Mo Bamba Is In The Game: Iconic Penn State Moment Included In EA Sports College Football 25

    Mo Bamba is in the game. It's official. EA Sports has continually nailed the inclusion of iconic moments ahead of EA Sports College Football 25.

    If you don’t think it’s a big deal, then you need to change your mind. Mo Bamba is in the game and EA Sports gave fans a glimpse behind the curtain, featuring heavily the iconic moment between Michigan and Penn State to announce the inclusion of the song in their recent deep dive into the sights and sounds for EA Sports College Football 25.

    Mo Bamba Makes Its EA Sports College Football 25 Debut

    Sure, we knew EA was including Mo Bamba in the game through various channels, but before Wednesday, we hadn’t officially seen or heard moments around where it was going to be included. And now, with the video detailing just exactly where, the expectations are at an all-time high for the game’s July release.

    Let’s break it down.

    First things first — if you don’t know what I’m talking about — here it is, one of the most iconic moments in all of college football. Arguably, it is the easiest moment to point to for the “college football is better than the NFL” crowd (of which I find myself firmly in the president’s chair).

    That’s the moment.

    Penn State blares Mo Bamba during  Michigan’s offense lining up. Shea Patterson can’t get the communication in. Despite just taking a timeout, the offense can’t get the snap off because of how raucous and crazy the crowd/defense is standing on business.

    No NFL crowd is doing that to an opposing offense, no matter what you think.

    And you better believe, the team at EA Sports put that into the equation when creating the sights and sounds of College Football 25. Just watch the video clip that included Mo Bamba blaring and Michigan QB Alex Orji struggling to get a play off before the delay of game penalty comes.

    The sights and sounds from the deep dive on Wednesday puts the excitement around the game at all-time levels. With their “rankings week” continuing at EA Sports, it’s safe to say that this should keep the anticipation growing until the early release date of July 16.

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    But until then, we can wet our whistles with this iconic moment and how we’ll recreate it in EA Sports College Football 25 soon enough.

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