It’s Going Down in the DMs: How To Win in EA Sports College Football 25

    Dynasty Mode in EA Sports College Football 25 will allow new high school and transfer portal recruiting methods, including messaging prospects.

    All those years of doomscrolling on social media might actually pay some dividends, at least when it comes to winning in EA Sports College Football 25.

    As anticipation grows for the July 19 release date of the long-awaited game, more details are surfacing surrounding the in-game action, including some almost too-realistic advancements on the recruiting trail in Dynasty Mode.

    DMs and Dealbreakers in EA Sports College Football 25

    With the return of EA Sports College Football 25 comes the return of Dynasty Mode, although with a few modifications.

    Dynasty Mode allows players to pick one of the 134 FBS teams, create a coach and a staff, and embark on a 30-year odyssey on a path to glory with their chosen program. Players can also create a whole new program with the Team Builder feature.

    A lot has transpired in the 11 years since the last release, most notably the addition of the transfer portal and NIL. College Football 25 Dynasty Mode will feature real players after a massive NIL offer from EA Sports to over 11,000 college athletes.

    NIL deals and the transfer portal will be featured in the game for the first time, allowing players to build their program by scouting, recruiting, and making offers to high school and transfer athletes using social media and other modern forms of communication.

    That means you can slide in those direct messages and get an inside edge on a top-tier recruit. It’s a feature befitting of reality, with DMs having a long-standing relationship in the college football recruiting world. Plenty of privacy agreements have been struck on the backend of social media platforms over the last 10-15 years.

    “Yeah, Twitter (X) was not a plan like a long time ago,” Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin said to the 247 Sports in 2021. “It really started — I didn’t know anything about it. It started a long time ago for recruiting, and then there was a time there was a rule which didn’t make any sense that you could not text the kids or the parents, but you could direct message them on Twitter (X).”

    “So that’s really how we had to learn to use Twitter (X) or we’re going to fall behind, even as an assistant coach at Alabama. It just kind of took off from there. I do enjoy the fan part. I think it’s comical when I jump on there and read things and how people react to things or the rumors that people write.”

    “So it just gives people a platform to say and do whatever they want. I guess sometimes I do that, too. So it allows me to kind of be a normal person on there.”

    Just as it is in reality, it won’t be as easy as just sliding into a coveted prospect’s DMs and receiving an instant commitment. There is a little more courtship involved in the process if you want to snag the best of the best.

    A simple DM can be sent as a feeler, but players can sweeten the pot by throwing the bag at prospects and offering visits to a big game. It will be on a week-by-week basis, keeping top prospects interested and committed, forcing players to hop on the recruiting trail and strike deals regularly to keep from falling behind.

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    Recruiting will affect the overall Program Grade in Dynasty Mode.

    It will take more work than it used to, but now players have more control over their destiny in College Football 25’s Dynasty Mode than ever before. This level of intimate involvement in recruiting — both the high school ranks and out of the transfer portal — hedges the bets of players going all in.

    So sharpen those opening-liners and get ready to woo if you want to win it all.

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