Analyzing the Washington Huskies Chances To Make the College Football Playoff

    The Washington Huskies debuted in the CFP Rankings outside of the top-four teams. What do the Huskies have to do in order to make the college football playoffs?

    The Washington Huskies have been one of the best teams in college football this season. Given their performance and win over the Oregon Ducks, it came as a bit of a surprise that the Huskies debuted fifth in the initial College Football Playoff rankings this season.

    The Huskies are undefeated and took down the sixth-ranked Oregon just a few weeks prior. This ranking drew the ire of plenty of Washington fans and put the claims of resume that the committee often cites in question.

    What Does Washington Need To Do To Make the College Football Playoff?

    It does boil down to “win and you’re in” for the Huskies. While they have been winning and aren’t yet an undefeated Pac-12 champion would be difficult to leave out.

    Washington has to take on the 20th-ranked USC Trojans this week, the 18th-ranked Utah Utes the following week, the 16th-ranked Oregon State Beavers, and close out with the Apple Cup rivalry against Washington State. Three ranked wins, a win over a rival, and a Pac-12 championship with what Washington has already done should be all but a guarantee to make the playoffs.

    Two teams ahead of them will play each other when Ohio State and Michigan clash. Georgia has to play three ranked teams in a row and the SEC West champion to get there. Florida State has been inconsistent at times this season as well. There are plenty of scenarios that would guarantee the Washington Huskies a spot still ahead of them, but Washington still needs to win out to guarantee it.

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    Washington needs to get back on track offensively. The team has battled a flu that has seemingly impacted most of college football the last few weeks, and it has affected Penix the last two weeks. Washington narrowly won against Arizona State and Stanford in what should have been tune-up games for the rest of their schedule.

    In a true reflection of the saying “What have you done for me lately”, UW’s recent struggles in the box score are likely what made the playoff committee keep them out of the top-four teams despite their success throughout the season.

    Washington winning out, and winning convincingly, would silence recent doubts.

    Can the Washington Huskies Be Left Out of the CFP?

    A loss at any point would be a blow to their chances of getting out without further chaos. Washington could make it in as a one-loss conference champion still, but it would take some chaos throughout the rest of the top.

    For Washington to be left out with a loss as a conference champion, it would be a stack of resumes against a potential one-loss Big-12 champion in Texas or Oklahoma, a one-loss Alabama/Ole Miss/Missouri, and a one-loss Ohio State/Michigan/Georgia. That’s plenty of competition for a spot, and that’s not even taking into account what could happen with Florida State.

    Depending on who and how they lose a game, the committee could lean towards another team over Washington in that scenario.

    Washington cannot come out and lay another clunker in their next few games. USC has been dysfunctional, but never count out Caleb Williams making a team pay for being lax. Utah has the physicality to turn any team into a pretzel, and Oregon State is a talented team that can put up points on anyone.

    With their initial ranking, every game becomes a must-win for the Washington Huskies from now on. Win, and you’re in.

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