Alabama 2025 Football Schedule: List of Crimson Tide SEC Opponents to Remain the Same

    The 2025 Alabama Football Schedule is set to look quite familiar to what fans can view during the 2024 season as the same eight opponents will flip venues with the Tide.

    The 2025 college football season is far from view right now. With teams in the middle of spring football, pro days, and gearing up for the spring transfer portal window, the 2025 season wasn’t even on the radar for fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    In a solemn reminder that the sport keeps going no matter the change (and there were big ones in Tuscaloosa this offseason), the Alabama 2025 football schedule came to light in mid-March.

    List 2025 Alabama Crimson Tide Opponents

    Alabama will undergo their first season as a member of the 16-team SEC conference in 2024, doing so without legendary head coach Nick Saban. Former Washington head coach Kalen DeBoer has taken the gig and will hope to lead the Tide back to the promised land as quickly as he can.

    With the sights set on the new-look Tide for the 2024 season, the list of opponents for the 2025 season may have caught some surprise when it was released.

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    Despite all the changes, however, the list of SEC foes to line up against Alabama in 2025 are set to look very familiar.

    Here’s how the list of SEC opponents breaks out for the Tide:

    • vs. Vanderbilt Commodores
      Date & time TBA
    • vs. Tennessee Volunteers
      Date & time TBA
    • vs. Oklahoma Sooners
      Date & time TBA
    • vs. LSU Tigers
      Date & time TBA
    • at Georgia Bulldogs
      Date & time TBA
    • at South Carolina Gamecocks
      Date & time TBA
    • at Missouri Tigers
      Date & time TBA
    • at Auburn Tigers
      Date & time TBA

    While Alabama will have to wait to get their first taste of the Texas Longhorns as an SEC opponent, they’ll take on first-year SEC foe Oklahoma in Norman during the 2024 season. They then welcome Oklahoma to Tuscaloosa during the 2025 season.

    Alabama will play the same eight SEC opponents in 2025 as it will in 2024. The only difference is the home site. They’ll flip venues with their SEC opponents from 2024 to 2025 as will be the case for the remaining 15 SEC teams during the 2025 season.

    Find all the rest of our college football schedules, including week-by-week looks at the ACC, Big Ten, and Big 12 schedules for 2024. Be sure to read through Alabama’s 2024 football schedule as well, ahead of their first season as a member of the 16-team SEC.

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