Sam Hartman on EA Sports College Football 25: “I Wanted a Piece of That”

    Sam Hartman wants in on the release of EA Sports College Football 25. He had some creative ideas for the team at EA Sports to do so.

    The return of EA Sports College Football game has many excited. From fans to players and everyone in between, the summer release of EA Sports College Football 25 is easily one of the most anticipated games in sports video game history.

    Despite the excitement, one overlooked aspect is the fact that some players who spent quite a bit in college will be excluded from the game by a mere matter of months.

    “I’m Pissed” — Sam Hartman Shares Thoughts on EA Sports College Football 25

    Said in jest, Sam Hartman didn’t hold back on his feelings of not being included in the re-release of EA Sports’ college football video game offering.

    “I’m just pissed because I spent six years in college, and I didn’t get a piece of that,” Hartman told reporters at the NFL Combine on Friday. “Come on.”

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    Hartman, who spent five seasons at Wake Forest before transferring to Notre Dame for his final season of college eligibility mentioned half-jokingly about his reasoning for transferring to the Fighting Irish.

    “That was the only reason I went back to Notre Dame,” Hartman said. “It was just to get on EA and put on the Gold helmet.”

    EA Sports College Football 25 has officially reached a fever pitch for excitement. Hartman is at the Combine expecting to be asked questions about his on-field success, his transition to the NFL, and other Combine-related questions.

    Yet, there Hartman was, on the podium asked about what his thoughts on the college video game were. One of the best quarterbacks in recent history and one etched into college football record books, Hartman didn’t hold back on wanting his name to be in the game.

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    “I hope they make some type of legacy something, or a washed up college quarterback deal,” Hartman said, half joking. “An old-timer league, or instead of mascots, they put just old quarterbacks.”

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