EA Sports College Football 25 Teams: Notre Dame Latest Program To Officially Be “In The Game”

    Fans are hyped to finally play EA Sports College Football 25, but will Notre Dame be one of the officially licensed teams you can play with?

    EA Sports College Football 25 has the football world hyped for its release this summer, and teams are slowly declaring their participation in the biggest sporting game of the year.

    Many teams have been speculated to be involved in the game, with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish being the latest to declare their intent.

    Will Notre Dame Be in EA Sports College Football 25?

    EA Sports College Football 25 released a teaser trailer on February 15. Hyping up fans across the country. Fans have been dreaming about the relaunching of the game, taking over their favorite teams, and leading them to a national title.

    Good news came for fans of Notre Dame on February 20 when they officially announced their participation in the game.

    A joint announcement from Notre Dame University President Jack Swarbrick and Director of Athletics James E. Rohr stated that the Fighting Irish will be in EA Sports College Football 25.

    The announcement was widely expected after the blue and gold featured in the promotional teaser trailer, along with several other teams.

    “After nearly two years of work with EA Sports, we’re proud to announce that our fans around the world will be able to play as the Fighting Irish in the upcoming College Football franchise,” The statement read.

    “The work that EA Sports is doing to provide over 11,000 college student-athletes opportunities to benefit directly from their name, image and likeness is a first-of-its-kind undertaking and we’re proud to have been involved in this process.”

    The announcement isn’t a surprise. As one of the biggest football programs in the country, not having Notre Dame players included would have been a massive blow for EA.

    However, while their inclusion is confirmed, the Fighting Irish haven’t always been so forthright in their intentions to participate.

    In 2021, when the relaunch of EA Sports College Football 25 was revealed, Notre Dame’s involvement was questionable as they wanted reassurance over NIL rules before announcing that they would participate in the game.

    The statement said that the Fighting Irish had a “strong desire” to be a part of the game, they wanted “student-athletes [to] be allowed to benefit directly.”

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    However, with players now legally able to benefit from the new name, image, and likeness rules, it is confirmed that Notre Dame will be in the game that is due to be released this summer.

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