2023 Freshman All-American College Football Team and Individual Honors

    The CFN Freshman All-American College Football Team celebrates the very best true and redshirt freshman impact-makers in the nation.

    Making an impact as a freshman in college football takes a truly special, talented individual. The transition from high school to the collegiate game isn’t as simple as strapping on a different uniform and getting straight to it. In the 2023 college football season, however, we saw a plethora of true and redshirt freshman leave their mark in the most outstanding way.

    Introducing the College Football Network Freshman All-American College Football Team and Individual Honors.

    Freshman All-American Football Team Honors for 2023

    Follow along with all of the CFN All-Conference teams all the same for individual honors from each conference: FBS All-Americans | ACC | B1G | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC | FBS Ind. | AAC | CUSA | MAC | Mountain West | Sun Belt | HBCU All-Americans

    • Freshman Player of the Year
      Dillon Thieneman, S, Purdue
    • Freshman Offensive Player of the Year
      Kevin “KC” Concepcion, WR, North Carolina State
    • Freshman Defensive Player of the Year
      Dillon Thieneman, S, Purdue
    • Freshman Specialist of the Year Award
      Zachariah Branch, PR, USC

    Freshman All-American Offense

    • Freshman Quarterback of the Year
      Jayden Maiava, UNLV
    • Freshman Running Back of the Year
      Jalen Buckey, Western Michigan
    • Freshman Wide Receiver of the Year
      Kevin “KC” Concepcion, North Carolina State
    • Freshman Tight End of the Year
      Luke Hasz, Arkansas
    • Freshman Offensive Tackle of the Year
      Francis Mauigoa, Miami (FL)
    • Freshman Offensive Guard of the Year
      Wes King, Wyoming
    • Freshman Center of the Year
      Parker Brailsford, Washington

    Freshman All-American Offense

    QB: Jayden Maiava, UNLV
    RB: Jalen Buckley, Western Michigan
    RB: Jaheim White, West Virginia
    WR: Kevin “KC” Concepcion, North Carolina State
    WR: Eric Singleton, Georgia Tech
    WR: Nic Anderson, Oklahoma
    TE: Luke Hasz, Arkansas
    FLEX: Zachariah Branch, USC
    OT: Spencer Fano, Utah
    G: Cayden Green, Oklahoma
    C: Parker Brailsford, Washington
    G: Wes King, Wyoming
    OT: Francis Mauigoa, Miami (FL)

    Honorable Mention Freshman All-American Offense

    QB: Noah Fifita, Arizona
    QB: Anthony Colandrea, Virginia
    QB: Josh Hoover, TCU
    RB: CJ Baxter, Texas
    RB: Makhi Hughes, Tulane
    RB: Jai’Den Thomas, UNLV
    WR: Chrishon McCray, Kent State
    WR: Chris Brazzell, Tulane
    WR: Eugene Wilson, Florida
    TE: Brett Norfleet, Missouri
    TE: Arlis Boardingham, Florida
    TE: Jack Endries, Cal
    OL: Ethan MacKenny, Georgia Tech
    OL: Chase Bisontis, Texas A&M
    OL: Harris Sewell, Clemson

    Freshman All-American Defense

    • Freshman EDGE Defender of the Year
      Reuben Bain, Miami (FL)
    • Freshman Interior Defender of the Year
      Peter Woods, Clemson
    • Freshman Linebacker of the Year
      Anthony Hill Jr., Texas
    • Freshman Cornerback of the Year
      D’Angelo Ponds, James Madison
    • Freshman Safety of the Year
      Dillon Thieneman, Purdue

    Freshman All-American Defense

    EDGE: TJ Parker, Clemson
    EDGE: Reuben Bain, Miami (FL)
    DT: Peter Woods, Clemson
    DT: John Walker, UCF
    LB: Anthony Hill Jr., Texas
    LB: Suntarine Perkins, Ole Miss
    LB: Kam Robinson, Virginia
    CB: D’Angelo Ponds, James Madison
    CB: Jermaine Matthews Jr., Ohio State
    CB: Raion Strader, Miami (OH)
    S: Caleb Downs, Alabama
    S: Dillon Thieneman, Purdue
    FLEX: Cade Uluave, Cal

    Honorable Mention Freshman All-American Defense

    EDGE: Nate Johnson, Appalachian State
    EDGE: Owen Pewee, UTSA
    EDGE: Cameron Lenhardt, Nebraska
    DT: Anthony Holmes, Houston
    DT: Keanu Tanuvasa, Utah
    DT: Paul Oyewale, TCU
    LB: Taurean York, Texas A&M
    LB: Ben Roberts, Texas Tech
    LB: Jordan Hall, Michigan State
    CB: Daiquan White, Eastern Michigan
    CB: Jaylon Braxton, Arkansas
    CB: Jermod McCoy, Oregon State
    S: Peyton Bowen, Oklahoma
    S: Jordan Castell, Florida
    S: Cameron Epps, Oklahoma State

    Freshman All-American Special Teams

    • Freshman Kicker of the Year
      Alex McPherson, Auburn
    • Freshman Punter of the Year
      Ryan Eckley, Michigan State
    • Freshman Specialist of the Year
      Zachariah Branch, PR, USC

    Kicker: Alex McPherson, Auburn
    Kickoff Specialist: Robert Gunn III, Clemson
    Punter: Ryan Eckley, Michigan State
    Kick Returner: DeAndre Buchannon, Georgia Southern
    Punt Returner: Zachariah Branch, USC
    Long Snapper:
    Brett Le Blanc, Missouri

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