OG: Jon Mucciolo, Ball State
    OT: Will Jados, Miami (OH)
    OT: Damon Kaylor, Ball State

    All-MAC Defense

    • Defensive Lineman of the Year
      Judge Culpepper, DT, Toledo
    • EDGE Defender of the Year
      Brian Ugwu, Miami (OH)
    • Defensive Interior of the Year
      Judge Culpepper, Toledo
    • Linebacker of the Year
      Bryce Houston, Ohio
    • Cornerback of the Year
      Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo
    • Safety of the Year
      Michael Dowell, Miami (OH)
    • Defensive Line of the Year
      Miami RedHawks
    • Secondary of the Year
      Miami RedHawks
    • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
      Raion Strader, Miami (OH)

    2023 First-Team All-MAC Defense

    EDGE: Brian Ugwu, Miami (OH)
    DT: Judge Culpepper, Toledo
    DT: Darius Alexander, Toledo
    EDGE: Caiden Woullard, Miami (OH)
    LB: Bryce Houston, Ohio
    LB: Matt Salopek, Miami (OH)
    LB: Dallas Gant, Toledo
    CB: Jalen Husky, Bowling Green
    CB: Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo
    CB: Raion Strader, Miami (OH)
    S: Devin Grant, Buffalo
    S: Michael Dowell, Miami (OH)
    FLEX: Ty Wise, Miami (OH)

    2023 Second-Team All-MAC Defense

    EDGE: Cashius Howell, Bowling Green
    DT: Jacques Bristol, Central Michigan
    DT: James Ester, Northern Illinois
    EDGE: SIdney Houston Jr., Ball State
    LB: Joe Sparacio, Eastern Michigan
    LB: Cole Pearce, Ball State
    LB: Darren Anders, Bowling Green
    CB: Donte Kent, Central Michigan
    CB: Chris McDonald, Toledo
    CB: Tyler ‘Red’ Potts, Ball State
    S: Kerry Martin Jr., Akron
    S: Jordan Riley, Ball State
    FLEX: Jordan Oladokun, Bowling Green

    2023 Third-Team All-MAC Defense

    EDGE: Marshawn Kneeland, Western Michigan
    DT: Rayyan Buell, Ohio
    DT: CJ West, Kent State
    EDGE: Vonnie Watkins, Ohio
    LB: Daniel Bolden, Toledo
    LB: Red Murdock, Buffalo
    LB: Keye Thompson, Ohio
    CB: Davon Ferguson, Bowling Green
    CB: Kempton Shine, Eastern Michigan
    CB: Bennett Walket, Eastern Michigan
    S: Tate Hallock, Western Michigan
    S: Nate Valcarcel, Northern Illinois
    FLEX: CJ Nunnally, Akron

    2023 Honorable Mention All-MAC Defense

    EDGE: Shane Bonner, Ohio
    EDGE: Max Michel, Buffalo
    DT: Tim Grant-Randall, Eastern Michigan
    DT: Mason Nelson, Western Michigan
    DT: Terray Jones, Akron
    DT: Peyton Price, Eastern Michigan
    EDGE: Mikah Coleman, Eastern Michigan
    EDGE: Stephen Daley, Kent State
    LB: Joseph Sipp Jr., Bowling Green
    LB: Chase Kline, Eastern Michigan
    LB: Bryan McCoy, Akron
    LB: Kyle Moretti, Central Michigan
    LB: Joe Andreessen, Buffalo
    LB: Antavious Fish, Akron
    CB: Javaughn Byrd, Northern Illinois
    CB: Keni-H Lovely, Western Michigan
    CB: Charles McCartherens, Buffalo
    CB: RJ Delancy III, Toledo
    CB: Justin Birchette, Ohio
    CB: Yahsyn McKee, Miami (OH)
    S: Bryce Sheppert, Kent State
    S: Maxen Hook, Toledo
    S: Quentavius Scandrett, Eastern Michigan
    S: Damari Roberson, Western Michigan
    FLEX: Torrie Cox Jr., Ohio
    FLEX: Marcus Fuqua, Buffalo

    All-MAC Special Teams

    • Kicker of the Year
      Graham Nicholson, Miami (OH)
    • Punter of the Year
      Mitchell Tomasek, Eastern Michigan
    • Kick Returner of the Year
      Jacquez Stuart, Toledo
    • Punt Returner of the Year
      Cade McDonald, Miami (OH)
    • Special Teamer of the Year
      Austin Ertl, Miami (OH)
    • Kickoff Specialist of the Year
      Graham Nicholson, Miami (OH)
    • Special Teams Newcomer of the Year
      Cade McDonald, Miami (OH)

    2023 First-Team All-MAC Specialists

    PK: Graham Nicholson, Miami (OH)
    KOS: Graham Nicholson, Miami (OH)
    P: Mitchell Tomasek, Eastern Michigan
    KR: Jacquez Stuart, Toledo
    PR: Cade McDonald, Miami (OH)
    ST: Austin Ertl, Miami (OH)

    2023 Second-Team All-MAC Specialists

    PK: Luke Pawlak, Toledo
    KOS: Ryan Kingston, Eastern Michigan
    P: Alec Bevelhimer, Miami (OH)
    KR: Marion Lukes, Central Michigan
    PR: Hamze El-Zayat, Eastern Michigan
    ST: Darrian Lewis, Akron

    2023 Third-Team All-MAC Specialists

    PK: Jesus Gomez, Eastern Michigan
    KOS: Dante Jackson, Akron
    P: Tom Foley, Northern Illinois
    KR: Blake Hester, Akron
    PR: Dane Pardridge, Northern Illinois
    ST: John Motton, Ohio

    2023 Honorable Mention All-MAC Specialists

    PK: Andrew Glass, Kent State
    PK: Kanon Woodill, Northern Illinois
    KOS: Dante Jackson, Akron
    KOS: Alex McNulty, Buffalo
    P: Anthony Venneri, Buffalo
    P: Jake Walrath, Central Michigan
    KR: Hamze El-Zayat, Eastern Michigan
    KR: Jaylon Jackson, Eastern Michigan
    PR: Jhaylin Embry, Bowling Green
    PR: Luke Floriea, Kent State
    ST: Quinton Cannon, Western Michigan
    ST: Bryce Sheppert, Kent State

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