Utah Dedicates Spring Game to Ty Jordan, Aaron Lowe in ’22 Forever Game’

The Utah program continues to create lasting memories in honor of Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe, and their 22 Forever Game is another shining example.

The Utah Utes athletic program continues to honor the memory of the late Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe. In an inspiring move ahead of their annual spring game, Utah announced they have renamed their Spring Football Game to the “22 Forever Game” and will donate the proceeds to the 22 Forever Memorial Scholarship.

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Utah Dedicates Spring Game to Former Players

The move from Utah to dedicate their spring game comes after a series of inspiring and emotional moments following the deaths of former student-athletes Jordan and Lowe. As their mission reads, we must continue to be optimistic about the future while we remember them and all we’ve lost, but mainly to smile.

Utah has rebranded its annual spring game as the 22 Forever Game ahead of this year’s Spring Football Game to be held on April 22, 2023.

The 22 Forever Game gives us reason to smile. Reason to remember. Reason to remain infectiously optimistic. Reason to give. Reason to grieve. Reason to get better.

Down to every detail, the 22 Forever game offers reasons to smile as both Jordan and Lowe are remembered for their smiles. From ticket prices at “4 for $22” to the fact that all proceeds generated will be going to the 22 Forever Memorial Scholarship, the Utah athletic program continues to push forward the legacy that will forever live on.

“Aaron and Ty lived life with a smile, even when it may have been painful to do so,” Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley said. “Their legacy is an example of competitive excellence filled with an immense amount of gratitude for the simple things, and because of them, I fight to improve every day.”

This isn’t the first time that Utah has dedicated a special moment to the tragic loss of both Jordan and Lowe. Utah instituted the Moment of Loudness at home games, a movement so powerful it traveled with them on the road, to the Pac-12 Championship Game, and the Rose Bowl over the past two years.

The saying “22 percent better” was born during Aaron Lowe’s Celebration of Life in his hometown of Mesquite, TX.

“I will be 22 percent better in all of the capacities that God has placed me in,” Utah cornerbacks coach Sharrieff Shah said. “That’s Aaron to me … Be infectiously optimistic, not just positive, be infectiously optimistic.”

Utah retired the No. 22 officially back in 2021, but the number itself has lived on. There were the custom-designed helmets made with drawings of both Jordan and Lowe on them. The dedicated moment where both families were presented with a helmet and the game itself was dedicated to their lasting legacy.

Each season, Utah continues to push the envelope on how we deal with tragedy. How we deal with the loss of not just one, but two of our beloved student-athletes. Each season, the Utes continue to push that envelope in all the right ways.

They inspire us to be better on and off the field. As fans of the game. As admirers of this great sport. As humans.

Utah has continuously pushed forward the idea that a lasting legacy is far more than just a mere mention. They’re turned actionable events into lasting memories and meaningful moments that are only capable because of their continued pursuit to immortalize the memories of Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe.

We all are 22 percent better because of the Utah Utes.

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