Projected 2024 Alabama Crimson Tide Depth Chart

    It's a new era of football in Tuscaloosa and the projected 2024 Alabama Crimson Tide Depth Chart shows just how different things are set to be this fall.

    It’s a new era of Alabama Crimson Tide Football and the 2024 projected depth chart is the best place to look at what should be called humble new beginnings in Tuscaloosa. The Crimson Tide are replacing a ton of talent both on the field and on the sidelines this fall.

    Projecting their starters across every position is certainly a fluid task set to last all offseason long.

    Alabama Crimson Tide Football: Projected Depth Chart

    This all started, of course, when Nick Saban announced his retirement. After the trickle-down effect that has become Saban’s retiring, we’re left with smoldering ashes of what once was an intact Alabama roster.

    After the portal has decimated most of the returning talent that the NFL Draft didn’t poach, ‘Bama is left wondering what will make of their 2024 season.

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    One thing is certain for the time being, at least, and that’s Jalen Milroe at quarterback. One of the favorites to land the Heisman Trophy next fall, Milroe will have an almost unrecognizable unit in front of him.

    Using last year’s depth chart as a starting point, subtracting players lost to the NFL Draft and the transfer portal, this is what we’re left with.

    Alabama Depth Chart: Offense


    • Jalen Milroe, R-Jr.
    • Ty Simpson, R-So.
    • Austin Mack, R-Fr.

    Running Back

    • Justice Haynes, R-Fr.

    Wide Receiver

    • Germie Bernard, So.
    • Jalen Hale, R-Fr.

    Wide Receiver

    • Kendrick Law, Jr.
    • Emmanuel Henderson Jr., R-So.

    Wide Receiver

    • Kobe Prentice, Jr.
    • Cole Adams, R-Fr.

    Tight End

    • Robbie Ouzts, Sr.

    Left Tackle

    • Elijah Pritchett, R-So.

    Left Guard

    • Tyler Booker, Jr.


    • Darrian Dalcourt, Gr.
    • James Brockermeyer, R-Jr.

    Right Guard

    • Parker Brailsford, So.
    • Jaeden Roberts, R-Jr.

    Right Tackle

    • Miles McVay, So.
    • Naquil Bertrand, R-Fr.

    Alabama Depth Chart: Defense

    Defensive End

    • Jah-Marien Latham, R-Sr.
    • Monkell Goodwine, R-Jr.

    Defensive Tackle

    • Tim Keenan III, R-Jr.
    • Damon Payne Jr., R-Jr.

    Defensive Tackle

    • Jaheim Oatis, Jr.
    • James Smith, So.

    Jack Linebacker

    • LT Overton, So.
    • Jeremiah Alexander, R-So.
    • Keanu Koht, R-Jr.

    Inside Linebacker

    • Deontae Lawson, R-Jr.
    • Jihaad Campbell, Jr.

    Inside Linebacker

    • Trezmen Marshall, R-So.
    • Justin Jefferson, Sr.

    Strongside Linebacker

    • Quandarrius Robinson, Sr.
    • Keon Keeley, R-Fr.


    • Jahlil Hurley, R-Fr.


    • Domani Jackson, So.


    • DeVonta Smith, Sr.
    • Bray Hubbard, R-Fr.


    • tbd


    • Tony Mitchell, R-Fr.

    Alabama Depth Chart: Special Teams


    • James Burnip, R-Sr.


    • Conor Talty, R-Fr.


    • Kneeland Hibbert, Sr.

    Kick Returner

    • tbd

    Punt Returner

    • tbd


    • James Burnip, R-Sr.

    Alabama Crimson Tide Transfer Portal Departures

    The following players have entered the transfer portal from Alabama.

    • Julian Sayin, QB
    • Jameer Grimsley, WR
    • Kadyn Proctor, OT
    • Caleb Downs, S
    • Trey Amos, CB
    • Amari Niblack, TE
    • Antonio Kite, CB
    • Dezz Ricks, CB
    • Shawn Murphy, LB
    • Isaiah Bond, WR
    • Kendrick Blackshire, LB
    • Jake Pope, S
    • Roydell Williams, RB
    • Hayden Neighbors, WR
    • Jax Porter, TE
    • Ian Jackson, LB
    • Terrence Ferguson, iOL
    • Seth McLaughlin, iOL
    • Shazz Preston, WR
    • Monkell Goodwine, DL
    • Earl Little Jr., CB
    • Kristian Story, CB
    • Eli Holstein, QB
    • Malik Benson, WR
    • Miles Kitselman, TE
    • Anquin Barnes, DL
    • Isaiah Hastings, DL
    • Ja’Corey Brooks, WR
    • Tyler Buchner, QB
    • Thaiu Jones-Bell, WR

    Alabama Crimson Tide Transfer Portal Arrivals

    The following players have committed to transfer or signed their NLI to play for Alabama in 2024.

    • Parker Brailsford, iOL (Washington)
    • Germie Bernard, WR (Washington)
    • Austin Mack, QB (Washington)
    • Naquil Bertrand, OT (Texas A&M)
    • Domani Jackson, CB (USC)
    • LT Overton, DL (Texas A&M)

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