Hit the Heisman Pose: EA Sports College Football 25 Boasts Bevy of Celebration Options

    Fans are used to celebrating on the sideline, but EA Sports College Football 25 has taken virtual celebrations to a new level.

    EA Sports has turned up the heat in the lead-up to the highly anticipated launch of College Football 25, with their latest Gameplay First Look giving fans an in-depth preview of a typical contest. But this piece isn’t about the intricacies of the on-field product — it’s about what comes after big plays: celebrations.

    EA Sports College Football 25 Gameplay First Look Showcases Upgraded Celebration Suite

    EA Sports has nailed the pageantry and tradition that make college football the greatest sport in the globe, and they didn’t stop at the sights and sounds.

    Longtime Madden players are used to having four celebration animations (one in each direction of the right stick on consoles) to choose from after a touchdown.

    The developers for College Football 25 said, “Hold my beer,” and upped the count to 20 for TDs. To activate them, players will use the right stick, along with the RB (Xbox)/R1 (PS5), LB/L1, and RT/R2 buttons for various animations, such as:

    • Shoot the arrow
    • Strike a Pose (Heisman)
    • Ice in my veins
    • On his head
    • Little baby (rock the baby)
    • Mic drop

    Remembering all 20 will take some time, but players can access the celebrations dropdown in the pause menu to ensure they hit the right one on their friend or foe.

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    Additionally, the Gameplay First Look displayed four celebration options for interceptions and first downs.


    • Wave Goodbye
    • Why you throwing my way
    • Strapped
    • Head Swag

    First downs: 

    • Signal It
    • Touch em up
    • Jacked
    • Shake it off

    The best part? These are just the user-controlled celebrations — there are dozens more animations players will enjoy, especially after turnovers and TDs. Chainsaws, championship belts, basketball hoops … if you’ve seen it on the collegiate gridiron, it’s likely in the game.

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