2023 All-AAC College Football Preseason Team and Individual Honors

The American Athletic Conference has a new look in 2023, but the Preseason 2023 All-AAC College Football Honors indicate just how strong they'll be this fall.

The American Athletic Conference welcomes in a handful of new teams as others found their way out this offseason. In the new-look AAC, the top players and units ahead of the 2023 season look as strong as ever. Introducing our Preseason 2023 All-AAC College Football Honors.

Follow along with each of our All-Conference honors as well as our National Honors this offseason: All-AmericansAAC | ACC | B1G | Big 12 | Conference USA | MAC |Mountain West | Pac-12 | SEC | Sun BeltFBS Independent

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Preseason AAC Football Team Honors for 2023

  • Player of the Year
    Frank Harris, QB, UTSA
  • Offensive Player of the Year
    Joshua Cephus, WR, UTSA
  • Defensive Player of the Year
    Layton Jordan, EDGE, Temple
  • Newcomer of the Year
    Blake Watson, RB, Memphis
  • Coach of the Year
    Jeff Traylor, UTSA

Preseason AAC Offense

  • Quarterback of the Year
    Frank Harris, UTSA
  • Running Back of the Year
    Jermaine Brown Jr., UAB
  • Wide Receiver of the Year
    Joshua Cephus, UTSA
  • Tight End of the Year
    Oscar Cardenas, UTSA
  • Offensive Lineman of the Year
    Sincere Haynesworth, C, Tulane
  • Offensive Line of the Year
  • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
    Blake Watson, RB, Memphis

Preseason First-Team All-AAC Offense

QB: Frank Harris, UTSA
RB: Jermaine Brown Jr., UAB
RB: Kevorian Barnes, UTSA
WR: De’Corian Clark, UTSA
WR: Joshua Cephus, UTSA
WR: Dante Wright, Temple
TE: Oscar Cardenas, UTSA
FLEX: Jaylan Knighton, SMU
OT: Marcus Bryant, SMU
G: Gabe Blair, North Texas
C: Sincere Haynesworth, Tulane
G: Justin Osborne, SMU
OT: Rashad Green, Tulane

Preseason Second-Team All-AAC Offense

QB: Michael Pratt, Tulane
RB: Blake Watson, Memphis
RB: Ayo Adeyi, North Texas
WR: Jha’Quan Jackson, Tulane
WR: Roderic Burns, North Texas
WR: Tauskie Dove, Memphis
TE: RJ Maryland, SMU
FLEX: Daba Fofana, Navy
OT: Donovan Jennings, USF
G: Prince Pines, Tulane
C: Jacob Likes, Memphis
G: Davion Carter, Memphis
OT: Makai Hart, UTSA

Preseason Third-Team All-AAC Offense

QB: E.J. Warner, Temple
RB: Shaadie Clayton-Johnson, Tulane
RB: Edward Saydee, Temple
WR: Luke McCaffrey, Rice
WR: Demeer Blankumsee, Memphis
WR: Amad Anderson Jr., Temple
TE: David Martin-Robinson, Temple
FLEX: LaJohntay Webster, FAU
OT: Clay Servin, Rice
G: Terrell Haynes, UTSA
C: Brady Wilson, UAB
G: Ethan Onianwa, Rice
OT: Hyrin White, SMU

Preseason Honorable Mention All-AAC Offense

QB: Seth Henigan, Memphis
RB: Ikaika Ragsdale, North Texas
RB: Larry McCammon III, FAU
RB: Tyler Lavine, SMU
RB: Jevyon Ducker, Memphis
WR: Key’Shawn Smith, SMU
WR: Jordan Kerley, SMU
WR: Jordan Smart, North Texas
TE: Jack Bradley, Rice
TE: Jordan Smith, Temple
FLEX: Shedro Louis, Tulane
FLEX: Shadrick Byrd, Charlotte
OT: Chaz Neal, FAU
OT: Febechi Nwaiwu, North Texas
G: Isaiah Foote, East Carolina
C: Lirion Murtezi, Navy
C: Jakai Clark, SMU
G: Richard Rodriguez, Temple
OT: Cameron Wire, Tulane

Preseason AAC Defense

  • Defensive Lineman of the Year
    Layton Jordan, EDGE, Temple
  • Linebacker of the Year
    Trey Moore, UTSA
  • Cornerback of the Year
    Ridge Texada, North Texas
  • Safety of the Year
    Rashad Wisdom, UTSA
  • Defensive Line of the Year
  • Secondary of the Year
  • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
    BJ Davis, LB, East Carolina

Preseason First-Team All-AAC Defense

EDGE: Layton Jordan, Temple
EDGE: Darius Hodges, Tulane
DT: Patrick Jenkins, Tulane
DT: Elijah Chatman, SMU
LB: Jordan Magee, Temple
LB: Jamal Ligon, UTSA
LB: BJ Davis, East Carolina
CB: Ridge Texada, North Texas
CB: Jarius Monroe, Tulane
DB: Gabriel Taylor, Rice
S: Rashad Wisdom, UTSA
S: Kam Pedescleaux, Tulane
FLEX: Trey Moore, UTSA

Preseason Second-Team All-AAC Defense

EDGE: Eyabi Okie, Charlotte
EDGE: Mazin Richards, North Texas
DT: DeVere Levelston, SMU
DT: Fish McWilliams, UAB
LB: Josh Pearcy, Rice
LB: Tyler Grubbs, Tulane
LB: Colin Ramos, Navy
CB: Nicktroy Fortune, UTSA
CB: Mac McWilliams, UAB
CB: Jalen McMurray, Temple
S: Kendarian Ray, Tulsa
S: Julius Wood, East Carolina
FLEX: Ahmad Walker, SMU

Preseason Third-Team All-AAC Defense

EDGE: Jacob Busic, Navy
EDGE: Jaylon Allen, Memphis
DT: Evan Anderson, FAU
DT: Brandon Brown, UTSA
LB: Myron Morrison, Rice
LB: Xavier McDonald, Navy
LB: Geoffrey Cantin-Arku, Memphis
CB: Charles Woods, SMU
CB: Lance Robinson, Tulane
DB: Aamaris Brown, USF
S: Logan Wilson, North Texas
S: Kelechi Nwachuku, UTSA
FLEX: Keondre Swoopes, UAB

Preseason Honorable Mention All-AAC Defense

EDGE: Jeremy Lewis, East Carolina
EDGE: Michael Fairbanks II, UAB
DT: Nick Booker-Brown, UTSA
DT: Roderick Brown, North Texas
DT: Trumane Bell II, UTSA
DT: Donald Berniard Jr., Navy
LB: Prince Bemah, Charlotte
LB: Yvandy Rigby, Temple
LB: DJ Gordon IV, USF
CB: Smoke Mungin, FAU
CB: Sean Fresch, Rice
CB: Jordan Dunbar, Rice
CB: Elijah Clark, Temple
DB: Davion Ross, Memphis
S: Simeon Blair, Memphis
S: Armani-Eli Adams, FAU
FLEX: Cormontae Hamilton, Memphis

Preseason AAC Special Teams

  • Kicker of the Year
    Collin Rogers, SMU
  • Punter of the Year
    Lucas Dean, UTSA
  • Specialist of the Year
    Lawrence Keys III, Tulane

Preseason First-Team All-AAC Specialists

Kicker: Collin Rogers, SMU
Kickoff Specialist: Tim Horn, Rice
Punter: Lucas Dean, UTSA
Kick Returner: Lawrence Keys III, Tulane
Punt Returner: Jha’Quan Jackson, Tulane
Special Teamer: Devon King, East Carolina

Preseason Second-Team All-AAC Specialists

Kicker: Matt Quinn, UAB
Kickoff Specialist: Brendan Farrell, USF
Punter: Casey Glover, Tulane
Kick Returner: Kaylon Horton, North Texas
Punt Returner: LaJohntay Webster, FAU
Special Teamer: Andrew Awe, Rice

Preseason Third-Team All-AAC Specialists

Kicker: Valentino Ambrosio, Tulane
Kickoff Specialist: Noah Rauschenberg, North Texas
Punter: Riley Riethman, Navy
Kick Returner: Jermaine Brown Jr., UAB
Punt Returner: Amin Hassan, Navy
Special Teamer: Kyle Jacob, Navy

Preseason Honorable Mention All-AAC Specialists

Kicker: Camden Price, Temple
Kickoff Specialist: Casey Glover Tulane
Punter: Ryan Bujcevski SMU
Kick Returner: Shadrick Byrd, Charlotte
Kick Returner: Chris Carpenter, UTSA
Punt Returner: Jaylen Johnson, East Carolina
Special Teamer: Mike Edwards III, East Carolina

Congratulations to all those players selected. For any questions regarding these selections or the process behind them, feel free to email them to me or ask on Twitter (@CamMellor).