EA Sports College Football 25 Announcers: Did Audio Leak From Kevin Connors’ Recordings?

    The release of EA Sports College Football 25 is easily one of the most anticipated game releases in history. And we may have just gotten some leaked audio.

    EA Sports College Football 25 will be here before fans know it. The decade-long wait has now reached singular months and fans will be lining up to pick up their copy soon enough.

    While the release date is set to be revealed for a date to be determined this summer, fans do know several aspects around the game itself. And on Monday, fans may have gotten just a bit more of a tease around the audio being provided for the game.

    Did Audio Leak for EA Sports College Football 25?

    Though unconfirmed at the time of publication, reports of leaked audio recording sessions from ESPN’s Kevin Connors, one of the confirmed voices of the game, appeared on social media. Stemming from a computer screen picture, fans can now glimpse into some of the expressions in this year’s game (maybe).

    Potential leaked audio screenshots from EA Sports College Football 25
    Potential leaked audio screenshots from EA Sports College Football 25

    Again, this is an unconfirmed report, but the screenshot certainly looks — and feels — authentic. Let’s break it down.

    First things first, atop the Google Doc, it states ‘Copy of Halftime Script,’ followed by the title of the sheet itself being ‘Halftime Script Template.’ Inside this halftime template is the read for specific rivalry games, something a halftime announcer would talk about.

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    Getting into the actual text of the picture itself, it does coincide with a halftime script read within the reads themselves. Take a look for yourself. Here are the games listed and their coinciding reads:

    Ohio State vs. Illinois

    “Fellas … it’s ONE thing to have a rivalry game — but when you have TWO long-time foes battling for a PRIZE like the ILLIBUCK Trophy — you KNOW emotions tend to run high.”

    Army vs. Navy

    “Guys … there are RIVALRIES and then there is undeniably the most MEANINGFUL rivalry in sports. And the battle for the chance to SING second in today’s Army-Navy game has been a sight to behold.”

    Alabama vs. Auburn

    “Guys … from Tuscaloosa to The Plains — there are some ORNERY folks and some EMOTIONAL fan bases enjoying a SODA pop and a LOTTA trash talk in this battle between the TIDE and WAR Eagle.”

    Each game apparently has a sign-off recorded next to it on the adjoining cells, but the text is not fully legible. Importantly enough, these are down in rows 447 through 453 on this document, meaning there is plenty of audio that has not been leaked, if this were indeed to be true.

    Let the fever pitch begin and more and more information come out around the latest iteration of EA Sports’ college football video game series.

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