2023 All-Big Ten College Football Team and Individual Honors

    What a memorable season it was in the B1G, and the All-Big Ten team and individual honors celebrate the best we saw during the 2023 college football season.

    From The Game to a sign-stealing scandal and a huge impending change, the Big Ten was at the center of the college football universe for the majority of the 2023 season. The campaign gave us some memorable moments both on and off the field.

    The All-Big Ten team and individual honors celebrate those on-field moments.

    Big Ten Football Team Honors for 2023

    Follow along with all of the CFN All-Conference teams all the same for individual honors from each conference: All-Americans | ACC | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC | FBS Ind. | AAC | CUSA | MAC | Mountain West | Sun Belt

    • Player of the Year
      Blake Corum, RB, Michigan
    • Offensive Player of the Year
      Blake Corum, RB, Michigan
    • Defensive Player of the Year
      Jer’Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois
    • Specialist of the Year
      Tory Taylor, P, Iowa
    • Newcomer of the Year
      Dillon Thieneman, S, Purdue
    • Coach of the Year
      Sherrone Moore, Michigan

    All-Big Ten Offense

    • Quarterback of the Year
      J.J. McCarthy, Michigan
    • Running Back of the Year
      Blake Corum, Michigan
    • Wide Receiver of the Year
      Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State
    • Tight End of the Year
      Cade Stover, Ohio State
    • Offensive Tackle of the Year
      Josh Fryar, Ohio State
    • Offensive Guard of the Year
      Zak Zinter, Michigan
    • Offensive Center of the Year
      Drake Nugent, Michigan
    • Offensive Lineman of the Year
      Zak Zinter, G, Michigan
    • Offensive Line of the Year
      Michigan Wolverines
    • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
      Kaden Prather, WR, Maryland

    2023 First-Team All-Big Ten Offense

    QB: J.J. McCarthy, Michigan
    RB: Braelon Allen, Wisconsin
    RB: Blake Corum, Michigan
    WR: Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State
    WR: Isaiah Williams, Illinois
    WR: Roman Wilson, Michigan
    TE: Cade Stover, Ohio State
    FLEX: Kyle Monangai, Rutgers
    OT: Josh Fryar, Ohio State
    OG: Zak Zinter, Michigan
    OC: Drake Nugent, Michigan
    OG: Matthew Jones, Ohio State
    OT: Olumuyiwa Fashanu, Penn State

    2023 Second-Team All-Big Ten Offense

    QB: Kyle McCord, Ohio State
    RB: TreVeyon Henderson, Ohio State
    RB: Tyrone Tracy, Purdue
    WR: Daniel Jackson, Minnesota
    WR: Tai Felton, Maryland
    WR: Donaven McCulley, Indiana
    TE: Theo Johnson, Penn State
    FLEX: Kaden Prather, Maryland
    OT: Aireontae Ersery, Minnesota
    OG: Donovan Jackson, Ohio State
    OC: Hunter Nourzad, Penn State
    OG: Trevor Keegan, Michigan
    OT: Riley Mahlman, Wisconsin

    2023 Third-Team All-Big Ten Offense

    QB: Drew Allar, Penn State
    RB: Kaytron Allen, Penn State
    RB: Nicholas Singleton, Penn State
    WR: Emeka Egbuka, Ohio State
    WR: Cam Johnson, Northwestern
    WR: Bryce Kirtz, Northwestern
    TE: Corey Dyches, Maryland
    FLEX: Roman Hemby, Maryland
    OT: Isaiah Adams, Illinois
    OG: Joe Huber, Wisconsin
    OC: Tanor Bortolini, Wisconsin
    OG: Tyler Cooper, Minnesota
    OT: Julian Pearl, Illinois

    2023 Honorable Mention All-Big Ten Offense

    QB: Taulia Tagovailoa, Maryland
    QB: Hudson Card, Purdue
    RB: Donovan Edwards, Michigan
    RB: Darius Taylor, Minnesota
    RB: Devin Mockobee, Purdue
    RB: Nathan Carter, Michigan State
    WR: Deion Burks, Purdue
    WR: Pat Bryant, Illinois
    WR: Will Pauling, Wisconsin
    WR: Montorie Foster Jr., Michigan State
    WR: A.J. Henning, Northwestern
    WR: Will Pauling, Wisconsin
    TE: Tyler Warren, Penn State
    TE: Colston Loveland, Michigan
    FLEX: KeAndre Lambert-Smith, Penn State
    FLEX: Jeshaun Jones, Maryland
    OT: Karsen Barnhart, Michigan
    OT: Bryce Benhart, Nebraska
    OG: Connor Colby, Iowa
    OG: Preston Nichols, Purdue
    OC: Logan Jones, Iowa
    OC: Josh Kreutz, Illinois
    OG: Matthew Bedford, Indiana
    OG: Olaivavega Ioane, Penn State
    OT: Caedan Wallace, Penn State
    OT: Josh Simmons, Ohio State

    All-Big Ten Defense

    • Defensive Lineman of the Year
      Jer’Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois
    • EDGE Defender of the Year
      Adisa Isaac, Penn State
    • Defensive Interior of the Year
      Jer’Zhan Newton, Illinois
    • Linebacker of the Year
      Jay Higgins, Iowa
    • Cornerback of the Year
      Ricardo Hallman, Wisconsin
    • Safety of the Year
      Dillon Thieneman, Purdue
    • Defensive Line of the Year
      Ohio State Buckeyes
    • Secondary of the Year
      Michigan Wolverines
    • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
      Dillon Thieneman, S, Purdue

    2023 First-Team All-Big Ten Defense

    EDGE: Adisa Isaac, Penn State
    DT: Jer’Zhan Newton, Illinois
    DT: Ty Robinson, Nebraska
    EDGE: Jack Sawyer, Ohio State
    LB: Jay Higgins, Iowa
    LB: Aaron Casey, Indiana
    LB: Xander Mueller, Northwestern
    CB: Tarheeb Still, Maryland
    CB: Ricardo Hallman, Wisconsin
    CB: Mike Sainristil, Michigan
    S: Dillon Thieneman, Purdue
    S: Tyler Nubin, Minnesota
    FLEX: Kydran Jenkins, Purdue

    2023 Second-Team All-Big Ten Defense

    EDGE: Nic Scourton, Purdue
    DT: Michael Hall Jr., Ohio State
    DT: Tyleik Williams, Ohio State
    EDGE: Joe Evans, Iowa
    LB: Abdul Carter, Penn State
    LB: Bryce Gallagher, Northwestern
    LB: Steele Chambers, Ohio State
    CB: Tommi Hill, Nebraska
    CB: Will Johnson, Michigan
    CB: Sebastian Castro, Iowa
    S: Jadan Mangham, Michigan State
    S: Phillip Dunnam, Indiana
    FLEX: JT Tuimoloau, Ohio State

    2023 Third-Team All-Big Ten Defense

    EDGE: Jah Joyner, Minnesota
    DT: Nash Hutmacher, Nebraska
    DT: Mason Graham, Michigan
    EDGE: Chop Robinson, Penn State
    LB: Cal Haladay, Michigan State
    LB: Nick Jackson, Iowa
    LB: Mohamed Toure, Rutgers
    CB: Cooper DeJean, Iowa
    CB: Max Melton, Rutgers
    CB: Cam Allen, Purdue
    S: Lois Moore, Indiana
    S: Hunter Wohler, Wisconsin
    FLEX: Maema Njongmeta, Wisconsin

    2023 Honorable Mention All-Big Ten Defense

    EDGE: Aaron Lewis, Rutgers
    EDGE: Donnell Brown, Maryland
    DT: Simeon Barrow Jr., Michigan State
    DT: Derrick Harmon, Michigan State
    DT: Aaron Graves, Iowa
    DT: Kyler Baugh, Minnesota
    EDGE: C.J. Goetz, Wisconsin
    EDGE: Gabe Jacas, Illinois
    LB: Dylan Rosiek, Illinois
    LB: Jake Chaney, Wisconsin
    LB: Tommy Eichenberg, Ohio State
    LB: Jaishawn Barham, Maryland
    LB: Luke Reimer, Nebraska
    LB: Michael Barrett, Michigan
    CB: Jordan Hancock, Ohio State
    CB: Xavier Scott, Illinois
    CB: Jermari Harris, Iowa
    CB: Tahveon Nicholson, Illinois
    CB: Justin Walley, Minnesota
    CB: Davison Igbinosun, Ohio State
    S: Glendon Miller, Maryland
    S: Jaylen Reed, Penn State
    S: Isaac Gifford, Nebraska
    S: Sanoussi Kane, Purdue
    FLEX: Javin Wright, Nebraska
    FLEX: Sonny Styles, Ohio State

    All-Big Ten Special Teams

    • Kicker of the Year
      Dragan Kesish, Minnesota
    • Punter of the Year
      Tory Taylor, Iowa
    • Kick Returner of the Year
      Jaylin Lucas, Indiana
    • Punt Returner of the Year
      Daequan Hardy, Penn State
    • Special Teamer of the Year
      Karson Sharar, Iowa
    • Kickoff Specialist of the Year
      Jayden Fielding, Ohio State
    • Special Teams Newcomer of the Year
      Braeden Wisloski, Maryland

    2023 First-Team All-Big Ten Specialists

    PK: Dragan Kesish, Minnesota
    KOS: Jayden Fielding, Ohio State
    P: Tory Taylor, Iowa
    KR: Jaylin Lucas, Indiana
    PR: Daequan Hardy, Penn State
    ST: Karson Sharar, Iowa

    2023 Second-Team All-Big Ten Specialists

    PK: Alex Felkins, Penn State
    KOS: Tristan Alvano, Nebraska
    P: Ryan Eckley, Michigan State
    KR: Tyrone Tracy, Purdue
    PR: Cooper DeJean, Iowa
    ST: Botrous Alisandro, Purdue

    2023 Third-Team All-Big Ten Specialists

    PK: Drew Stevens, Iowa
    KOS: Drew Stevens, Iowa
    P: Atticus Bertrams, Wisconsin
    KR: Braeden Wisloski, Maryland
    PR: Isaiah Williams, Illinois
    ST: Ryan Meed, Illinois

    2023 Honorable Mention All-Big Ten Specialists

    PK: Jonathan Kim, Michigan State
    PK: Jayden Fielding, Ohio State
    KOS: Gabriel Nwosu, Penn State
    KOS: Tommy Doman, Michigan
    P: Mark Crawford, Minnesota
    P: Riley Thompson, Penn State
    KR: Nicholas Singleton, Penn State
    KR: A.J. Henning, Northwestern
    PR: Jake Thaw, Michigan
    PR: TJ Sheffield, Purdue
    ST: Dominic DeLuca, Penn State
    ST: James Kreutz, Illinois

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