When Was the Last Time Michigan Wolverines Won a National Championship?

    The Michigan Wolverines are 12-time National Champions, winning their first title in nearly three decades with their victory over Washington.

    The Michigan Wolverines are one of college football’s bluebloods. Even if they are not competing for a national title, Michigan still commands attention and a large viewership. However, it makes for enthralling storylines when they are as good as they’ve been this year.

    A school that features Heisman Trophy winners, some of the game’s greatest talent, and is a part of arguably the greatest rivalry in all sports, Michigan being in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game will be fun for us all.

    The Wolverines have a rich football history, and Monday night added another chapter to the program’s story. Let’s dive deeper into Michigan’s championship resume and when they last won a National Championship.

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    When Did the Michigan Wolverines Last Win a Championship?

    While the current day system is set to undergo some changes next season, the overall playoff system is fairly new to college football.

    True, there haven’t always been playoffs to compete in. But there has always been championship games to win, and the Wolverines have won 12 of them in their program’s historic history.

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    With their victory over Washington in the 2023-24 College Football Playoff National Championship, the Wolverines won their 12 national title, capping the 2023 season. In dominant fashion, Michigan rolled to a 34-13 victory over the Huskies.

    Despite the school’s rich history, it had been almost 30 years since its last National Championship. That previous title came in the 1997-1998 season at the Rose Bowl, where the Wolverines defeated the Washington State Cougars, 21-16.

    Michigan Wolverine Playoff Appearances

    While Michigan had previously not won a national title under the current playoff format presented by the College Football Playoff Committee, the third time was the charm. In their third appearance in the College Football Playoffs, the Wolverines finally saw it through and won the last of the four-team College Football Playoff National Championship.

    The Wolverines’ first two appearances in the College Football Playoff didn’t go as planned. Despite their victory against Alabama in the Rose Bowl, Michigan entered the 2024 CFP title game with a 1-2 playoff record. They’ve now increased that to a 2-2 playoff record since the inception of the College Football Playoffs.

    Their previous appearance in the playoff came just last year as they ran into a buzzsaw that was the Georgia Bulldogs. The SEC powerhouse dismantled the Wolverines en route to their championship season. Still, Michigan did not let it deter them as they were able to bounce back this season, get back to the game that ended their season a year prior, and get over the hump this time.

    The Wolverines had a chance to make history, capitalizing on it by going 15-0 for the first time in history, and winning the school’s 12th national championship in 2023.

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