Marvin Harrison Jr. College Fantasy Profile: Is the Buckeyes WR1 Also the Country’s WR1?

The top receiver in the country, is Marvin Harrison Jr. actually the best option at the top of your college fantasy football draft?

The top wide receiver in the country is undoubtedly Marvin Harrison Jr. In fact, the real race in our CFN WR Rankings was for WR2. Let it be known now as well, the race for top wide receiver in college fantasy football leagues is much closer.

Marvin Harrison Jr. College Fantasy Profile

As talented as Harrison Jr. is, there are a bevy of receivers who can score just as many, if not more, points than he should in 2023. That is no indictment of Harrison Jr. at all, rather more so shedding light on the possibilities of other receivers continuing the levels of dominance we’ve seen from them.

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Still, Harrison Jr. ranks No. 1 among our CFF Rankings heading into 2023. While there are questions atop the depth chart at quarterback for the Buckeyes, one thing remains the same: OSU’s receiving corps is the best in the country, led by the best in the country.

Harrison Jr. has a rare blend of skills and possesses all of those skills at an elite level. From body control to route running, sticky hands to separation ability, Harrison Jr. can do it all. He’s the top receiver on our rankings — narrowly edging out WKU’s Malachi Corley — and should be counted on early and often as the Bucks usher in their new QB.

2022 season

While Harrison Jr. technically broke out in the 2022 Rose Bowl game during the 2021 college football season, his 2022 calendar year was nothing short of spectacular. He set Rose Bowl records and continued that dominance in every single game during the 2022 season.

Harrison Jr. put forth highlight-reel catches on a weekly basis and showcased his elite skills against top-tier competition to boot.

The most electrifying aspect about his game is that he elevates his quarterback, not the other way around, and that’s very rare in college athletics. Harrison Jr. is a must-draft player and college fantasy managers should expect nothing less than a high-volume receiver with an equally high ceiling.

Marvin Harrison Jr. Profile

  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight: 205
  • Number: 18
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • High School: St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
  • Years Active: 2021-2023
  • Previous School(s): n/a
  • CFF Ranking: WR1

Marvin Harrison Jr.’s Receiving Stats

  • Career Games Played: 26
  • Career Starts: 14
  • Career Receptions: 88
  • Career Receiving Yards: 1,402
  • Career Receiving TDs: 17
  • Yards Per Catch: 15.9
  • Yards Per Game: 53.9

2022 Receiving Stats

  • Games Played: 13
  • Starts: 13
  • Receptions: 77
  • Receiving Yards: 1,263
  • Receiving TDs: 14
  • Yards Per Catch: 16.4
  • Yards Per Game: 97.2

2021 Receiving Stats

  • Games Played: 13
  • Starts: 1
  • Receptions: 11
  • Receiving Yards: 139
  • Receiving TDs: 3
  • Yards Per Catch: 12.6
  • Yards Per Game: 10.7