2023 All-Mountain West College Football Preseason Team and Individual Honors

The Preseason 2023 All-Mountain West College Football Honors are indicitative of just how strong the MWC is on each side of the ball this fall!

Though usually known for their high-flying offenses, the 2023 Mountain West College Football Honors are headlined by defensive players as the other side of the ball has officially caught up. Still, get to know all the top players the MWC has to offer in 2023 with our annual preseason honors below.

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Preseason Mountain West Football Team Honors for 2023

  • Player of the Year
    Taylen Green, QB, Boise State
  • Offensive Player of the Year
    Taylen Green, QB, Boise State
  • Defensive Player of the Year
    Cam Lockridge, CB, Fresno State
  • Newcomer of the Year
    Harrison Waylee, RB, Wyoming
  • Coach of the Year
    Jeff Tedford, Fresno State

Preseason Mountain West Offense

  • Quarterback of the Year
    Taylen Green, Boise State
  • Running Back of the Year
    George Holani, Boise State
  • Wide Receiver of the Year
    Tory Horton, Colorado State
  • Tight End of the Year
    Treyton Welch, Wyoming
  • Offensive Lineman of the Year
    Kaleb Holcomb, OT, Air Force
  • Offensive Line of the Year
    Air Force
  • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
    Harrison Waylee, RB, Wyoming

Preseason First-Team All-Mountain West Offense

QB: Taylen Green, Boise State
RB: George Holani, Boise State
RB: Harrison Waylee, Wyoming
WR: Tory Horton, Colorado State
WR: Ricky White, UNLV
WR: Justin Lockhart, San Jose State
TE: Treyton Welch, Wyoming
FLEX: Justus Ross-Simmons, Colorado State
OT: Kaleb Holcomb, Air Force
G: Cade Bennett, San Diego State
C: Thor Paglialong, Air Force
G: Amani Trigg-Wright, UNLV
OT: Frank Crum, Wyoming

Preseason Second-Team All-Mountain West Offense

QB: Doug Brumfield, UNLV
RB: Kairee Robinson, San Jose State
RB: Vincent Davis, UNLV
WR: Latrell Caples, Boise State
WR: Raphael Williams Jr., San Diego State
WR: Stefan Cobbs, Boise State
TE: Dominick Mazotti, San Jose State
FLEX: Terrell Vaughn, Utah State
OT: Brandon Crenshaw-Dickson, San Diego State
G: Jacob Isaia, Fresno State
C: Nofoafia Tulafono, Wyoming
G: Wade Meachum, Utah State
OT: Cade Beresford, Boise State

Preseason Third-Team All-Mountain West Offense

QB: Chevan Cordeiro, San Jose State
RB: John Lee Eldridge III, Air Force
RB: Ashton Jeanty, Boise State
WR: Jaelen Gill, Fresno State
WR: Dalevon Campbell, Nevada
WR: Wyatt Wieland, Wyoming
TE: Riley Smith, Boise State
FLEX: Tylan Hines, Hawaii
OT: Jacob Spomer, Fresno State
G: Mason Randolph, Boise State
C: Eliki Tanuvasa, Hawaii
G: Jack Walsh, Wyoming
OT: J.C. Davis, New Mexico

Preseason Honorable Mention All-Mountain West Offense

QB: Mikey Keene, Fresno State
RB: Damien Moore, Fresno State
RB: Ashton Hayes, Nevada
WR: Jeremiah Hixon, New Mexico
TE: Shelton Zeon III, UNLV
TE: Mark Redman, San Diego State
OT: Tiger Shanks, UNLV
OT: Isaiah World, Nevada
G: Wesley Ndago, Air Force
C: Jacob Gardner, Colorado State
C: CJ James, New Mexico
G: Mose Vavao, Fresno State
OT: Jamie Navarro, San Jose State

Preseason Mountain West Defense

  • Defensive Lineman of the Year
    Mohamed Kamara, Colorado State
  • Linebacker of the Year
    Easton Gibbs, Wyoming
  • Cornerback of the Year
    Cam Lockridge, Fresno State
  • Safety of the Year
    Tre Jenkins, San Jose State
  • Defensive Line of the Year
  • Secondary of the Year
    San Diego State
  • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
    Sheldon Newton, DL, Boise State

Preseason First-Team All-Mountain West Defense

EDGE: Mohamed Kamara, Colorado State
EDGE: DeVonne Harris, Wyoming
DT: Peyton Zdroik, Air Force
DT: Jordan Bertagnole, Wyoming
LB: Easton Gibbs, Wyoming
LB: DJ Schramm, Boise State
LB: Levelle Baily, Fresno State
CB: Cam Lockridge, Fresno State
CB: Cameron Oliver, UNLV
CB: Dezjohn Malone, San Diego State
S: Tre Jenkins, San Jose State
S: Jack Howell, Colorado State
FLEX: Cody Moon, San Diego State

Preseason Second-Team All-Mountain West Defense

EDGE: Braden Siders, Wyoming
EDGE: Garrett Fountain, San Diego State
DT: Cole Godbout, Wyoming
DT: Hale Motu’apuaka, Utah State
LB: Shae Suiaunoa, Wyoming
LB: Alec Mock, Air Force
LB: Logan Taylor, Hawaii
CB: Jerrae Williams, UNLV
CB: Ayden Hector, Colorado State
CB: Dallas Branch, San Diego State
S: Trey Taylor, Air Force
S: Wyatt Ekeler, Wyoming
FLEX: Ike Larsen, Utah State

Preseason Third-Team All-Mountain West Defense

EDGE: Jonah Kahahawai-Welch, Hawaii
EDGE: Devo Bridges, Fresno State
DT: Gavin Meyer, Wyoming
DT: John Tuitupou, Hawaii
LB: Byrun Parham, San Jose State
LB: Drue Watts, Nevada
LB: MJ Tafisi Jr., Utah State
CB: Isaiah Essissima, Nevada
DB: Camby Goff, Air Force
CB: Cam Stone, Hawaii
S: Johnathan Baldwin, UNLV
S: Peter Manuma, Hawaii
FLEX: Cooper McDonald, San Diego State

Preseason Honorable Mention All-Mountain West Defense

EDGE: Demitri Washington, Boise State
EDGE: Bo Richter, Air Force
EDGE: Jayden Thiergood, Air Force
DT: Grady Kelly, Colorado State
DT: Johnny Hudson, Fresno State
DT: Soane Toia, San Jose State
DT: James Hansen, Nevada
LB: Malachi Langley, Fresno State
LB: Jordan Cobbs, San Jose State
CB: Morice Norris, Fresno State
CB: Chigozie Anusiem, Colorado State
CB: Donte Martin, New Mexico
CB: Kenyon Reed, San Jose State
CB: Koanohi Kaniho, Boise State
CB: Michael Mack, Air Force
S: Davaughn Celestine, San Diego State
S: D’Arco Perkins-McAllister, New Mexico
FLEX: Jaden Dedman, Nevada
FLEX: Michael Anyanwu, Utah State
FLEX: Elijah Shelton, UNLV
FLEX: Cedarious Barfield, San Diego State

Preseason Mountain West Special Teams

  • Kicker of the Year
    John Hoyland, Wyoming
  • Punter of the Year
    Jack Browning, San Diego State
  • Specialist of the Year
    Jack Browning, San Diego State

Preseason First-Team All-Mountain West Specialists

Kicker: John Hoyland, Wyoming
Kickoff Specialist: Jack Browning, San Diego State
Punter: Jack Browning, San Diego State
Kick Returner: Christian Washington, New Mexico
Punt Returner: Tory Horton, Colorado State
Special Teamer: Davone Walden Jr., UNLV

Preseason Second-Team All-Mountain West Specialists

Kicker: Jonah Dalmas, Boise State
Kickoff Specialist: Henry Katleman, Colorado State
Punter: Aaron Rodriguez, New Mexico
Kick Returner: Terrell Vaughn, Utah State
Punt Returner: Cooper Jones, Utah State
Special Teamer: Caleb Driskell, Wyoming

Preseason Third-Team All-Mountain West Specialists

Kicker: Jack Browning, San Diego State
Kickoff Specialist: Matthew Kilam, Nevada
Punter: Clayton Stewart, Wyoming
Kick Returner: Jaelen Gill, Fresno State
Punt Returner: Latrell Caples, Boise State
Special Teamer: Kosi Agina, Fresno State

Preseason Honorable Mention All-Mountain West Specialists

Kicker: Matthew Shipley, Hawaii
Kickoff Specialist: John Hoyland, Wyoming
Punter: James Ferguson-Reynolds, Boise State
Kick Returner: Isaac Jernagin, San Jose State
Punt Returner: Luke Wysong, New Mexico
Special Teamer: Mac Dalena, Fresno State

Congratulations to all those players selected. For any questions regarding these selections or the process behind them, feel free to email them to me or ask on Twitter (@CamMellor).