Big 12 Season Predictions: Game-By-Game Analysis, Marquee Matchups, and More Odds for 2023

For one final season, Texas and Oklahoma are set to return to conference supremacy in our Big 12 season predictions ahead of the 2023 season.

It’s one final season with Texas and Oklahoma in the Big 12 as the conference welcomes in a total of 14-member teams for the 2023 football season. In their final season in the conference, Texas and Oklahoma are expected to dominate the Big 12 season predictions this fall.

Big 12 Season Predictions

Picking each game team by team, the College Football Network team of analysts have come up with our predicted season finish for the Big 12 Conference this fall. Using groupthink, our painstaking process analyzed each game at the team level.

Find every Big 12 Season Prediction per team: Baylor | BYU | UCF | Cincinnati | Houston | Iowa State | Kansas | Kansas State | Oklahoma | Oklahoma State | TCU | Texas | Texas Tech | West Virginia

After those were done, we compiled the results, analyzed the outcomes, and came up with our predicted season finishes for each program and the conference itself.

Here’s how that all aligned in the end:

Big 12 Season Predictions – Final Standings

Texas – 11-1; key wins against Oklahoma, TCU; loss vs. Alabama

Oklahoma – 11-1; key wins against Iowa State, TCU; loss vs. Texas

Kansas State – 10-2; key wins against. UCF, Baylor; losses vs. Texas, Texas Tech

Texas Tech – 9-3; key wins against Kansas State, TCU; losses vs. Texas, BYU

Iowa State – 8-4; key wins against TCU, Baylor; losses vs. Oklahoma, Kansas State

Kansas – 7-5; key wins against Illinois, UCF; losses vs. Kansas State, Texas Tech

BYU – 7-5; key wins against TCU, Texas Tech; losses vs. Iowa State, Kansas

UCF – 7-5; key wins against Baylor, Oklahoma State; losses vs. Kansas, Texas Tech

TCU – 5-7; key wins against Baylor, West Virginia; losses vs. Texas Tech, Iowa State

Baylor – 5-7; key wins against Houston, Cincinnati; losses vs. Iowa State, TCU

Cincinnati – 4-8; key wins against Oklahoma State, Houston; losses vs. Iowa State, UCF

Houston – 4-8; key wins against West Virginia, Oklahoma State; losses vs. Cincinnati, TCU

Oklahoma State – 2-10; wins against Central Arkansas, West Virginia; losses vs. Cincinnati, UCF

West Virginia – 2-10; wins against Duquesne, Cincinnati; losses vs. BYU, UCF

Big 12 Championship Prediction, 2023

With these Big 12 season predictions and for the final time ever, the Big 12 Championship Game would feature bitter rivals Oklahoma and Texas. The Sooners and Longhorns would face off in a rematch against one another after Texas narrowly defeated Oklahoma in their regular-season matchup.

Kansas State misses out on account of their loss to Texas while Texas Tech features a similar result despite toppling the defending Big 12 champion Wildcats in their meeting.

Both BYU and UCF finish with respectable records of 7-5 apiece, winning a handful of conference games in the process. The Big 12 season predictions aren’t nearly as kind to Houston and Cincinnati as both programs are seeking answers in their new eras.

Oklahoma State and West Virginia are also big callouts in this alignment as the typical powers suffer double-digit losses based on our preseason predictions. While likely not to be the case, both the Cowboys and Mountaineers will be fighting for survival more often than not in the 2023 season.

Back to the Championship Game for both Texas and Oklahoma, this rematch would do wonders for the TV ratings as well as for the SEC, who assumes control over both programs next offseason.

Unlike our other season predictions that alter the fate of teams facing off in rematches, Texas still is granted an edge over Oklahoma to win the Big 12. The Longhorns receiving corps and overall skill players outweigh what the Sooners have been able to showcase to this point and an answer of “yes” to the proverbial “is Texas back?” question is sure to be heard around the nation.

The Big 12 runs through Austin and Norman in 2023. For one final season at least.