Who Is Performing the Halftime Show at the 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship?

    A big event isn't complete without a halftime show. FInd out who will be performing during halftime of the National Championship.

    The college football National Championship will see the Michigan Wolverines and Washington Huskies face off to become national champions. An event on this scale isn’t complete without a halftime show, and in 2024, it isn’t just the two teams who will represent their schools on the field.

    During halftime, a special performance involving members of both schools will take place.

    Who Is Performing the National Championship Halftime Show?

    The halftime show at the National Championship will be the marching bands of Michigan and Washington. Marching bands have stepped into the history of college football and will bring the tradition to the big stage.

    While it isn’t a halftime show packed with stars and performers, it is a chance for college football to respect the institutions and traditions that make it so compelling.

    Besides, the pregame entertainment is jam-packed with performances, with Fantasia singing the national anthem.

    The halftime event is a big deal for both groups and will see hundreds of band members take to the field of NRG Stadium. Both marching bands performed during the halftime show of their team’s respective semifinals, so are well rehearsed for what could be the most watched performance of their tenures.

    Michigan Marching Band

    With more than 400 members, the Michigan Marching Band is one of the biggest and most historic in the sport.

    The band isn’t afraid of the limelight, having performed the national anthem and during halftime during the Rose Bowl.

    The band was founded in the 1890s, making them one of the oldest in the country. Their rousing rendition of the Michigan fight song, The Victors, is one of the most beloved in the game. Some see the Victors as being the best fight song in college football, and its tune is still used in various countries.

    While the band members have surely changed due to graduations, the Michigan Marching Band performed the halftime show at Super Bowl VII and has also performed at several NFL Games.

    Washington Marching Band

    With around 240 members, the Washington Marching Band may not be the size of the Michigan Marching Band, but they are also known worldwide. The marching band for the Huskies has traveled the globe performing across Japan and Europe.

    Founded in the late 1920s, the Husky Marching Band is much younger than their Michigan counterparts, but they have packed a lot into their history. Many credit the band with popularizing The Wave in the 1980s. The Wave is also known as the Mexican Wave and is a spectacle seen at sporting events worldwide.

    The band didn’t create the phenomenon, but they are responsible for its wide use at sporting events today.

    The band also performs in the traditional chair step style, which is usually reserved for teams in the Big Ten and is one of a small few to perform in that specific style outside of the mid-west.

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