EA Sports College Football 25: Which Teams Will Be “In the Game?”

    EA Sports College Football 25 will have a full slate of college football teams, according to a recent social media post by the company.

    As the game gears up for a summer launch, more details about EA Sports College Football 25 are emerging. Among the most pressing questions is whether players can use every team in the game. Gamers seem to have their answer, as the developer released a video on X/Twitter earlier on Thursday.

    So, which teams will be playable in EA Sports College Football 25?

    Which Teams Can You Play as on EA Sports College Football 25?

    According to the game developer, EA Sports College Football 25 will feature all 134 FBS teams.

    This was not a foregone conclusion as teams had to opt into the game, per Name, Image, and Likeness rules. However, it was expected that every school would jump at the opportunity to be featured in one of the biggest sports video games ever released. Now we have confirmation.

    This announcement comes a day after EA Sports announced that FCS teams would be included. In the old college football games, the game only featured made-up directional FCS schools such as “FCS Midwest.”

    The announcement that the game will include all 134 FBS teams (Including FBS newcomers Kennesaw State) comes in a week full of announcements. A full trailer for the game, which is slated for a summer launch, will be released sometime in May, according to EA Sports’ official X/Twitter account.

    Due to Name, Image, and Likeness rules, partially responsible for the game’s 10-year hiatus, teams and players have to opt-in to the game. Players who opt-in will receive $600 and a free copy of the game, per an earlier report.

    A player or two may be absent from the game, but in all likelihood, the overwhelming majority of college football players will want to be included in the game.

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    EA Sports will continue to release more information in the coming months, and College Football Network will continue its extensive coverage of the game through its summer release.

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