EA Sports College Football Rumors: Latest on the Cover Athletes

    As EA Sports College Football rumors swirl, new information shines a light on the potential cover athlete for the highly-anticipated video game.

    As we draw closer to the highly-anticipated full reveal of EA Sports College Football 25, exclusive details have surfaced on the potential cover athletes for the game’s release, adding to the excitement.

    More details, including the release date — which has been the subject of extensions EA Sports College Football rumors — will be revealed in the full game reveal, which is scheduled for May. However, information on the cover athlete or athletes has now been reported.

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    Since the game’s return was announced after a decade away from consoles, widespread rumors have been swirling about who will grace the cover of EA Sports College Football 25. However, the era of speculation will come to a close when EA unveils its cover stars in May.

    Matt Brown has revealed that several covers will feature current college football players from different positions and power conferences.

    EA Sports College Football 25 will feature several current college football players across multiple versions. The game will be released in several options and editions, each featuring a different current player on the cover.

    Moreover, it’s been unveiled that each athlete on a cover will come from a different power conference, injecting variety into the potential players we might see gracing the covers.

    Each athlete will also be from a different position, meaning only one quarterback will be a cover star, with the remaining covers attributed to other high-profile positions such as wide receiver, running back, etc.

    With each conference and position only being utilized once, there is the potential for a rich diversity across the feature athletes. For example, it would mean that Colorado’s Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter can’t both be featured on a cover.

    This is particularly exciting given college football’s rich diversity and appeal across the country, not to mention its international allure.

    In addition to who will be on the cover, May’s release will reveal the release date, feature information, and additional gameplay.

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    The new information clarifies the next EA Sports College Football 25 cover stars. Some early speculation suggested that a coach such as Nick Saban could be on the cover, as well as potential school editions with mascots on the cover.

    However, each player on the cover will be playing college football in 2024 and presumably will also be playable within the game.

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