What if College Football had a Trade Deadline: Caleb Williams to Alabama, Will Shipley to Washington

    Take a look at realistic landing spots and trade scenarios for all 133 FBS teams if college football offered up an NFL Trade Deadline.

    As the NFL Trade Deadline approaches, we here at College Football Network thought: What if college football had its own trade deadline?

    Certain aspects of it remain unclear, but it’s still a fun exercise. Who do powerhouses like Alabama target? Would USC send Caleb Williams somewhere?

    2023 College Football Trade Deadline Moves

    We look at what every team should do in this scenario at this point of the season and if the college football trade/transfer deadline existed.

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    Charlotte 49ers

    Move: Trade Eyabi Okie-Anoma

    Charlotte’s not exactly a buyer in this hypothetical scenario at 2-5, so why not ship out one of your top players who would command plenty in return? Eyabi Okie-Anoma came from Michigan, so his Power Five experience could make him an intriguing trade piece.

    Charlotte’s looking long-term, and he’s a short-term piece.

    ECU Pirates

    Move: Trade Julius Wood

    We knew that the Pirates would take a step back, but Mike Houston has much work to do after a 1-6 start. So, in a trade deadline scenario, we’d see them ship out certain players to put them in better spots.

    Julius Wood currently leads the team in tackles and would provide his new team with a veteran player with a ton of experience.

    FAU Owls

    Move: Trade for a defensive linemen

    According to CFB Data, the Owls struggle up front. They’re allowing 3.3 line yards per rush, meaning the guys up front aren’t getting the job done.

    They sit towards the bottom of the country in most statistical categories defensively and have just one player with more than three tackles for loss on the year.

    Memphis Tigers

    Move: Add an offensive lineman

    Also acceptable for Memphis would be adding either a defensive end or a safety. With Memphis looking to compete for a conference title, protecting Seth Henigan becomes even more important.

    The Tigers’ offense is full of playmakers, but at times, the line doesn’t give their quarterback time to find them downfield. Players they could try to get: ULM OG Tellek Lockette, Northern Illinois OG John Champe, UAB OT William Parker.

    Navy Midshipmen

    Move: Trade for an offensive linemen

    In this scenario, Navy’s in a tough spot. Unless they’re willing to trade a literal battleship as an enticing recruiting piece for a prospective team, there won’t be many options for them to add.

    The FCS level might be where they need to look, but adding a quality lineman to help them run the triple option more effectively would help a ton, even if the goal at this point is just to beat Army at the end of the year.

    North Texas Mean Green

    Move: Trade for a defensive difference-maker up front

    North Texas sits in the middle of the AAC, but they could use some help slowing down opposing offenses. Their ‘stuff rate’ and line yards per rush leave something to be desired, and they’re also not creating a ton of pressure on the opposing quarterback.

    Going back to their Conference USA roots might be the way to go to get a guy like Tyrice Knight (UTEP) at linebacker.

    Rice Owls

    Move: Trade Luke McCaffrey

    What? Trade your best player? But Rice is 4-3? I’m not a fan of the move on the surface level, but the Owls need to benefit from their talent to get something in return.

    Their next three games are Tulane, SMU, and a road trip to UTSA, which could quickly turn into a 4-6 team. Luke McCaffrey holds a ton of value, so the Owls would get plenty for him.

    SMU Mustangs

    Move: Trade for Eyabi Okie-Anoma

    SMU’s not hurting for resources to ship out. Whether that’s money or depth at certain positions, they would be a team in a good position to upgrade defensively. The Mustangs have been solid on that side of the ball this year, but they need someone to live in the backfield more frequently. Okie-Anoma gives them that.

    SMU could also look to add another wide receiver to the mix. Again, you can see them package together some depth pieces for a more explosive option. Someone like Colorado State’s Tory Horton would be an instant impact player.

    Temple Owls

    Move: Trade David Martin-Robinson and Jordan Magee

    I would say that some trades would be easier if certain teams were making coaching changes. While I don’t think Temple would move on from Stan Drayton despite a slow start, the Owls could ship out some experienced pieces to get better long-term options in return.

    David Martin Robinson gives someone a playmaking tight end, while Magee does the same at linebacker.

    Tulane Green Wave

    Move: Trade for Dallin Holker

    Tulane’s passing attack is in good hands, but that shouldn’t stop them from adding another weapon. The receiver position appears fine, but they could use an upgrade at tight end. Dallin Holker’s balling for Colorado State, but the Rams as a team aren’t doing the same.

    For the right price, Holker could help a team with championship aspirations.

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    Tulsa Golden Hurricane

    Move: Trade Ben Kopenski or Jaise Oliver

    Tulsa needs an offensive lineman in a bad way. They’re currently 86th in sacks allowed and 116th in tackles for loss allowed. Unfortunately, you have to give to get so the Golden Hurricane needs to send either Kopenski or Oliver.

    Both are having career years, which could warrant something nice to help them on offense in return.

    UAB Blazers

    Move: Trade Tejhaun Palmer

    Trent Dilfer may be building something special in Birmingham, but it’s certainly not this year. Tejhaun Palmer’s a good-sized wide receiver at 6’2″ and 200 pounds and gives his potential new team a big-play threat downfield.

    USF Bulls

    Move: Trade for a defensive back

    Bowl eligibility still isn’t out of the question, but it will go away quickly if this pass defense doesn’t get things figured out. The Bulls are one of the worst defending the pass, so going out to find a defensive back to help in that regard would do wonders.

    UTSA Roadrunners

    Move: Trade for a wide receiver

    Most of this hinges on Frank Harris’ health because the offense only reaches its ceiling with him on the field. With De’Corian Clark missing time and Joshua Cephus’ off-field issues, adding another player to catch passes for Harris would add depth at worst.

    Boston College Eagles

    Move: Trade Christian Mahogany

    Thomas Castellanos is already running for his life out there anyway. This is one of those situations where the return the Eagles would get for Christian Mahogany might be too good to pass. Bowl eligibility is the goal this year, too, and they should be just fine even without their star guard.

    Clemson Tigers

    Move: Trade Will Shipley

    After losing their third game of the season, it’s time for the Tigers to do the right thing and stop wasting their star running back. I don’t necessarily care what they get in return, but what they’re doing to Will Shipley isn’t right.

    Let him flourish with an offense that can get the most out of him.

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    Duke Blue Devils

    Move: Trade a running back

    Regardless of what the Blue Devils need in return, the depth they have at the running back position allows them to be flexibile. Whether they want to address the offensive line ceiling or even an upgrade at backup quarterback, the Blue Devils have pieces to work with in this scenario.

    Florida State Seminoles

    Move: Trade for Xavier Weaver

    With Johnny Wilson’s health and teams trying to lock down Keon Coleman, the Seminoles would benefit tremendously from having a speedster like Xavier Weaver on roster. He’s playing his best ball with Colorado, and he’d join a legitimate contender in need of his speed in the slot.

    Florida State could also add another defensive back or even add certain defensive tackles like Illinois’ Jer’zhan Newton or Kentucky’s Deone Walker.

    Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

    Move: Trade for a defensive lineman

    Georgia Tech still has a bowl in its sights, and an easier way to reach that goal is to shore up their defensive front. The Yellow Jackets allow 3.2 line yards per rush, meaning they’re not getting the push on the line that they need to be successful.

    Louisville Cardinals

    Move: Trade for Jahmal Banks and Payton Wilson

    Certain coaches create excitement within their scheme. Jeff Brohm is one of those guys.

    Now imagine this offense with Jahmal Banks in it. The 6’4″ receiver for the Demon Deacons is currently on pace for a record year, and he’d do even more damage in Brohm’s system. Wake Forest’s about to go through a gauntlet on their schedule too, so Banks needs out.

    Payton Wilson’s a veteran who brings good size to the defense. He’s an instinctual player who gets his guys in the right position. Anytime you have a chance to upgrade to a player of his talent, you do it.

    Miami Hurricanes

    Move: Trade for Barrett Carter/Corey Dyches/DJ James

    Maybe Miami has the resources to pull off all three of these trades, but it would cost them a lot.

    Barrett Carter’s most likely off to the NFL after this year, so the Canes would get the most out of him in their push to compete for an ACC title. Corey Dyches adds to a solid passing attack in need of a tight end like him, and DJ James bolsters a secondary that feels like it’s missing one piece.

    NC State Wolfpack

    Move: Trade Payton Wilson

    See: Louisville.

    Wilson’s given the Wolfpack so much, and I’m not saying they don’t need him. However, they’re about to face both Clemson and Miami in back-to-back weeks. Maybe they can win those games, but it feels like they’d be sellers in this position to me. You can also still get plenty back for Wilson, too.

    North Carolina Tar Heels

    Move: Trade for an offensive tackle

    Drake Maye certainly has his own issues to work out, but it felt like every other play he was running for his life. So, adding an offensive lineman (or two) is a must.

    Houston’s Patrick Paul would be a great option. Other players that North Carolina could add include TCU’s Brandon Coleman, Auburn’s Dillon Wade, and Boston College’s Christian Mahogany.

    Pittsburgh Panthers

    Move: Trade MJ Devonshire

    It’s been a tough year for the Panthers, but they have a couple of pieces that would be intriguing to other teams. MJ Devonshire’s proven to be a big-time playmaker at corner for the Panthers, and there would be plenty of landing spots for him.

    Syracuse Orange

    Move: Trade for a tight end

    The remaining schedule isn’t exactly daunting, so the Orange could be buyers in this market. After losing Oronde Gadsden II earlier this season, the passing game took a hit.

    There would be a few options for them if they can offer something solid in return. Pitt’s Gavin Bartholomew stands out as a solid potential option.

    Virginia Cavaliers

    Move: Trade Kam Butler

    Make no mistake about it: The win over North Carolina doesn’t change the fact that the Cavaliers are sellers here. Truth is, they should be with the rebuilding they’re doing under Tony Elliott.

    Guys like Kam Butler are great to have, but Virginia needs to think further than this season.

    Virginia Tech Hokies

    Move: Trade for a guard

    Virginia Tech’s getting healthy at the right time, but there are still areas they must address. Running the ball hasn’t gone well so far this year.

    The Hokies core of rushers doesn’t have a player averaging over four yards per carry, but the line needs to do its part. They’re only getting 2.8 line yards per rush, and they need an attitude elevation up front.

    Wake Forest Demon Deacons

    Move: Trade a wide receiver

    Jahmal Banks commands the most return of anyone, so it depends on what Wake Forest thinks about its short-term future. With the remaining schedule, they might be sellers, and  Banks gives them to most back of anyone on the offense.

    Baylor Bears

    Move: Trade for a quarterback

    Dave Aranda’s job is on the line, so it’d be safe to say that the Bears would want to upgrade at the most important position. Blake Shapen is the reliable option, but Baylor wouldn’t hate finding someone who can do better. Options might be slim, however.

    BYU Cougars

    Move: Trade for a guard or a defensive tackle

    There are questions about BYU being a legitimate team right now, and the remainder of their schedule will answer those questions. One area to address is in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Stopping the run’s been a struggle, and the Cougars need to find ways to become more explosive offensively, too.

    Cincinnati Bearcats

    Move: Trade at least one senior starter

    Scott Satterfield has a lot of work to do to rebuild the Bearcats, but that’s not unexpected. After a rough start, this hypothetical situation would give them an opportunity to trade key pieces for future assets. If this is where college football goes, this would be the move that new coaches should make to keep the rebuild going.

    Houston Cougars

    Move: Trade for a center or trade away Patrick Paul

    After the West Virginia and Texas games, we saw some life in the Cougars for the first time this year. So now they either need to upgrade on the offensive line or ship out assets for a big return.

    Paul would be one of the most coveted tackles in a potential trade deadline, but it’s a tough message for Dana Holgorsen to send with his job on the line. So, in the meantime, the interior of that offensive line needs work. Someone like Baylor’s Clark Barrington could be a nice piece to add.

    Iowa State Cyclones

    Move: Trade for a running back

    Believe it or not, Iowa State’s still in the running for the Big 12 Championship. If they could add a difference-maker at running back, it would be a good start. The Cyclones might not have the best assets to make a trade, but finding a player in the Group of Five like Marshall’s Rasheen Ali could be an easy move to make.

    Kansas Jayhawks

    Move: Trade for a run-stopping defensive tackle

    While the Jayhawks have solid talent up front defensively, they’ve struggled to stop the run (see: the Texas game). It’s all about finding the right piece to fit into Lance Leipold’s culture, but the right guy makes this team even tougher to beat.

    Kansas State Wildcats

    Move: Trade for a wide receiver

    No offense to the Kansas State offense and how it does things, but wouldn’t it be nice to have another weapon out wide to open up the field? Ben Sinnott and Phillip Brooks are great targets, but it wouldn’t hurt to add another player to help. Someone like Minnesota’s Daniel Jackson or even Rice’s Luke McCaffrey would be great additions.

    Oklahoma Sooners

    Move: Trade for a WR1

    The first name that came to mind was South Carolina’s Xavier Legette. After losing Andrel Anthony for the season, the Sooners find themselves in need of a big-time player that can take it to the house at any moment. Legette’s frame and athleticism would make this team a nightmare to stop.

    Oklahoma State Cowboys

    Move: Trade for a quarterback

    If Coastal Carolina’s Grayson McCall comes back healthy, that would be the first call I make. Oklahoma State’s options at quarterback are limited, and McCall would be an instant upgrade. He takes care of the football, provides dual-threat ability, and makes throws that many can’t.

    If the Pokes want to go crazy, they could also add a wide receiver or go with the ole reliable and add a Tulsa defender.

    TCU Horned Frogs

    Move: Trade for a true WR1 or trade Josh Newton

    TCU’s flirting with disaster recently, so a trade could put a stop to that. However, they might settle for just making a bowl game and sending off a veteran piece like Josh Newton. Even guys like Bud Clark or Mark Perry could yield a nice return.

    After making the national championship game last year, it’s been a tough follow-up season for TCU. Unfortunately, in this situation, something must change one way or another.

    Texas Longhorns

    Move: Trade for a safety

    Texas is a program that can be picky at the trade deadline, given their reputation. Finding an elite-level safety might be tough, but they’d be in a good position to add one.

    Minnesota’s Tyler Nubin would skyrocket to the top of everyone’s list and help Texas’ secondary. He also helps a defense that’s struggling to stay healthy right now.

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    Texas Tech Red Raiders

    Move: Trade Malik Dunlap

    The season had some promise when the Red Raiders beat Houston and Baylor in back-to-back weeks, but they followed that up with losses to Kansas State and BYU. Malik Dunlap’s a big corner who’s done everything he can to help Tech, but it’s time for them to send him to a contender. At 6’3″ and 215 pounds, he’d be highly coveted by many.

    UCF Knights

    Move: Trade Javon Baker

    This one’s tough because UCF’s been so close in a few games but has yet to win a Big 12 contest. We knew it would take time, but Gus Malzahn and this staff might need to look toward building the future.

    Javon Baker’s been a great target for the Knights, but it’s clear the staff wasn’t thrilled with him last week. Even so, he’d be a valuable piece for a team looking for an athletic receiver.

    West Virginia Mountaineers

    Move: Trade for a difference-making defensive lineman

    West Virginia’s front seven has plenty of depth, but they would benefit from an upgrade in the line. Finding a piece that commands double teams on a regular basis would open things up for the guys around him. The Mountaineers are already a tough group, and this move makes them even more menacing.

    Illinois Fighting Illini

    Move: Trade Jer’Zhan Newton

    It’s clear the direction of Illinois’ 2023 season, and it’s not fair to keep Jer’Zhan Newton on a team that is fighting for bowl eligibility. Throw in his hefty price tag for teams to acquire him, and the Illini would be dumb not to send him away.

    Indiana Hoosiers

    Move: Trade Cam Camper

    It’s not looking good for Tom Allen’s future with the Hoosiers, and this would be another team that would send some players away in a trade deadline scenario. Cam Camper’s stats don’t wow anyone, but it’s not entirely his fault. Put him in a better system, and he thrives.

    Iowa Hawkeyes

    Move: Trade Cooper Dejean

    It’s criminal to have a talent like Cooper Dejean and not put together a competent offense. Or even use him on that side of the ball. Wasting talent like this shouldn’t be allowed, and maybe the Hawkeyes could trade their star defender to infuse some life into Brian Ferentz’s group.

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    Maryland Terrapins

    Move: Trade Taulia Tagovailoa

    It’s tough to see a team like this ship their star quarterback away, but it all depends on what Maryland wants to accomplish for the remainder of the year. They’re not winning the Big Ten East, and there would be many suitors willing to pay the price for his services.

    If Maryland’s in a selling mood, they could also ship out certain other players like tackle Delmar Glaze and corner Tarheeb Still to get a nice return back.

    Michigan Wolverines

    Move: Trade for Cooper Dejean

    While Michigan doesn’t necessarily need any help on defense, it’s tough to ignore how great it would be to add a potential first-round player to their defense. The pairing of Will Johnson and Cooper Dejean would infuse excitement throughout the program, and you wouldn’t even need to steal signs to find success.

    Michigan State Spartans

    Move: Trade all upperclassmen of value

    This one seems obvious. It should be a fire sale in East Lansing to try and get something back with a new coach coming in eventually.

    Minnesota Golden Gophers

    Move: Trade Tyler Nubin and Brevyn Spann-Ford

    We all knew the Gophers were building towards 2024, and this would help in that regard. Tyler Nubin and Brevyn Spann-Ford have been great for the program, but they’re not in the long term plans.

    Spann-Ford’s size and athleticism would entice some big programs, and Nubin’s a stud that comes with a nice return package too.

    Nebraska Cornhuskers

    Move: Trade for a deep threat

    Surprisingly, Nebraska has leveled out their season. Sure, there’s still work to do under Matt Rhule, but they’re headed in the right direction.

    Right now, they could use a consistent deep threat in the passing game. Where it really helps is in obvious passing situations as Nebraska’s success rate on passing downs is 27%.

    Northwestern Wildcats

    Move: Trade Xander Mueller and Bryce Kirtz

    Sure, Northwestern’s not technically out of the Big Ten West race, but the writing’s on the wall. This would be a future move if the trade deadline were real, and the Wildcats have two nice pieces in Xander Mueller and Bryce Kirtz that could warrant some nice potential in return.

    Ohio State Buckeyes

    Move: Trade for Joe Alt

    While Notre Dame might not be in the market to move their future first-round pick, the Irish most likely would field a call from the Buckeyes. Ohio State needs help protecting the quarterback (and just getting healthy in general), and Alt fixes many of their issues. A nice backup option would be Houston’s Patrick Paul.

    The negotiations in this scenario would be entertaining. Ohio State has plenty of players that would be enticing for certain teams, and they need a tackle in a bad way. They also need depth as injuries continue to hamper the offense. So a player like Boise State’s Ashton Jeanty, though not super necessary, would be a nice addition, too.

    Penn State Nittany Lions

    Move: Trade for a WR1 and/or an elite separator

    One of Penn State’s biggest issues got exposed against Ohio State: the lack of a separating wide receiver. Even the lack of an elite, go-to receiver would be nice. They just don’t have that right now. Wake Forest’s Jahmal Banks and South Carolina’s Xavier Legette would be high on the list, though a slot threat like Kentucky’s Tavion Robinson would help too.

    Someone needs to help Drew Allar more, though the offensive line must do its part too. So adding a player like Wake Forest guard Michael Jurgens or TCU guard Brandon Coleman would help in that regard.

    Purdue Boilermakers

    Move: Trade Kydran Jenkins

    Ryan Walters has a long way to go before Purdue’s where he wants it to be, so shedding some talented veterans for younger pieces would be the move in this situation. Kydran Jenkins has 7.0 tackles for loss and 5.0 sacks so far this year, and some team has a need for his services.

    Rutgers Scarlet Knights

    Move: Trade for a wide receiver

    The Scarlet Knights surprised everyone in the Big Ten by making just their second bowl game since 2014, and they find themselves in a good position to add a potential playmaker to their offense. The passing attack hasn’t been explosive by any means, but adding a wide receiver to the mix could fix that.

    Wisconsin Badgers

    Move: Trade Braelon Allen and trade for a running back

    This seems unnecessary, but Luke Fickell and his staff are trying to build for the future. Braelon Allen’s only going to be around for so long, and the Badgers need help in other places. Plus, you can bet that Phil Longo has a guy or two in North Carolina’s deep running back room that they could trade for and get super cheap.

    Allen just commands so much in return for teams that need a running back (hello, Alabama). Obviously, teams would make calls about what teams are willing to offer, so it’s not guaranteed that Allen would go. However, the Badgers have a long way to go before they’re competing with the trio of elite Big Ten East teams.

    FIU Golden Panthers

    Move: Trade for a defensive tackle

    FIU currently allows 3.2 line yards per rush, according to CFB Data, and that starts up front. As the Panthers continue to surprise everyone, they can add a quality piece on the defensive line to help the defense slow down offenses a little better.

    Jacksonville State Gamecocks

    Move: Trade for a guard

    Jacksonville State continues climbing toward the top of Conference USA, and their offensive line is mostly set. Finding another guard to play opposite of Clay Webb would help tremendously. The Gamecocks love running the ball, so adding another tone setter up front would be huge.

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    Liberty Flames

    Move: Trade for a linebacker or a defensive back

    Liberty’s domination of Conference USA isn’t surprising, but Western Kentucky reminded them that their defense still needs a piece or two. The defensive backfield is solid, but it wouldn’t hurt to add another player to help on the back end.

    Same with linebacker. Old Dominion’s Jason Henderson would be an instant upgrade to the front seven.

    Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

    Move: Trade Smoke Harris

    Louisiana Tech’s not making a bowl game this year. With Liberty and Jacksonville State still on the schedule, it’s time for the Bulldogs to let one of their key players go.

    Smoke Harris continues making explosive plays for the offense (637 yards, three TDs) and special teams (26.0 yards per kick return), something that other teams would covet in a potential trade target.

    Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders

    Move: Trade Tra Fluellen

    Rick Stockstill might be on his way out if the struggles continue this year, and certain players would be available if a trade deadline were a possibility. Tra Fleuellen’s been a steady contributor for the Blue Raiders, and teams looking for help in the secondary would love getting him on their team.

    New Mexico State Aggies

    Move: Trade for a defensive back

    Jerry Kill’s squad continues to impress this year, but they’re looking to shore up the back end of their defense. The Aggies are 96th in pass defense this year, so they’d be looking to add someone to help improve the defense as a whole.

    Sam Houston Bearkets

    Move: Trade Noah Smith

    It’s been a long year for the Bearkats, but we knew that coming into the season. K.C. Keeler is thinking long-term with a move like this and reminding the fanbase that it will take some time for his program to adjust to life at the FBS level.

    UTEP Miners

    Move: Trade Tyrice Knight and Praise Amaewhule

    It’s all about who brings the most back in return, and the two veteran Miners defenders do exactly that. Tyrice Knight and Praise Amaewhule have a ton of snaps on their resume, and UTEP’s headed in the wrong direction right now.

    Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

    Move: Add a defensive lineman

    Regarding stuff rate (11) and line yards per rush (3.6), the Hilltoppers aren’t exactly slowing teams down upfront. With Jaques Evans dealing with injury, this unit needs more firepower to help an offense that can’t do everything themselves.

    Army Black Knights

    Move: Trade a tank

    The tough part about the service academies is that they probably don’t have too many players to offer. They could see what Leo Lowin and Jimmy Ciarlo command in the market, but their best option might be the recruiting angle.

    Imagine seeing these photoshoots that teams do, and instead of a Lamborghini, you see a tank. Instant commitment if you ask me.

    North Dame Fighting Irish

    Move: Trade for a guard

    While a national championship is out of the question, a spot in a New Year’s bowl game remains possible. The offensive line needs some help.

    Against good teams, the Irish have gotten exposed up front, so they’d love to add an interior offensive lineman who can make an impact.

    UConn Huskies

    Move: Trade Jackson Mitchell and Christian Haynes

    Last year was fun, but the 2023 season has been anything but that for the UConn Huskies. So now they find themselves in a selling position.

    The overall roster still needs work, so getting multiple pieces for their stars helps their long-term goals more than keeping Jackson Mitchell and Christian Haynes on the roster.

    UMass Minutemen

    Move: Trade Billy Wooden

    At 8.0 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks, the Minutemen star would be the best offer they could provide their team. Don Brown’s roster needs a lot of work, so it will be a while before this team can compete for bowl eligibility.

    Akron Zips

    Move: Trade Kerry Martin Jr.

    The Zips star defensive back returns the most valuable of any senior they have on the roster. It’s been a disappointing year so far for Akron, but they could get an influx of talent if they can find the right home for Kerry Martin.

    Ball State Cardinals

    Move: Trade Sidney Houston Jr.

    At 6’2″ and 246 pounds, Houston gives prospective teams a playmaking linebacker with good size. Ball State’s struggling defensively, but it’s not because of Sidney Houston. He’s recorded 9.0 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks so far this year.

    Bowling Green Falcons

    Move: Trade for running back depth or a run-stopping defensive tackle

    Terion Stewart has done a great job for the Falcons, but he’s largely been the only reliable option running the football. Taron Keith comes in next in the room at just 132 yards (though he’s a nice threat as a pass catcher).

    They also need help stopping the run too, as they’re allowing 3.2 line yards per rush. Teams also experience a 49% success rate on standard downs versus the Falcons defense. Getting someone up front to wreak more havoc would do wonders.

    Buffalo Bulls

    Move: Trade for a reliable wide receiver

    Not a single Bulls receiver has more than 300 yards receiving right now, and that’s a problem. This team remains in contention to make a bowl, but they won’t get there if Cole Snyder can’t find anyone downfield.

    Central Michigan Chippewas

    Move: Trade for a defensive back

    The Chippewas have plenty of talent up front, but the back end needs some help. After the number of players they lost from last year’s secondary, we knew there would be some bumps in the road. As they sit 109th in pass defense, a ball-hawking safety would be a nice addition.

    Eastern Michigan Eagles

    Move: Trade for an explosive wide receiver

    Eastern Michigan doesn’t have a player averaging more than 16 yards per catch, and that must change. You can only win so many games with a bunch of possession receivers, so finding a deep threat would be huge. What they have to offer remains to be seen, so maybe they stay put.

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    Kent State Golden Flashes

    Move: Trade DJ Miller

    It’s been tough sledding for the Golden Flashes, so they’re definitely in a selling position. Whether or not anyone wants what they have to offer is the question. This team is in a big rebuild after Sean Lewis and nearly everyone in the starting lineup left, so it might be a while before we see interest in the talent here.

    Miami (OH) RedHawks

    Move: Trade for a quarterback

    Losing Brett Gabbert was devastating, and the RedHawks would be in the market for a quarterback, even with Aveon Smith ready to take over. They’d at least make some calls to teams about their options. Smith could very well be the route they take, but they’re an injury away from needing someone else, too.

    Northern Illinois Huskies

    Move: Trade for a disruptive front-seven player

    The Huskies can get to the quarterback, but they struggle to create tackles for loss. It doesn’t matter where they add a player, though defensive tackle and linebacker stand out as the best options. The defense needs someone to help stop the run, and living in the backfield would be a good way to do that.

    Ohio Bobcats

    Move: Trade for a guard

    While Ohio’s offense hasn’t been as explosive as it was in 2022, they’ve got the pieces in place to be that way still. They just need to add a couple of pieces, and it starts up front.

    The offensive line has multiple potential all-conference players, but adding an impactful player at guard could be the missing link they need.

    Toledo Rockets

    Move: Trade for a tight end or a defensive end

    Toledo needs a big body running downfield to take away the attention from their receivers. They also need a difference-maker at defensive end.

    Desjuan Johnson and Jamal Hines took 92.5 tackles for loss and 36.0 sacks with them, and the Rockets have taken a little step back at the position.

    Western Michigan Broncos

    Move: Trade Tate Hallock

    The number of teams that would line up for a productive and big safety would create a long list. Tate Hallock stands 6’4″ and 210 pounds, and he does everything for the Broncos. Teams needing a difference-maker at safety would find that in the Broncos star.

    Air Force Falcons

    Move: Trade for a big back

    If you need to know what a defense’s worst nightmare is when facing the triple option, it’s a big fullback. The option itself isn’t fun to stop, but when you have a bulldozer running up the middle, it makes life miserable for those tackling him.

    Now, I’m not saying that Air Force can get a talent like Raheim Sanders or Braelon Allen (because they really can’t), but imagine one of them in this offense. Air Force has big goals this year, and a massive fullback would be an incredible addition.

    MORE: Mountain West QB Rankings

    Boise State Broncos

    Move: Trade Ashton Jeanty

    Boise State’s going the wrong way fast, and they haven’t found a complement to their star running back. Ashton Jeanty singlehandedly kept the offense going, but it’s time to find him a new home.

    The Broncos star would fit on a number of teams, and they’d get plenty of talent in return from the right team.

    Colorado State Rams

    Move: Trade Tory Horton

    I still believe in what Jay Norvell’s doing, but Tory Horton won’t be here much longer anyway. If Norvell can identify something he likes in another team, Horton could be enough to get that asset to the Rams roster.

    Next year will be the year we see Norvell’s work come to fruition, and a trade this year would aid that work.

    Fresno State Bulldogs

    Move: Trade for Tory Horton or a corner

    Some of this depends on the health of Mikey Keene, but Horton would be a welcomed addition to the Bulldogs roster. They should also look to add a guard to what’s already a talented offensive line.

    When Fresno State struggled against Wyoming, it came from the inability to keep Keene upright and the lack of separation from receivers. Adding Horton addresses one of those concerns, and there’s plenty of talent out West for the Bulldogs to get on their line.

    Losing Cam Lockridge also opened up the need for another corner. Carlton Johnson has stepped up, but they need someone to play opposite of him.

    Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors

    Move: Trade Steven McBride

    Timmy Chang’s program continues to rebuild, and it might be a year or two before we see this team rise up. For now, acquiring talent through the portal and a hypothetical trade deadline would speed up that process.

    Steven McBride’s having a great year, and plenty of teams out West would inquire about trading for him.

    Nevada Wolf Pack

    Move: Trade Emany Johnson

    Another team currently in a rebuild, Nevada needs to reshape its roster as much as possible. So trading a 6’2″, 210-pound safety like Emany Johnson could infuse talent into the roster quickly.

    New Mexico Lobos

    Move: Trade for a defensive lineman

    Danny Gonzales’ job hangs by a thread, so the Lobos would be desperate buyers now. They struggle to stop teams up front and also can’t seem to consistently create havoc and adding an upgrade on the line would be the move.

    San Diego State Aztecs

    Move: Trade a defensive back

    You must give to get, and Brady Hoke’s team needs help in multiple places. One area where they don’t need help is in the secondary, a place where they have good depth.

    Letting go of guys like Cedarious Barfield, Dezjhon Malone, or Davaughn Celestine wouldn’t be easy, but it might be necessary to keep Hoke in San Diego.

    San Jose State Spartans

    Move: Trade for anything in the front seven

    San Jose State is trying to bounce back from a tough start, but they’ll continue struggling if they can’t find havoc creators upfront. The defense has plenty of talent to work with, but not enough of the pieces are stepping up to help the offense.

    UNLV Rebels

    Move: Trade for WR2

    Ricky White’s been a steady contributor through thick and thin for the Rebels, but it’s time to give him some help. Jacob De Jesus has been solid, but the UNLV passing attack needs another Ricky White to elevate the offense as a whole.

    Someone like Hawai’i wide receiver Steven McBride would be a nice addition.

    Utah State Aggies

    Move: Trade for an offensive linemen

    Center appears fine, but the Aggies could use someone new to help bolster the line. Blake Anderson’s team has winnable games for the remainder of the season, and they could get another lineman to help them finish the year on a winning streak.

    Wyoming Cowboys

    Move: Trade for a running back

    Harrison Waylee was one of the best additions from the transfer portal this past offseason, but his injury raised concerns about the Cowboys’ depth. If they found Waylee, there’s a good chance this staff could do it again.

    Arizona Wildcats

    Move: Trade for a safety

    Arizona’s given up 28 plays of 20+ yards this year (112th in the country). Tecario Davis and Ephesians Prysock have the corner spots locked down, but the safeties need an upgrade. San Diego State’s Cedarious Barfield or Cal’s Patrick McMorris give them a couple of options.

    Arizona State Sun Devils

    Move: Trade Elijhah Badger

    It’s a rebuilding year for the Sun Devils, and Kenny Dillingham knows that. Elijhah Badger has played for below-average teams his entire career in Tempe, and it’s time to set him free. He brings a good frame and big play ability to the table, making him a valuable addition for someone else.

    California Golden Bears

    Move: Trade Jaydn Ott

    Cal’s trading their best player? Yes. But they’re 3-4? Yes, and their wins are over North Texas, Idaho, and Arizona State.

    They also have USC, Oregon, Washington State, Stanford, and UCLA next. The writing’s on the wall, and Ott deserves a chance to make a more impactful contribution elsewhere.

    Colorado Buffaloes

    Move: Trade Xavier Weaver

    Coach Prime’s looking big picture at Colorado, so trading away a talented senior isn’t out of the question. The Buffs aren’t hurting for talent at receiver either, and there are plenty of needs on the offensive line and defense that they could get in return.

    MORE: Where are the Colorado Buffaloes Who Transferred Away Now?

    Oregon Ducks

    Move: Trade for another elite receiver

    Troy Franklin’s one of the best receivers in college football, but the Ducks need someone else to step up for Bo Nix to find downfield. Tez Johnson has flashed at times, but Oregon’s quest to win a national championship might hinge on how well the non-Franklin receivers perform.

    Colorado State’s Tory Horton, South Carolina’s Xavier Legette, and USC’s Dorian Singer would be enticing options. Oregon also needs more depth at corner, so that would be another area to address.

    Oregon State Beavers

    Move: Trade for a big wide receiver

    Oregon State has plenty of speed out wide, but they just don’t have a big receiver who can come down with the ball consistently in contested catch situations. The offense is in a good place in terms of balance, but they need someone who can be a more consistent vertical threat.

    Stanford Cardinal

    Move: Trade EJ Smith

    EJ Smith’s an electric playmaker who has a bright future. So Stanford may keep him around, but they could also send him to a program that could yield some players in return. This year isn’t the one that Troy Taylor’s focused on, so certain short-term pieces could be sent away.

    UCLA Bruins

    Move: Trade for an offensive tackle

    There aren’t too many glaring concerns on Chip Kelly’s team, but his offense is 116th in sacks allowed this year. The Utah game exposed this line and Dante Moore, and the trade deadline would give them an opportunity to address it.

    USC Trojans

    Move: Trade Caleb Williams

    As long as Alex Grinch has his job with USC, there’s no point in asking Caleb Williams to do the things he does. He deserves better.

    Send him somewhere that will give him the help he needs and a defense that contributes to the wins.

    Utah Utes

    Move: Trade for a quarterback

    The first name that came to mind was Coastal Carolina’s Grayson McCall. Obviously, it depends on his health, but it feels like he’d be a good fit with the Utes. While Bryson Barnes just had a career game, the sustainability of those efforts is in question, and the Utes need an upgrade at the position.

    I’d even entertain the idea of Arkansas’ K.J. Jefferson, as his game fits the identity of Utah’s offense really well. An offense that wants to be physical and run the football paired with a 240-pound quarterback who does the same? Yes, please.

    Washington Huskies

    Move: Trade for Will Shipley

    Clemson’s goals aren’t the same as Washington’s, and Shipley might as well join an offense that can utilize him better. The Huskies need a running game in a bad way and Shipley’s an elite back that can give them a force on the ground.

    He is also a talented pass catcher who would fit into Kalen DeBoer’s offense well, and he also gives them a good kick returner. If the Huskies can provide the right package to Clemson, then Shipley is on his way out West.

    Washington State Cougars

    Move: Trade Cam Ward or trade for an offensive tackle

    I’m not one for giving up on a season, but there’s a limit. If the Cougars wouldn’t trade for extra protection for their star quarterback, then they need to send him somewhere where he’ll have more time to throw.

    They’re 98th in sacks allowed this year, so they’d need to add a player on the line if they want to keep him on the team and healthy.

    Alabama Crimson Tide

    Move: Trade for Caleb Williams or an offensive tackle

    No disrespect to Jalen Milroe, but any chance that Alabama would have to add Caleb Williams should be taken. If not, there are a couple of other upgrades to consider. Should Nick Saban be content with what he has at the position, a tackle must be added.

    Here’s why you trade for Williams. Like Milroe, he can create with his legs and out of structure. Unlike Milroe, he can make big-time throws in the pocket and on the run and also brings big-game experience to the table (in which he played well). That changes the Tide’s perception instantly.

    Regardless of how that situation turns out, a tackle is still needed. Notre Dame’s Joe Alt and Houston’s Patrick Paul would likely be high on Alabama’s list.

    Arkansas Razorbacks

    Move: Trade KJ Jefferson

    Someone looking for a quarterback that needs a fresh start would love KJ Jefferson. Arkansas appears on its way to a new coaching staff too, so Jefferson would be one of the first players they could offer to another team. He still has lots of great play in him, but he needs to be put in a better position to succeed.

    Auburn Tigers

    Move: Trade Jaylin Simpson and/or DJ James

    Even without those two, Auburn likely makes a bowl game. The only concerning game is the Iron Bowl, but Jaylin Simpson and DJ James don’t need to be around for that. The seniors would help more on better teams, though I’d understand if the Tigers wanted to keep them around town.

    They’re just not part of the rebuild under Hugh Freeze after this year.

    Florida Gators

    Move: Trade for a safety

    Don’t look now, but Florida’s 5-2. Their game against Georgia was always set to tell us a lot about the legitimacy of their roster under Billy Napier, and the Gators could use a safety to help their two talented corners and fellow safety Jordan Casteel.

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    Georgia Bulldogs

    Move: Trade for a tight end or a stud defensive end

    With Brock Bowers out for a while, the Bulldogs can either rely on Oscar Delp or utilize a trade. Someone like Minnesota’s Brevyn Spann-Ford could be acquired relatively easily, and he’d give them a big tight end with great athleticism. Maryland’s Corey Dyches could be another option as well.

    While Georgia’s defensive line doesn’t need a ton of help, it feels like they’re lacking that superstar feeling in the group. While it would be tough to find many players in the country fitting that description, someone like Texas A&M’s Shemar Turner would be enticing.

    Kentucky Wildcats

    Move: Trade Deone Walker and J.J. Weaver

    As long as the offense continues to struggle to find balance, the defense is wasting its resources. Deone Walker and J.J. Weaver continue playing at a high level for the Wildcats, but both are seniors who could help the Wildcats more by getting long-term help in return.

    LSU Tigers

    Move: Trade for Tyler Nubin

    LSU’s offense is worth the price of admission, while, at times, their defense would require the school to pay people to watch them. The secondary needs an upgrade on the back end, and Tyler Nubin brings a potential first-round skill set to a group that must step up if Alabama wants to win the SEC West.

    Mississippi State Bulldogs

    Move: Trade Jett Johnson and Nathaniel Watson

    There will be a number of teams looking for playmaking linebackers, and it just so happens that Mississippi State has two of them to offer. We might see a transition on the coaching staff again, so certain players would be available for other teams.

    Jett Johnson and Nathaniel Watson have combined this year for 148 tackles, 16.0 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks, and three interceptions.

    Missouri Tigers

    Move: Trade for a defensive tackle or DB depth

    Missouri’s offense has been a nice surprise for college football. The defense has also dealt with some losses and found new players to step up. However, they still need some help up front.

    Illinois’ Johnny Newton and South Carolina’s tandem of Tonka Hemingway and T.J. Sanders could be available for the right price to help the Tigers up front.

    MORE: Meet Kirby Moore, the Next Hot Ticket in College Football Coaching

    Ole Miss Rebels

    Move: Trade for an interior defensive lineman

    Like Missouri, the Rebels need help up the middle to slow teams down. It wouldn’t hurt to check out the offensive tackle market either, and Lane Kiffin could add “Deadline Dude” to his “Portal King” title.

    South Carolina Gamecocks

    Move: Trade Xavier Legette

    Other players included in this also include Spencer Rattler, Tonka Hemingway, and T.J. Standers for starters. Xavier Legette just warrants the most back in a hypothetical trade.

    A big body with incredible explosiveness, the Gamecocks could capitalize on their “lightning in a bottle” situation out wide.

    Tennessee Volunteers

    Move: Trade for a reliable wide receiver

    Even within their own conference, Tennessee could find some great options to fit into Josh Heupel’s system. The aforementioned Legette would be a perfect fit, and all the Vols have to do is throw a McDonald’s bag South Carolina’s way.

    Texas A&M Aggies

    Move: Trade Evan Stewart and Shemar Turner

    There are a number of players that could be traded from the Aggies, thanks to their struggles this year. Jimbo Fisher’s future is uncertain, too, which could lead to a fire sale. Evan Stewart remains one of the most underutilized weapons in the country, and Shemar Turner can only do so much for the defense.

    Vanderbilt Commodores

    Move: Trade Will Sheppard

    It’s an uphill battle to get to bowl eligibility, and Will Sheppard’s time with the Commodores is coming to an end anyway. Clark Lea and the Vanderbilt staff have their eyes on the rebuild still, so getting some long-term pieces for their standout receiver might be the move in this situation.

    Appalachian State Mountaineers

    Move: Trade Dalton Stroman

    The football world loves looking at potential, and Dalton Stroman’s full of it. At 6’4″, he brings a good frame to the table and even got compared to Randy Moss. The Mountaineers aren’t using him as much as he’d like to, and the move would benefit both parties.

    Arkansas State Red Wolves

    Move: Trade for a defensive back

    Arkansas State’s given up 27 players of 20 yards or more (103rd in the country) and is 120th in pass defense. So, if they want to make it to a bowl game, they must figure out how to defend the pass.

    Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

    Move: Trade Grayson McCall

    This is assuming McCall would be healthy going forward for the rest of the season. I had my reservations bout McCall in Tim Beck’s system, and those proved true.

    It just hasn’t been the best fit. So, the Chanticleers could send their star to greener pastures where he could make more of an impact.

    Georgia Southern Eagles

    Move: Trade for a defensive back

    While the Eagles are flying on offense, their pass defense continues to struggle mightily. At 111th nationally, they won’t get very far if they can’t stop anyone through the air. Anyone they trade for also gets valuable experience in practice when they face one of the more exciting passing attacks in the country too.

    Georgia State Panthers

    Move: Trade for a corner

    The Panthers continue to surprise the Sun Belt, but they need to figure out how to defend the pass better. The cornerback position needs an upgrade, though the Panthers could also look at safety too. When you have the 122nd-ranked pass defense, no one’s safe.

    James Madison Dukes

    Move: Trade for a running back

    Marshall may not be in a selling position, but it wouldn’t hurt for James Madison to ask about Rasheen Ali. No disrespect to Kaelon Black and Co., but a tandem of Black and Ali next to Jordan McCloud would put the Sun Belt on notice even more.

    There would be other options for the Dukes to find. North Carolina and Duke are deep at the position, and guys like Southern Miss’ Frank Gore Jr. could come cheap.

    MORE: JMU Proves Their Worth Again

    Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns

    Move: Trade for an offensive lineman

    Louisiana’s stuff rate and line yards per rush leave something to be desired. A.J. Gillie is good, but he can’t do everything on his own. Another guard or tackle would be a welcomed addition to an underrated Ragin’ Cajuns team.

    Marshall Thundering Herd

    Move: Trade for a center or tackle

    For the most part, Marshall’s offense is in good hands. They have a handful of all-conference linemen, but there are needs up front still. Defenses create havoc consistently against the Herd, and that starts up front.

    Old Dominion Monarchs

    Move: Trade for Jason Henderson’s clone

    If that exists, pay that team whatever it takes. The man continues to make plays every single game, and it wouldn’t hurt to find another player just like him. The Monarchs need some help on the offensive line, so that’s another area to address.

    South Alabama Jaguars

    Move: Trade for a corner

    One theme loomed large in the Jaguars’ losses this year: They need a shutdown corner. In all three losses, the opposing team had a receiver that burned them.

    Statistically, South Alabama’s one of the top teams in the country, but they sit 4-3. A corner could ensure they don’t have those lapses.

    Southern Miss Golden Eagles

    Move: Trade Frank Gore Jr.

    Once you’ve squeezed all of the value out of a player, it’s probably time to move on from them. Gore’s given the Golden Eagles everything and then some at multiple positions, and it’s time to send him to a team that can help him win more.

    Texas State Bobcats

    Move: Trade for a wide receiver

    G.J. Kinne’s offense can never have enough weapons, and the passing attack wouldn’t hate having another big-time playmaker to move the ball down the field. The defense could probably use more help than the offense, but it would be tough to turn down an explosive receiver.

    Troy Trojans

    Move: Trade for a ball-hawking safety

    Troy’s defense doesn’t need much, but the fact that they only have four interceptions on the year doesn’t sit well with me. Given their big games coming up against explosive offenses, having a big play eraser on the back end would make this defense even better.

    UL-Monroe Warhawks

    Move: Trade Tyrone Howell

    Despite their struggles, ULM’s seen some really exciting things from Tyrone Howell in his tenure with the program. They just can’t provide the winning he deserves. Howell gives a prospective team a big-time, highlight-reel playmaker at receiver, and that would give the Warhawks something nice in return.

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