2023 Big Ten Weekly Football Schedule

Can Michigan defend their crown from Ohio State and Penn State? The 2023 Big Ten weekly football schedule contains the clashes that will decide.

After two consecutive conference championships, is Michigan the new powerhouse in the Big Ten? Can Ohio State get back to its winning ways? Is Penn State a legitimate challenger? This college football season is going to be fascinating, and the 2023 Big Ten weekly football schedule contains the clashes that will define the title race and answer all the questions above.

2023 Week-by-Week Big Ten Football Schedule

All games on the 2023 Big Ten weekly football schedule are slated to be played on Saturday unless otherwise noted.

Week 1

  • Minnesota vs. Nebraska
    Thursday, Aug. 31
  • Wisconsin vs. Buffalo
  • Michigan State vs. Central Michigan
  • Michigan vs. East Carolina
  • Purdue vs. Fresno State
  • Rutgers vs. Northwestern
  • Indiana vs. Ohio State
  • Illinois vs. Toledo
  • Maryland vs. Towson
  • Iowa vs. Utah State
  • Penn State vs. West Virginia

Week 2

  • Maryland vs. Charlotte
  • Penn State vs. Delaware
  • Minnesota vs. Eastern Michigan
  • Illinois at Kansas
  • Indiana vs. Indiana State
  • Iowa at Iowa State
  • Nebraska at Colorado
  • Purdue at Virginia Tech
  • Michigan State vs. Richmond
  • Rutgers vs. Temple
  • Michigan vs. UNLV
  • Northwestern vs. UTEP
  • Wisconsin at Washington State
  • Ohio State vs. Youngstown State

Week 3

  • Michigan vs. Bowling Green
  • Wisconsin vs. Georgia Southern
  • Indiana vs. Louisville (in Indianapolis, IN)
  • Minnesota at North Carolina
  • Nebraska vs. Northern Illinois
  • Northwestern at Duke
  • Illinois vs. Penn State
  • Purdue vs. Syracuse
  • Maryland vs. Virginia
  • Rutgers vs. Virginia Tech
  • Michigan State vs. Washington
  • Iowa vs. Western Michigan
  • Ohio State vs. Western Kentucky

Week 4

  • Indiana vs. Akron
  • Illinois vs. Florida Atlantic
  • Penn State vs. Iowa
  • Nebraska vs. Louisiana Tech
  • Michigan State vs. Maryland
  • Northwestern vs. Minnesota
  • Ohio State at Notre Dame
  • Michigan vs. Rutgers
  • Purdue vs. Wisconsin

Week 5

  • Purdue vs. Illinois
  • Maryland vs. Indiana
  • Minnesota vs. Louisiana
  • Nebraska vs. Michigan
  • Iowa vs. Michigan State
  • Northwestern vs. Penn State
  • Rutgers vs. Wagner

Week 6

  • Northwestern vs. Howard
  • Ohio State vs. Maryland
  • Minnesota vs. Michigan
  • Illinois vs. Nebraska
  • Iowa vs. Purdue
  • Wisconsin vs. Rutgers

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Week 7

  • Maryland vs. Illinois
  • Michigan vs. Indiana
  • Wisconsin vs. Iowa
  • Rutgers vs. Michigan State
  • Purdue vs. Ohio State
  • Penn State vs. UMass

Week 8

  • Michigan State vs. Michigan
  • Iowa vs. Minnesota
  • Nebraska vs. Northwestern
  • Ohio State vs. Penn State
  • Indiana vs. Rutgers
  • Illinois vs. Wisconsin

Week 9

  • Penn State vs. Indiana
  • Northwestern vs. Maryland
  • Minnesota vs. Michigan State
  • Wisconsin vs. Ohio State
  • Nebraska vs. Purdue

Week 10

  • Minnesota vs. Illinois
  • Northwestern vs. Iowa (in Chicago, IL)
  • Michigan State vs. Nebraska
  • Rutgers vs. Ohio State
  • Maryland vs. Penn State
  • Michigan vs. Purdue 
  • Indiana vs. Wisconsin

Week 11

  • Illinois vs. Indiana
  • Nebraska vs. Maryland
  • Penn State vs. Michigan
  • Ohio State vs. Michigan State
  • Purdue vs. Minnesota
  • Wisconsin vs. Northwestern
  • Iowa vs. Rutgers

Week 12

  • Iowa vs. Illinois
  • Maryland vs. Michigan
  • Indiana vs. Michigan State
  • Ohio State vs. Minnesota
  • Wisconsin vs. Nebraska
  • Northwestern vs. Purdue
  • Penn State vs. Rutgers

Week 13

  • Nebraska vs. Iowa
    Friday, Nov. 24
  • Purdue vs. Indiana
  • Rutgers vs. Maryland
  • Illinois vs. Northwestern
  • Michigan vs. Ohio State
  • Michigan State vs. Penn State
  • Minnesota vs. Wisconsin