Georgia, Ohio State Amongst Confirmed Teams for EA Sports College Football Game

    EA Sports finally teased a glimpse of the upcoming college football video game, and we saw a handful of teams included in the video.

    One of the most highly anticipated games is nearly back. EA Sports College Football game used to be one of the best video games for sports fans to play, and now its return is becoming more of reality.

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    EA Sports First Reveal

    There’s been plenty of doubt surrounding the game and for good reasons. It’s been a couple of years full of questions and wonder about the return of the game.

    EA Sports didn’t exactly ease any of those concerns, but it appears they put their efforts towards the release. Finally, they gave fans a taste of what’s to come this summer.

    On Feb. 15, a brief trailer was published about the game’s upcoming release. While there wasn’t a ton of new information provided, we did get a glimpse of the teams that will be in the game. From jerseys to stadiums, we got an initial look at certain teams in the future game.

    So who’s in it? Let’s break it down.

    Teams Participating in the EA Sports Game

    The released trailer took place in the Rose Bowl, a historical site for college football. There were also various clips placed in the video that allowed us to see bits and pieces of the teams participating and what they might look like in the game.

    Initially, there were video clips played of Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, UCLA, and USC. Mascot pictures were also included for Purdue, Virginia, Oregon, Georgia, and Texas. While they weren’t live clips or images from the game, all of those schools are expected to be in the game.

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    EA Sports then teased some early looks of what certain schools would look like in gameplay. While the graphics weren’t completely finished, you could still tell which school was being represented.

    Teams that were included in the early looks included:

    • Penn State
    • Oklahoma
    • Tennessee
    • Florida
    • Notre Dame
    • Alabama
    • Michigan State
    • Nebraska
    • Michigan
    • Texas A&M
    • Florida
    • Georgia

    It’s not an official confirmation, but it’s enough to get fans excited.

    There weren’t any Group of Five schools included in the clip, but we should see more teams confirm their involvement as the release date nears.

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