2023 All-Sun Belt College Football Preseason Team and Individual Honors

A fabulous season is set to unfold and our Preseason 2023 Sun Belt College Football Honors are indicative of just how much talent lies in the SBC this fall.

With some of the most intriguing matchups belonging to Sun Belt teams in all of college football this fall, it can be said that the 2023 season will be dictated by the conference. As such, the Preseason 2023 Sun Belt College Football Honors indicate just how talented the conference is, and who you should keep your eyes on this fall.

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Preseason Sun Belt Football Team Honors for 2023

  • Player of the Year
    Rasheen Ali, RB, Marshall
  • Offensive Player of the Year
    Rasheen Ali, RB, Marshall
  • Defensive Player of the Year
    Owen Porter, EDGE, Marshall
  • Newcomer of the Year
    Davis Brin, QB, Georgia Southern
  • Coach of the Year
    Kane Wommack, South Alabama

Preseason Sun Belt Offense

  • Quarterback of the Year
    Grayson McCall, Coastal Carolina
  • Running Back of the Year
    Rasheen Ali, Marshall
  • Wide Receiver of the Year
    Sam Pinckney, Coastal Carolina
  • Tight End of the Year
    Neal Johnson, Louisiana
  • Offensive Lineman of the Year
    Nick Kidwell, James Madison
  • Offensive Line of the Year
    James Madison
  • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
    Davis Brin, QB, Georgia Southern

Preseason First-Team All-Sun Belt Offense

QB: Grayson McCall, Coastal Carolina
RB: Rasheen Ali, Marshall
RB: La’Damian Webb, South Alabama
WR: Sam Pinckney, Coastal Carolina
WR: Jared Brown, Coastal Carolina
WR: Khaleb Hood, Georgia Southern
TE: Neal Johnson, Louisiana
FLEX: Frank Gore Jr., Southern Miss
OT: Nick Kidwell, James Madison
G: AJ Gillie, Louisiana
C: Isaiah Helms, Appalachian State
G: Tellek Lockette, UL-Monroe
OT: Ethan Driskell, Marshall

Preseason Second-Team All-Sun Belt Offense

QB: Darren Grainger, Georgia State
RB: Kimani Vidal, Troy
RB: Nate Noel, Appalachian State
WR: Tyrone Howell, UL-Monroe
WR: Corey Rucker, Arkansas State
WR: Elijah Sarratt, James Madison
TE: Jjay McAfee, Georgia Southern
FLEX: Ashtyn Hawkins, Texas State
OT: Damion Daley, Appalachian State
G: Bucky Williams, Appalachian State
C: Logan Osburn, Marshall
G: Tyler Stephens, James Madison
OT: Tyshawn Wyatt, James Madison

Preseason Third-Team All-Sun Belt Offense

QB: Carter Bradley, South Alabama
RB: Jalen White, Georgia Southern
RB: CJ Beasley, Coastal Carolina
WR: Caullin Lacy, South Alabama
WR: Makai Jackson, Appalachian State
WR: Javon Ivory, South Alabama
TE: Zach Horton, James Madison
FLEX: Reese White, Coastal Carolina
OT: Grant Betts, Troy
G: Khalil Crowder, Georgia Southern
C: Tanner Morris, James Madison
G: Dillon Luther, Coastal Carolina
OT: Josh McCulloch, South Alabama

Preseason Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt Offense

QB: Davis Brin, Georgia Southern
RB: Dre’Lyn Washington, Louisiana
RB: Rodrigues Clark, Southern Miss
WR: Jabre Barber, Troy
WR: Jeff Foreman, Arkansas State
WR: Peter LeBlanc, Louisiana
WR: Jacai Carter, Georgia State
TE: Clayton Ollendieck, Troy
FLEX: Beau Corrales, Texas State
OT: Brian Miller, Georgia Southern
OT: Makilan Thomas, Arkansas State
G: Cole Potts, James Madison
G: Gerquan Scott, Southern Miss
C: Reggie Smith, South Alabama
C: Xavier Black, Old Dominion
G: Caleb Johnson, Texas State
G: Will McDonald, Coastal Carolina
OT: Travis Glover, Georgia State
OT: Keydrell Lewis, UL-Monroe

Preseason Sun Belt Defense

  • Defensive Lineman of the Year
    Owen Porter, EDGE, Marshall
  • Linebacker of the Year
    Taurus Jones, James Madison
  • Cornerback of the Year
    Yam Banks, South Alabama
  • Safety of the Year
    Jay Stanley, Southern Miss
  • Defensive Line of the Year
  • Secondary of the Year
  • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
    Keonte Lusk, CB, Coastal Carolina

Preseason First-Team All-Sun Belt Defense

EDGE: Jamie Sheriff, South Alabama
EDGE: Owen Porter, Marshall
DT: James Carpenter, James Madison
DT: Ja’Quon Griffin, Coastal Carolina
LB: Taurus Jones, James Madison
LB: JT Killen, Coastal Carolina
LB: Jason Henderson, Old Dominion
CB: Reddy Steward, Troy
CB: Micah Abraham, Marshall
CB: Yam Banks, South Alabama
S: Dell Pettus, Troy
S: Jay Stanley, Southern Miss
FLEX: Javon Solomon, Troy

Preseason Second-Team All-Sun Belt Defense

EDGE: T.J. Jackson, Troy
EDGE: Richard Jibunor, Troy
DT: Quentin Bivens, Southern Miss
DT: Denzel Lowry, Old Dominion
LB: Eli Neal, Marshall
LB: Jailin Walker, James Madison
LB: Marques Watson-Trent, Georgia Southern
CB: Bryquice Brown, Georgia State
CB: Chauncey Logan, James Madison
CB: Alonzo Edwards Jr., Texas State
S: Jaden Voisin, South Alabama
S: Keith Gallmon Jr., South Alabama
FLEX: Jordan Revels, Texas State

Preseason Third-Team All-Sun Belt Defense

EDGE: Javon Denis, Georgia State
EDGE: Charles Coleman III, South Alabama
DT: Jamree Kromah, James Madison
DT: Wy’Kevious Thomas, South Alabama
LB: Tristan Driggers, UL-Monroe
LB: Jordan Veneziale, Georgia State
LB: Trey Kiser, South Alabama
CB: O’shai Fletcher, Troy
CB: Kaleb Ford-Dement, Texas State
CB: LaMareon James, Old Dominion
S: Charles Arnold Jr., Coastal Carolina
S: Josh Sarratt, James Madison
FLEX: Chris Chukwuneke, James Madison

Preseason Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt Defense

EDGE: Kenard Snyder, UL-Monroe
EDGE: Brock Higdon, South Alabama
DT: Latrell Bullard, Georgia Southern
DT: Sonny Hazard, Louisiana
LB: K.C. Ossai, Louisiana
LB: Melique Straker, Arkansas State
LB: Averie Habas, Southern Miss
LB: Hayes Maple, Southern Miss
CB: Deuce Mayberry, UL-Monroe
CB: Matthew McDoom, Coastal Carolina
CB: Samy Johnson, Arkansas State
CB: Car’Lin Vigers, UL-Monroe
CB: Marc Stampley II, Georgia Southern
CB: Lu Tillery, UL-Monroe
S: Terry Jones, Old Dominion
S: Tory Spears, Texas State
FLEX: Jontrey Hunter, Georgia State

Preseason Sun Belt Special Teams

  • Kicker of the Year
    Dominic Zvada, Arkansas State
  • Punter of the Year
    Ethan Duane, Old Dominion
  • Specialist of the Year
    Trey Kiser, South Alabama

Preseason First-Team All-Sun Belt Specialists

Kicker: Dominic Zvada, Arkansas State
Kickoff Specialist: Zach Long, Troy
Punter: Ethan Duane, Old Dominion
Kick Returner: Milan Tucker, Appalachian State
Punt Returner: Caullin Lacy, South Alabama
Special Teamer: Trey Kiser, South Alabama

Preseason Second-Team All-Sun Belt Specialists

Kicker: Diego Guajardo, South Alabama
Kickoff Specialist: Connor Madden, James Madison
Punter: Ryan Hanson, James Madison
Kick Returner: Braylon McReynolds, South Alabama
Punt Returner: Josh Sarratt, James Madison
Special Teamer: Devin Martinez, Texas State

Preseason Third-Team All-Sun Belt Specialists

Kicker: Ethan Sanchez, Old Dominion
Kickoff Specialist: Michael Hughes, Appalachian State
Kick Returner: Matthew McDoom, Coastal Carolina
Punt Returner: Deshon Stoudemire, Troy
Special Teamer: Taylon Doss, Arkansas State

Preseason Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt Specialists

Kicker: Kenneth Almendares, Louisiana
Kickoff Specialist: Liam Gray, Coastal Carolina
Punter: Evan Crenshaw, Coastal Carolina
Kick Returner: LaMareon James, Old Dominion
Punt Returner: Makai Jackson, Appalachian State
Special Teamer: Patrick Mensah, Louisiana

Congratulations to all those players selected. For any questions regarding these selections or the process behind them, feel free to email them to me or ask on Twitter (@CamMellor).