The Nick Saban Trickle Down Effect: Coast to Coast From Kalen DeBoer to Ken Niumatalolo

    From San Jose State to Buffalo to Miami, the trickle-down effect from Nick Saban's retirement has been felt by dozens of programs in less than two weeks.

    Like the NFL, college football never sleeps. On the afternoon of January 10, 2024, college football was rocked when legendary head coach Nick Saban retired as the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    What ensued following Saban’s retirement was nothing short of a Hollywood movie.

    Alabama’s Path Following Nick Saban’s Retirement

    Tracking the trickle-down effect following Saban’s retirement has been no easy task. It set in motion more movement than any one person could have ever imagined.

    In order to fully understand the ramifications of Saban’s retirement, we here at CFN had to break it down by personnel type. Those buckets went as follows: coaches, players entering the transfer portal, players exiting the transfer portal.

    Here’s how all the movement went following Saban’s retirement from Alabama.

    Coaching Carousel Heats Up Following Saban’s Retirement

    January 10, 2024Nick Saban retires from Alabama

    January 11, 2024 – Oregon HC Dan Lanning, Florida State HC Mike Norvell, and Texas HC Steve Sarkisian all receive raises after their inclusion in rumors to head to Tuscaloosa

    January 12, 2024 – Former Washington HC Kalen DeBoer is hired at Alabama.

    January 14, 2024 – Former Arizona HC Jedd Fisch is hired at Washington.

    January 16, 2024 – Former San Jose State HC Brent Brennan is hired at Arizona. Former South Alabama head coach Kane Wommack was hired as DeBoer’s defensive coordinator at Alabama.

    January 17, 2024 – Former Buffalo head coach Maurice Linguist resigns from Buffalo to join DeBoer’s staff at Alabama.

    January 20, 2024 – Major Applewhite was promoted to head coach at South Alabama.

    January 21, 2024 – Former Navy HC Ken Niumatalolo is hired at San Jose State. Former South Carolina ST Coordinator Pete Lembo was hired as head coach at Buffalo.

    Transfer Portal Goes Bananas Following Saban’s Retirement

    January 10, 2024 – Alabama WR Isaiah Bond enters the portal while Washington players CB Jakson Berman, TE Griffin Waiss, CB Jaivion Green, and LB Austin Harnetiaux also enter.

    January 12, 2024 – Alabama CB Shawn Murphy enters portal; Isaiah Bond commits to Texas. Washington players CB Jabbar Muhammad, S Mishael Powell, QB William Haskell, QB Will Rogers, LB Ethan Barr, and S Asa Turner enter the portal.

    January 13, 2024 – Alabama CB Dezz Ricks and S Antonio Kite enter portal; Shawn Murphy commits to Florida State.

    MORE: Alabama Crimson Tide Transfer Portal Report Card

    January 14, 2024 – Alabama TE Amari Niblack and Washington players QB Austin Mack, iOL Nate Kalepo, and CB Dyson McCutcheon enter the portal. Jaivion Green commits to Stanford.

    January 15, 2024 – Washington WR Germie Bernard enters the portal. Arizona players RB Jonah Coleman and QB Brayden Dorman enter the portal.

    January 16, 2024 – Alabama CB Trey Amos enters the portal. Mishael Powell commits to Miami (FL). Former Nebraska QB Chubba Purdy flips commitment from San Jose State to Nevada.

    January 17, 2024 – Alabama S Caleb Downs and OT Kadyn Proctor enter portal; Dezz Ricks commits to Texas A&M. Washington players QB Alex Johnson, iOL Parker Brailsford, S Vincent Holmes, iOL Julius Buelow, and iOL Geirean Hatchett enter the portal. Arizona players CB Ephesians Prysock, TE Keyan Burnett, RB Adam Mohammed, WR Audric Harris, QB Demond Williams, and TE Dorian Thomas enter the portal. Dyson McCutcheon withdraws his name, returns to Washington. San Jose State LB Justin Eklund enters the portal.

    January 18, 2024 – Alabama WR Jameer Grimsley enters portal; Antonio Kite commits to Auburn, Amari Niblack to Texas, and Grimsley to Florida. Washington iOL Landen Hatchett joins his brother in the portal. Arizona players CB Jordan Shaw and OT Raymond Pulido enter the portal. South Alabama LB Khalil Jacobs enters the portal.

    January 19, 2024 – Alabama QB Julian Sayin enters portal; Trey Amos commits to Ole Miss. Washington RB Tybo Rogers enters the portal. Arizona players DL Tiaoalii Savea and LB Anthony Ward enter the portal. Ethan Barr commits to UCF. Austin Mack transfers to Alabama. South Alabama iOL James Robinson enters the portal.

    January 20, 2024 – Kadyn Proctor commits to Iowa.

    January 21, 2024 – Caleb Downs and Julian Sayin commit to Ohio State. Washington athlete Peyton Waters enters the portal. Former Washington players Germie Bernard and Parker Brailsford transfer to Alabama. Former Arizona players RB Jonah Coleman, RB Adam Mohammed, QB Demond Williams, and CB Jordan Shaw transfer to Washington. Eklund commits to Bowling Green. Former Indiana CB Jordan Shaw honors commitment to Fisch, flips commitment from Arizona to Washington.

    January 22, 2024 – Washington QB Dermaricus Davis enters the portal. Dorian Thomas and Keyan Burnett withdraw their name from the portal, return to Arizona. San Jose State players RB Quali Conley and LB Bryun Parham enter the portal.

    Team-By-Team Changes Post-Saban

    With that much movement, it’s easier to visualize what each team will look like following Saban’s retirement.

    Alabama Crimson Tide

    Head Coach: Kalen DeBoer

    Co-Defensive Coordinator: Kane Wommack

    Co-Defensive Coordinator: Maurice Linguist

    Players Lost:

    Julian Sayin, QB
    Jameer Grimsley, WR
    Kadyn Proctor, OT
    Caleb Downs, S
    Trey Amos, CB
    Amari Niblack, TE
    Antonio Kite, CB
    Dezz Ricks, CB
    Shawn Murphy, LB
    Isaiah Bond, WR

    Players Gained:

    Parker Brailsford, iOL (Washington)
    Germie Bernard, WR (Washington)
    Austin Mack, QB (Washington)

    Washington Huskies

    Head Coach: Jedd Fisch

    Players Lost:

    Dermaricus Davis, QB
    Peyton Waters, ATH
    Tybo Rogers, RB
    Landen Hatchett, iOL
    Alex Johnson, QB
    Parker Brailsford, iOL
    Vincent Holmes, S
    Julius Buelow, iOL
    Geirean Hatchett, iOL
    Germie Bernard, WR
    Austin Mack, QB
    Nate Kalepo, iOL
    Dyson McCutcheon, CB
    Jabbar Muhammad, CB
    Mishael Powell, S
    William Haskell, QB
    Will Rogers, QB
    Ethan Barr, LB
    Asa Turner, S
    Jakson Berman, CB
    Griffin Waiss, TE
    Jaivion Green, CB
    Austin Harnetiaux, LB

    Players Gained:

    Jordan Shaw, CB (Arizona)
    Demond Williams, QB (Arizona)
    Adam Mohammed, RB (Arizona)
    Jonah Coleman, RB (Arizona)
    Dyson McCutcheon, CB (Washington, withdrew))
    Jordan Shaw, CB (Indiana)

    Arizona Wildcats

    Head Coach: Brent Brennan

    Players Lost:

    Anthony Ward, LB
    Tiaoalii Savea, DL
    Raymond Pulido, OT
    Jordan Shaw, CB
    Demond Williams, QB
    Audric Harris, WR
    Adam Mohammed RB
    Ephesians Prysock, CB
    Brayden Dorman, QB
    Jonah Coleman, RB

    Players Gained:

    Dorian Thomas, TE (Arizona, withdrew)
    Keyan Burnett, TE (Arizona, withdrew)

    San Jose State Spartans

    Head Coach: Ken Niumatalolo

    Players Lost:

    Bryun Parham, LB
    Quali Conley, RB
    Justin Eklund, LB

    Players Gained:

    South Alabama Jaguars

    Head Coach: Major Applewhite

    Players Lost:

    James Robinson, iOL
    Khalil Jacobs, LB

    Players Gained: tbd

    Buffalo Bulls

    Head Coach: Pete Lembo

    Players Lost: n/a

    Players Gained: tbd

    Auburn Tigers

    Players Gained: Antonio Kite, CB (Alabama)

    Bowling Green Falcons

    Players Gained: Justin Eklund, LB (San Jose State)

    Florida Gators

    Players Gained: Jameer Grimsley, WR (Alabama)

    Florida State Seminoles

    Players Gained: Shawn Murphy, LB (Alabama)

    Iowa Hawkeyes

    Players Gained: Kadyn Proctor, OT (Alabama)

    Miami Hurricanes

    Players Gained: Mishael Powell, S (Washington)

    Ohio State Buckeyes

    Players Gained: Julian Sayin, QB (Alabama); Caleb Downs, S (Alabama)

    Ole Miss Rebels

    Players Gained: Trey Amos, CB (Alabama)

    Stanford Cardinal

    Players Gained: Jaivion Green, CB (Washington)

    Texas Longhorns

    Players Gained: Isaiah Bond, WR (Alabama); Amari Niblack, TE (Alabama)

    Texas A&M Aggies

    Players Gained: Dezz Ricks, CB (Alabama)

    UCF Knights

    Players Gained: Ethan Barr, LB (Washington)

    This story is ongoing and we will continue to update the movement from all across the country as any one of the dozens of athletes actively in the portal commit to transfer.

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