What Is an Alabama Crimsonette?

    As part of Alabama's Million Dollar Band are the Crimsonettes, but who are they and how are they part of one of the best marching bands in the country?

    While the Alabama Crimson Tide football team shows off their skills on the field every week, the school’s marching band has no trouble putting on a show of their own. The Million Dollar Band has been a staple of success and musical perfection since 1912.

    As part of the band, the group has “Crimsonettes.” What exactly are Crimsonettes, and what is their role within the band? Let’s learn more about what their association is with the band.

    Alabama Crimsonettes’ Role With Million Dollar Band

    The role of Crimsonette began in 1976 when they were asked to be the Twirlers. There are usually about 25 women who are a part of the group with one captain. Members must be enrolled at Alabama first before applying to try out.

    Part of their routines includes dance moves that have twirling involved while wearing flashy costumes. They perform alongside the band at pregame and halftime. Their appeal includes shiny costumes, white go-go boots, curled hair, and red lipstick.

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    Crimsonettes’ costumes come from Sheryl Wilds, who has been making them for over 30 years. The outfit costs over $1,000 due to being custom-made and handmade for the women as part of the group.

    Fans are typically able to see the Crimsonettes perform alongside the band and as part of special programs throughout the year. In 2024, the Crimsonettes were scheduled to perform in the Tournament of Roses Parade to kick off the 2024 Rose Bowl.

    The Crimson Tide play one of the more recognizable brands of football in the sport. Their marching mand and Crimsonettes play a major role in their national notoriety.

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