“I’m Really Excited To Be in That Game” — Devin Brown Leads Ohio State Players Guessing Their EA Sports College Football 25 Rating

    Ohio State players -- including Devin Brown and Jeremiah Smith -- guessed their EA Sports College Football 25 ratings, with surprising results.

    It’s not just fans who are excited for the return of college football gaming. Players across the country — over 10,000 in all — have opted into the new EA Sports College Football 25 video game, and as some teams have already shown, the excitement goes beyond a simple eagerness to play the game.

    For some Ohio State Buckeyes players, the most excitement lies in their future ratings. Quarterback Devin Brown was especially giddy to get in on the action, and led his team in guessing their EA Sports College Football 25 player ratings.

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    Devin Brown Leads Ohio State Players Guessing Their EA Sports College Football 25 Rating

    Ohio State Football’s official Twitter/X account shared a video Wednesday afternoon of the players guessing their overall player rating on the upcoming game, which will be available on PlayStation 5 and the XBox Series X this summer.

    Several of the players gave honest assessments of their talent levels, while others jokingly inflated their own stats.

    “It doesn’t matter what my rating is, I’m boosting it to a 99,” quipped senior linebacker Cody Simon.

    Some players took to guessing individual attributes of their games.

    “Probably like a 75-80,” admitted senior receiver Jayden Ballard. “But 99 speed.”

    Senior defensive tackle Tyleik Williams gave himself some high praise, but also took a funny shot at himself in the process.

    “A 93,” Williams guessed. “93. Acceleration, 90. Stamina, 60.”

    Star offensive tackle Donovan Jackson actually revised his answer, initially giving himself an 87 overall rating before changing his answer to a 94.

    The most interesting part may have been when freshman sensation Jeremiah Smith was asked. The consensus No. 1 player in the 2024 class shyly gave himself a 70 while a host of other receivers and defensive backs yelled, “99” in the background.

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    The video concludes with quarterback Devin Brown, who is in a four-way battle for the starting job, giving himself “at least an 88” before asking for confirmation from fifth-year senior tight end Gee Scott Jr., who gave Brown an “89 or 90”.

    The video highlights the excitement from around the game and gives insight into what the players believe about themselves and their teammates. In the grand scheme of college football, it’s not that important, but the excitement around EA Sports College Football 25 is only continuing to build.

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