2023 All-Independent College Football Team and Individual Honors

Highlighting the best from the four remaining FBS Independent teams, the All-Independent honors showcase the best we saw on the field in 2023.

The FBS Independents weren’t quite the same in 2023, left with just four programs in a unique college football season. Stemming from the lack of teams, the All-Independent Team and individual honors are a bit truncated from our usual season-ending awards.

However, that’s not to say there weren’t plenty of memorable performances from the four Independent programs in 2023.

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Independent Football Team Honors for 2023

Follow along with all of the CFN All-Conference teams all the same for individual honors from each conference: All-Americans | ACC | B1G | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC | AAC | CUSA | MAC | Mountain West | Sun Belt

  • Player of the Year
    Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame
  • Offensive Player of the Year
    Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame
  • Defensive Player of the Year
    JD Bertrand, LB, Notre Dame
  • Specialist of the Year
    Spencer Shrader, Notre Dame
  • Newcomer of the Year
    Sam Hartman, QB, Notre Dame
  • Coach of the Year
    Jeff Monken, Army

All-Independent Offense

  • Quarterback of the Year
    Sam Hartman, Notre Dame
  • Running Back of the Year
    Audric Estime, Notre Dame
  • Wide Receiver of the Year
    Anthony Simpson, UMass
  • Tight End of the Year
    Justin Joly, UConn
  • Offensive Tackle of the Year
    Joe Alt, Notre Dame
  • Offensive Guard of the Year
    Christian Haynes, UConn
  • Offensive Center of the Year
    Zeke Correll, Notre Dame
  • Offensive Lineman of the Year
    Christian Haynes, UConn
  • Offensive Line of the Year
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
    Sam Hartman, QB, Notre Dame

2023 First-Team All-Independent Offense

QB: Sam Hartman, Notre Dame
RB: Audris Estime, Notre Dame
RB: Kay’Ron Lynch-Adams, UMass
WR: Anthony Simpson, UMass
WR: Cameron Ross, UConn
WR: Chris Tyree, Notre Dame
TE: Justin Joly, UConn
FLEX: Greg Desrosiers Jr., UMass
OT: Joe Alt, Notre Dame
OG: Christian Haynes, UConn
OC: Zeke Correll, Notre Dame
OG: Marcellus Anderson, UMass
OT: Chase Lundt, UConn

2023 Second-Team All-Independent Offense

QB: Ta’Quan Roberson, UConn
RB: Camryn Edwards, UConn
RB: Victor Rosa, UConn
WR: George Johnson III, UMass
WR: Mark Pope, UMass
WR: Jaden Greathouse, Notre Dame
TE: Mitchell Evans, Notre Dame
FLEX: Bryson Daily, Army
OT: Valentin Senn, UConn
OG: Pat Coogan, Notre Dame
OC: Josh Atwood, UMass
OG: Rocco Spindler, Notre Dame
OT: Blake Fisher, Notre Dame

2023 Honorable Mention All-Independent Offense

QB: Taisun Phommachanh, UMass
RB: Kanye Udoh, Army
RB: Jeremiyah Love, Notre Dame
WR: Tobias Merriweather, Notre Dame
WR: Isaiah Alston, Army
WR: Jordan Faison, Notre Dame
TE: Gino Campiotti, UMass
FLEX: Holden Staes, Notre Dame
OT: Connor Finucane, Army
OG: Jackson Filipowicz, Army
OC: Brady Small, Army
OG: Noel Ofori-Nyadu, UConn
OT: Jonny Hassard, UMass

All-Independent Defense

  • Defensive Lineman of the Year
    Howard Cross III, DT, Notre Dame
  • EDGE Defender of the Year
    Javontae Jean-Baptiste, Notre Dame
  • Defensive Interior of the Year
    Howard Cross III, Notre Dame
  • Linebacker of the Year
    JD Bertrand, Notre Dame
  • Cornerback of the Year
    Benjamin Morrison, Notre Dame
  • Safety of the Year
    Xaiver Watts, Notre Dame
  • Defensive Line of the Year
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • Secondary of the Year
    Army Black Knights
  • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
    Mumu Bin-Wahad, CB, UConn

2023 First-Team All-Independent Defense

EDGE: Javontae Jean-Baptiste, Notre Dame
DT: Howard Cross III, Notre Dame
DT: Rylie Mills, Notre Dame
EDGE: Pryce Yates, UConn
LB: JD Bertrand, Notre Dame
LB: Marist Liufau, Notre Dame
LB: Jackson Mitchell, UConn
CB: Benjamin Morrison, Notre Dame
CB: Bo Nicolas-Paul, Army
CB: Chris Shearin, UConn
S: Xavier Watts, Notre Dame
S: Quindrelin Hammonds, Army
FLEX: Jelani Stafford, UConn

2023 Second-Team All-Independent Defense

EDGE: Eric Watts, UConn
DT: Dal’mont Gourdine, UConn
DT: Billy Wooden, UMass
EDGE: JB Brown, UMass
LB: Leo Lowin, Army
LB: Nahji Logan, Umass
LB: Jack Kiser, Notre Dame
CB: Mumu Bin-Wahad, UConn
CB: Juan Lua, UMass
CB: Cameron Jones, Army
S: MaxDiDomenico, Army
S: Clarence Lewis, Notre Dame
FLEX: Jabari Moore, Army

2023 Honorable Mention All-Independent Defense

EDGE: Nana Osafo-Mensah, Notre Dame
DT: Kyle Lewis, Army
DT: Aaron Beckwith, UMass
EDGE: Jordan Botelho, Notre Dame
LB: Noah Plack, UConn
LB: KalibFortner, Army
LB: Jerry Roberts, UMass
CB: Malcolm Bell, UConn
CB: Jodan Mahoney, UMass
CB: D’Mon Brinson, UConn
S: Ramon Henderson, Notre Dame
S: Te’Rai Powell, UMass
FLEX: Cam Hart, Notre Dame

All-Independent Special Teams

  • Kicker of the Year
    Spencer Shrader, Notre Dame
  • Punter of the Year
    George Caratan, UConn
  • Kick Returner of the Year
    Greg Desrosiers Jr., UMass
  • Punt Returner of the Year
    Chris Tyree, Notre Dame
  • Special Teamer of the Year
    Jack Kiser, Notre Dame
  • Kickoff Specialist of the Year
    Spencer Shrader, Notre Dame
  • Special Teams Newcomer of the Year
    Spencer Shrader, K, Notre Dame

2023 First-Team All-Independent Specialists

PK: Spencer Shrader, Notre Dame
KOS: Spencer Shrader, Notre Dame
P: George Caratan, UConn
KR: Greg Desrosiers Jr., UMass
PR: Chris Tyree, Notre Dame
ST: Jack Kiser, Notre Dame

2023 Second-Team All-Independent Specialists

PK: Joe McFadden, UConn
KOS: Cole Talley, Army
P: CJ Kolodziey, UMass
KR: Bryan Domino, UConn
PR: Isaac Ross, UMass
ST: Juan Lua, UMass

2023 Honorable Mention All-Independent Specialists

PK: Quinn Maretzki, Army
KOS: CJ Kolodziey, UMass
P: Cooper Allen, Army
KR: Jadarian Price, Notre Dame
PR: Cameron Jones, Army
ST: Derrieon Craig, UMass

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