P.J. Fleck’s Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

One of the most polarizing coaches in college football, P.J. Fleck gives Minnesota a contract worthy every dollar.

One of the most polarizing coaches in college football revived the winning culture for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, and he’s been worth every penny. P.J. Fleck came to Minnesota with a vision, and he’s earned multiple extensions after his original contract in 2017. We look at the details of his current deal today.

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P.J. Fleck’s Salary and Contract in 2023

Originally, P.J. Fleck signed a five-year, $18.5 million contract with Minnesota in 2017. His most recent extension came in December of 2022, and his $6 million per year salary makes him tied for fourth in the Big Ten West.

Some of the details of Fleck’s contract appear on par with most college football contracts, with certain incentives for various win totals and bowl game appearances.

  • College Football National Championship participation: $500,000
  • Participate in College Football Play-Off Semi-Final: $350,000
  • Participate in the Orange, Peach, Sugar, Cotton, Fiesta or Rose Bowl: $250,000
  • Participate in the Citrus or Tampa Bay Bowl: $50,000
  • Participate in bowl game not identified in sections A, B, C (or) above: $100,000

Should he be fired, Fleck’s price remains a steep one but decreases as the years go on. If he’s fired between now and December of 2023, Minnesota owes him $10 million. That number goes down every year after that, with the Golden Gophers owing him $0 should he be let go in 2029.

Minnesota also gave Fleck an additional $1 million to add to his assistant pool, an increase from last year’s $4.295 million. Of the 11 on-field coaches, five of them are in the final years of their contracts, meaning we could see changes or bumps in pay. They all have incentives for various achievements from the team as well.

Base salaries for Fleck’s assistants in 2023 are:

  • Greg Harbaugh, Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach: $600,000
  • Nic McKissic-Luke, Running Backs Coach: $220,000
  • Matt Simon, Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach: $600,000
  • Andrew Sowder, Tight Ends Coach: $210,000
  • Brian Callahan, Offensive Line Coach: $600,000
  • Winston Delattiboudere, Defensive Line Coach: $220,000
  • Joe Rossi, Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach: $1,100,000
  • Danny Collins, Safeties Coach: $255,000
  • Nick Monroe, Co-Defensive Coordinator/Corners Coach: $400,000
  • Rob Wegner, Rush Ends Coach: $365,000

Fleck’s Net Worth

Most people have an opinion of Fleck, and most of that concerns his mannerisms. He’s a unique character that draws attention due to his energy. His “Row the Boat” mantra is the biggest attention grabber.

Row the Boat is his culture that he’s built at Western Michigan and Minnesota, and he also turned it into a book that anyone can purchase. Fleck also can be hired as a keynote speaker with the price ranging from $20,000 to $30,000.

Minnesota’s also a Nike school, which Fleck fully embraces. He wears a different pair of shoes for each game, and every one of them is customized with various aspects of the school’s logo and his mantras.

Fleck also plays a key role in designing the uniforms for the Gophers, and they’ve worn a number of unique combinations that we haven’t seen from any other coach. So while they’re not the most important part of his contract, Fleck participates in a process that most fans envy.

Despite what everyone thinks of him, with Fleck’s book sales and contract salary plus incentives, it’s estimated that his net worth is over $10 million in 2023.

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