Yea, Alabama! Lyrics, History, and More About the Crimson Tide’s Fight Song

    Yea, Alabama! is one of the most iconic fight songs in college football. Find out what the lyrics are and its place among Alabama's illustrious history.

    The Alabama Crimson Tide’s fight song ‘Yea, Alabama!’ is one of the most iconic in college football. Wherever the Crimson Tide plays, their marching band follows, passionately playing Yea, Alabama! with fight song lyrics, a part of the legacy of football in Tuscaloosa.

    Alabama’s marching band performs the song, the Million Dollar Band, in front of raucous crowds at Bryant-Denny Stadium, where 100,000 passionate fans chant their fight song. It’s ingrained in the identity of college football in the South and has a long history of being used.

    The History of Yea, Alabama!

    Yea, Alabama! has been around since 1926 and has a fascinating history around its inception. Around this time, Alabama had started using the Crimson Tide as its instantly recognizable moniker and wanted a fight song to go along with its success.

    Fight songs started to become popular in the early 1910s, and by the time it got to 1926, Alabama, which was experiencing great success, felt that they needed a band and a fight song.

    A student magazine, Rammer Jammer, ran a competition to find the best fight song for the school after the Crimson Tide had won its first national championship at the Rose Bowl in 1926 over Washington. The competition was won by Ethelred “Epp” Skypes, who won a prize of $50.

    Sykes was so devoted to the Tide that he donated his prize money to create a piece of music to accompany his famous lyrics.

    What Are the Lyrics to Yea, Alabama!

    Yea, Alabama! Drown ’em Tide!
    Every ‘Bama man’s behind you,
    Hit your stride.
    Go teach the Bulldogs to behave,
    Send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave.
    And if a man starts to weaken,
    That’s a shame!
    For Bama’s pluck and grit have
    Writ her name in Crimson flame.
    Fight on, fight on, fight on men!
    Remember the Rose Bowl, we’ll win then.
    So roll on to victory,
    Hit your stride,
    You’re Dixie’s football pride,
    Crimson Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide!!

    There are many iconic lines in the fight song, with one of the more recognizable referring to the Rose Bowl. The song was written after the Tide’s 20-19 win over the Huskies in the 1926 Rose Bowl and brings to life the passion and rivalry of the sport.

    At this time, the Rose Bowl was historically fought between teams from the East and the West, and some turned their nose up at Alabama’s inclusion as a Southern team. Alabama entered that game not only playing for themselves but also playing for football in the South.

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    As Alabama historian Cathy Butler-Burnette writes, “Every time fans sing our fight song, they celebrate not just one win, not just one championship, but the moment when the Crimson Tide brought Southern football onto the national stage.”

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