EA Sports College Football 25 Cover: Minnesota Safety Tyler Nubin Weighs in on Cover Athlete Debate

    Who should be the cover athlete of EA Sports College Football 25 has divided opinions. However, Tyler Nubin has a clear idea of who it should be.

    EA Sports College Football 25 is the most anticipated video game of 2024 and possibly the most hyped football game ever. Speculation over who should be its cover athlete has grown in recent weeks, and Minnesota Golden Gophers safety Tyler Nubin has chimed in with his opinion.

    Who Does Tyler Nubin Believe Should Be on the Cover of EA Sports College Football 25?

    Nubin has been one of the top safeties in college football in his five seasons with the Golden Gophers, playing in 55 games.

    The Minnesota DB made a reputation for being a playmaker on the football field, setting a program record of 13 interceptions in his college career, including five in 2023. The formidable safety was also named to CFN’s 2023 First-Team All-Big Ten Team.

    He leaves the Twin Cities as a premium prospect heading to the NFL and has made his way to Indianapolis to partake in the 2024 NFL Combine.

    Speaking to the media at the 2024 NFL Combine, where Nubin will be looking to impress in front of NFL scouts, he was asked who should be on the cover of the new college football video game.

    “I think the last Heisman winner should be on the cover,” Nubin told media in Indianapolis.

    It seems the former Minnesota safety is a traditionalist, as — while it wasn’t mandatory — the Heisman winner from the previous year was often the chosen student-athlete on the cover in the game’s former annual release.

    Plus, if the video game had continued to be released following 2014, Heisman Trophy winners such as Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, and Caleb Williams would have certainly been on the cover.

    The most recent Heisman Trophy winner is Jayden Daniels, who won the award after an outstanding year with the LSU Tigers. The Baton-Rouge product completed 236 of his 327 passes, for 3,812 passing yards and 40 touchdowns. The dual-threat QB also rushed for 1,134 yards, and 10 touchdowns.

    Daniels would be a popular selection as the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and feels like a realistic choice for the prized cover.

    Whoever becomes the cover star, EA Sports College Football 25 will be a compulsive purchase for football lovers, including Nubin, who admitted he is also excited for the game to officially launch.

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    “I’ve been waiting on this game since 2014,” Nubin shared at the podium at the 2024 NFL Combine. Many fans will agree. The last version of the game was released in 2013, and fans have had to wait over a decade to get their hands on the latest edition.

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