Who Is Ryan Grubb? Get To Know Kalen DeBoer’s Offensive Coordinator

    The more you uncover about Ryan Grubb's success, the more you understand why Grubb's offenses are so difficult for defenses to figure out.

    Creative offensive minds are difficult to come by, so when a head coach finds one, he typically does everything he can to keep him. That’s the case with Kalen DeBoer and his right-hand man Ryan Grubb.

    The two have been inseparable at DeBoer’s head coaching stops and according to reports, that won’t change anytime soon as Grubb is set to follow DeBoer to Alabama.

    Ryan Grubb Set To Follow Kalen DeBoer to Alabama

    College Football Network has written extensively about Kalen DeBoer and his unprecedented coaching success. Dating back to their time together at NAIA Sioux Falls, Grubb has been there for much of DeBoer’s success.

    Grubb got his start at Iowa’s Kingsley-Pierson High School in 2003 as the offensive coordinator, quickly moving into the college ranks at South Dakota State. In 2007, DeBoer hired him as the offensive line coach and run game coordinator.

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    Grubb and DeBoer parted ways when DeBoer moved to FCS Southern Illinois as offensive coordinator while Grubb stayed at Sioux Falls as the offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach and primary play caller. Each served in his respective role from 2010 to 2013.

    Then DeBoer moved into the FBS ranks, taking over as offensive coordinator at Eastern Michigan. He hired Grubb as offensive line coach and the two have been together nearly every year since.

    Grubb followed DeBoer to Fresno State in 2018 to coach offensive line while DeBoer called plays as the offensive coordinator. As DeBoer moved up the ranks, so did Grubb, actually replacing DeBoer when the latter moved from Fresno State to Indiana in 2019.

    DeBoer returned to Fresno State in 2020 to become head coach and retained Grubb, keeping his “associate head coach” title and moving him to quarterbacks for the first time in their working relationship.

    DeBoer continued to have success behind potent offenses and when offered the Washington job, immediately recruited Grubb to follow him.

    Under Grubb, Washington finished first and second in passing offense in 2022 and 2023, respectively. The Huskies averaged 36 points a game in 2023.

    Now, unsurprisingly, DeBoer has reportedly tabbed Grubb as his new offensive coordinator at Alabama. Grubb is sure to bring an uptempo, pass-heavy approach to the Crimson Tide, a team already loaded with offensive talent.

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    DeBoer gets most of the acclaim, but Grubb has been present at nearly every stop. Great coaches need a right hand man and Ryan Grubb is—and will continue to be—that guy for DeBoer at Alabama.

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